Drugs or alcohol not a factor in Kendrick Norton crash

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The report from the Florida Highway Patrol regarding the crash that caused Dolphins defensive tackle Kendrick Norton to lose his left arm concluded that drugs or alcohol weren’t factors in the crash.

Via Cameron Wolfe of ESPN.com, Norton was cited for an improper lane change from the accident, in which Norton’s truck flipped over in the early hours of July 4.

Norton pulled in front of another vehicle, causing his truck to hit a concrete barrier and flip. The driver of the other vehicle left the scene without injury.

The University of Miami product has had four surgeries on his left arm, and has more in his future, as he plans on a prosthetic.

Since the crash, he has reached out to well-wishers on social media, thanking them for support and asking them to donate blood.

Originally a seventh-round pick of the Panthers, Norton was signed off their practice squad in December.

4 responses to “Drugs or alcohol not a factor in Kendrick Norton crash

  1. Hate to see this happen to anyone, especially someone living his dream. Many famous people have said nothing good happens after midnight (or 2am). Please learn from his mistake and everyone be more careful!

  2. Glad to see he wasn’t under the influence. There is waaaaaay too much of that in today’s society. But the way this reads, the circumstances appear to be a far cry from “he was just minding his own business, obeying all driving laws, when he was cut off by some maniac…” which is how it has been portrayed by many of the commenters here. Sounds a lot more like he was driving fast, probably weaving through traffic, cams upon a cement barrier and had to make an evasive maneuver and it failed. Unfortunate accident that has cost him dearly. But it was also unnecessary. Be safe out there people

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