Melvin Gordon’s agent says RB “prepared to sit as long as he has to”

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Running back Melvin Gordon has informed the Chargers he won’t show up without a new deal. One of Gordon’s agents, Damarius Bilbo, said earlier Thursday “a strong possibility” exists that Gordon could sit into the regular season in the absence of a new contract agreement.

Another of Gordon’s agents, Fletcher Smith, told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Thursday afternoon that Gordon is “prepared to sit as long as he has to.”

“He’s prepared to sit, and we’ll take it day by day, week by week and see how things go,” Smith said. “But at this time, if he can’t anything done, he certainly won’t be at training camp, and he’s prepared to sit as long as he has to.”

Gordon, who is scheduled to make $5.605 million this year, became eligible for a second contract after the 2017 season. He would lose $330,000 for each week of the regular season missed in a holdout.

Gordon’s agents remain hopeful of working out a deal with the Chargers, who had no comment on Gordon’s holdout threat. Gordon has not demanded a trade, and the Chargers have not given Gordon’s agents permission to seek one, Smith said.

Gordon would prefer to stay with the Chargers, but he’s willing to go wherever for more money.

“We’ll see how it plays out,” Smith said. “Maybe he ends up staying where he is right there in Los Angeles. There’s nothing to suggest that he does not want to be there. He just wants to be compensated. He’d love to stay in [Los Angeles], assuming we can get something done. If not, he’s prepared to move.”

58 responses to “Melvin Gordon’s agent says RB “prepared to sit as long as he has to”

  1. Considering how often he’s hurt I don’t think they will be able to tell the difference.

  2. Gordon is one of the few true star good guys in the league. I hope he finds a way to get paid!! It sucks how devalued the RB has become even with its current resurgence. The history of paying top flight RBs is NOT GOOD though, hopefully that’s something that can be addressed in the new CBA.

  3. Good player, but not a difference maker. Let someone else pay him while he sprains a knee and is out half the season. Sorry Mel, but you wanted to be a RB and the market is just not that great for you and projected aging numbers will not get better.

  4. Get him a La-z-y-boy recliner and tell him to keep his remote handy if he wants to watch the games.

  5. Good luck. One 1000 yard season. He is already making decent money. He is not a premiere rb. A trade can net them someone who is just as capable with a quarter of the cost.

  6. I will say this again. The NFL is NOT the NBA, and should avoid any lurch to be so.

    Let him sit out.

  7. This may sound crazy but his is a result of players being to financially comfortable so comfortable that they don’t have to come to work ! Instead of the players being made to chase a $buck$ the OWNERS are chasing the player !

  8. The Chargers should go sign Jay Ajayi and Darren Sproles and then let Gordon sit out all season.

  9. unbiasedminds says:
    July 11, 2019 at 7:12 pm
    Gordon is one of the few true star good guys in the league.

    As long as he keeps from being arrested for something, the fact he’s a good guy really doesn’t matter. The vast majority of players are good guys. You going to pay them all based on that? Maybe you’d like to, but it doesn’t work that way with a salary cap.

    Also, a contract is a contract. But, he’s willing to play by the rules of that contract concerning the penalties for not showing up. I don’t fault him for that.

  10. I actually really like Melvin Gordon. By all accounts a good guy and he’s a decent and productive back. And I also support players getting what they can, when they can. But in Melvin’s case, I just don’t really understand where he thinks his leverage is? No way Chargers re-do / extend his deal this year.

  11. I would absolutely trade him and or let him sit all he wants. Crazy to think he thinks he can have that leverage on a rookie deal when he isn’t worth more per year what his 5.6 salary is in 2019.

    So, basically they are walking from you because you are not good enough to command a new deal and you are pouting about it.

  12. Players should NOT receive their guaranteed money until after they honor their contract! If they suffer a career ending injury they would still receive it. Enough of this crap every year!

  13. I listened to the interview. The agent referred to him not wanting to leave San Diego which I thought was humorous. The interviewees did not correct him.

    But seriously, do we really think the agent would say that he is not willing to sit and that he is just bluffing?

  14. Wow dude isn’t even in the top tier of running backs. Right now he is paid fairly for this season. If he has a stellar year then they should think about it. But for a slightly above average RB to threaten a hold out? Insanity

  15. You sit Melvin until those cheap ole Chargers pay you what they owe you! I know every Chiefs fan thinks the Chargers should make you the highest paid running back in the NFL.

  16. I actually like this kid unlike that knucklehead Leveon but this crap has to stop.
    These guys are employees and they need to show up and work or don’t get paid.
    If they guy bottling Coke doesn’t show up? He DOES NOT get paid. The nurse skips work? She DOES NOT get paid. The Cop stays home? NOT PAID.
    It’s the real world kid guys!!! These millennials will never learn…

  17. Simple fix to the CBA takes care of all of this. Eliminate the 5th yr team option for first round RBs.

    There done. Next!

  18. Or, trade his disgruntled underperforming backside to the NFC for whatever you can get, and sign a hungry Trent Richardson for peanuts.

    Yards per dollar, you’ll come out ahead.

  19. I think he was overrated and over drafted coming out of college. Not a first rd talent and his production or lack of has proven so thus far. Ann 1100 yd season and 3 of less than 1k. 28 tds in 3 seasons because he didn’t score as a rookie and he’s yet to show that he can take over a game and be the reason the Chargers win. He’s a poor man’s Devonta Freeman and I think 5 mill is more than fair for his level of production. Simply put he at this point is not a franchise back and his overall production proves it. The can pick up another CJ Anderson type and get the same production. Play like LT and he’ll get the money he desires hell give em Chuck Muncie at his best production and he’ll get paid but presently he just needs to report to camp in shape, stay healthy and play every down like it’s the for the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl

  20. Sad to say, he is playing with fire. RBs are devalued and if you are not in the top 3 RBs, you run a terrible risk, if you take this stance. It’s a passing league and teams will just say next RB up.

  21. Who else has a contract coming up on the Chargers? Perhaps he knows he needs to get paid now because the money will be gone later.

  22. I love Melvin but i would say take the 5 Million invest it for your retirement… a bird in hand! I could retire on 5 million so you can too

  23. MLB is ruined b/c of no salary cap, the rich just keep getting richer.
    The NBA has let the players take it over. Who would pay good money to watch it?
    The NFL has guys making millions of dollars, millions, demanding more, more, more. They are approaching the edge.

  24. Three points only…he’s got a bum knee ..never threaten to sit out and the Dolts are cheap .

    Good luck Melvin no worries after you get cut a team will sign you on a one year incentive based contract might play 7-8 games before hitting injured reserved again!

  25. Spanos won’t pay. He hasn’t even given Philip Rivers a new contract. His “relocation” has been a financial disaster for the LA Chargers.

  26. Either sign him or trade him to someone who will right away and move on.

    Teams allowing holdouts to prove they hold their players accountable to the contract rarely works out.

    Make a quick decision and be done with it. Trade him to the Bucs.

  27. welcome to le’veon 2.0. he’ll sit the season and some desperate team will overpay for him next year.

  28. Guy Hence says:
    July 12, 2019 at 9:40 am
    Spanos won’t pay. He hasn’t even given Philip Rivers a new contract. His “relocation” has been a financial disaster for the LA Chargers.

    2 0 Rate This


    Good. He’s a greedy bum.

  29. Hey these guys are all looking at the end of their careers and realizing they need that big 5 year deal with lots of bonuses because at some point their real value tanks and they are put to pasture if you will.

  30. While Gordon certainly has the right to try to get more money, it’s difficult to feel bad for anyone that makes more in a week than 97% of Americans make in a year.

  31. To those that say that Gordon isn’t that good…. In 2018:

    He was 9th in yards per game
    He was 8th in yards per carry
    He was 6th in TDs

    Basically, Gordon is a top-10 RB.

  32. Then contracts no longer have any weight or meaning.
    Let Gordon sit it out.
    Big baby.
    (Someone get this dude a binky)

  33. radar8 says:
    July 12, 2019 at 11:47 am
    To those that say that Gordon isn’t that good…. In 2018:

    He was 9th in yards per game
    He was 8th in yards per carry
    He was 6th in TDs

    Basically, Gordon is a top-10 RB.


    You are totally missing the point. He is not top 5 and you should not overpay RBs.

    We already said he is above the average, but also has durability issues as well.

  34. I applaud Melvin for sitting out – that he allows someone to replace him and the team gets to offload a selfish player and hire someone less expensive. While the RB position is impactful, history has shown that there are few greats and a lot of “good” players you can use. Melvin is not great. He thus is expendable.

  35. People don’t understand that Spanos’s Los Angeles Chargers have revenue problems. Notwithstanding the sharing of NFL TV revenues they aren’t making much above that. Spanos will not pay Gorden as they’ve not paid Philip Rivers. Spanos has rented everything. Next year he’s rented playing time in Kroenke’s new stadium. He’s also crashed prices vs. the home club LA Rams.

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