Duke Johnson chooses Drew Rosenhaus for representation

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Browns running back Duke Johnson wants out of Cleveland. Agent Kristin Campbell wasn’t able to make that happen. Agent Drew Rosenhaus will now get a chance to do so.

Johnson has selected Rosenhaus to handle Johnson’s contractual situation going forward.

The first order of business will be to get the Browns to send Johnson to a new team, given that Johnson is now caught behind Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. The Browns presumably want to keep Johnson until Hunt’s eight-game suspension has ended.

Rosenhaus will now go to work behind the scenes to get Johnson what he wants. Earlier this year, Rosenhaus engineered a trade that sent defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah to Kansas City from Cleveland. More significantly, Rosenhaus somehow got receiver Antonio Brown a new team, and a big raise.

17 responses to “Duke Johnson chooses Drew Rosenhaus for representation

  1. He didn’t need to hire Drew. I could have given him the game plan for free:

    1) show up at camp in customer made car, helicopter, or some other attention grabbing vehicle
    2) get into a confrontation with a member of the media. Maybe call them fat, biased, and/or a racist
    3) throw multiple hissy fits at practice and on the sidelines
    4) fake an injury
    5) skip an important game
    6) ignore calls from your coaches, GM, owner, and team mates

    It’s not that hard.

  2. Johnson will take less money and move on to the Patriots – BB loves backs running out of the backfield able to catch passes. Johnson will be a combination RB, WR, and back-up blocker behind the TE. After all, Johnson said he wants to be wanted…possibly a 3 down back.

  3. I don’t care what anyone says, this dude is the best agent in the business. He truly takes care of his clients. Something more players need in an industry where the owners have all the leverage.

  4. After seeing what he managed to get Antonio Brown I’d hire him too if I was an athlete!

  5. And Drew Rosenhaus will of course say, “Duke Johnson is the most underpaid RB in the history of the NFL!”.

  6. Duke is overplaying his hand. He will only be in year two of a new contract that actually overpays him. He is a third down back who has never proven to be durable enough for a lead runner. Better to play under the contract he signed – tired of players taking the new bonus and then wanting out.

  7. This will actually help the Browns. Now that everyone is watching, all the pressure is on the agent to make sure he comes through. That strengthens the hand of the Browns. Also, Antonio Brown is perhaps the greatest WR to ever play the game, or at least he’s the best one today. Duke Johnson is at best, the 3rd RB on his team. But the bottom line is Duke got his feelings hurt and he wants out of Cleveland. At this point, I’m sure the Browns are willing to part ways. We could see a deal done today. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

  8. has never proven to be durable enough for a lead runner.
    Your durability argument is non existent. I am very glad to have him on the team I follow.

    Duke has yet to miss a game through 3 NFL seasons and has only twice come anywhere close. A hamstring issue left him questionable in Week 16 of 2015, then an ankle problem did so in Week 17 of 2016.

  9. Rosenhaus is an annoying little gnat, and a disgusting example of a human being.
    With that said, Rosenhaus is good at what he dord. The fact that Johnson hired him is by itself a strong signal to the Browns that they are going to need to work on trading him, and l am sure there will be interested parties. Training camps are starting soon, and injuries occur frequently.

    I wish Johnson well, And l think he will be a solid starter/rotation guy.

  10. Cue press conference in Johnson’s driveway while doing situps with his shirt off

  11. The fact is that Drew Rosenhaus represents a lot of players and has a lot of influence. If the Browns want access to players in the open market they need to play nice with agents otherwise, the Browns can be blacklisted.

  12. dl101693 says:
    July 12, 2019 at 8:58 am
    This will force the Clowns* to trade him


    And the real ‘clown’ is the one that made this comment….

  13. Rosenhaus should be banned from plying his trade
    in several states. I like Duke, but don’t like
    his choice of representation.

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