PFT 2019 storyline No. 13: How and when will the Tyreek Hill situation be resolved?

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Most of the items on the list of top storylines for 2019 focus on things that will happen when the regular season begins. This one focuses on something that will happen before the regular season starts.

And it’s an important question, given the undeniable skills and abilities of Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill. Embroiled for most of the year in legal issues related to the care of his young son, who has been removed from the custody of Hill and the child’s mother, the NFL has explored the situation — and the only question left is whether and to what extent the NFL will discipline Hill.

A source with knowledge of the situation told PFT on Wednesday that nothing has been scheduled beyond the eight-hour meeting recently conducted in Kansas City. That session occurred as part of the investigation; if/when Hill receives an involuntary invitation to New York City, it likely will be a precursor to a suspension (unless, of course, the Commissioner simply intend to give Hill an Ezekiel Elliott-style stern talking to).

Many have made a guess as to what will happen to Hill, but no one other than the Commissioner or a tight circle of his confidants know what that will be. Based on the four-game suspension imposed last year on Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith for threatening and engaging in emotional abuse of the mother of his child, Hill’s “you need to be terrified of me too, bitch” remark to Crystal Espinal could spark a similar punishment, especially in light of Hill’s history.

As to Hill’s history, the recent publication of secretly-recorded comments he made to Espinal in a Dubai airport contradict his public admission of guilt in connection with allegations that he choked and beat her in December 2014, when she was pregnant. Although he never was punished for that incident by the NFL (it happened more than a year before the Chiefs drafted him), the incident hovers over the pending case — and it gives greater weight to the threat he more recently made to Espinal.

The NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy also permits additional punishment if the NFL concludes that Hill crossed the line when disciplining his son (regardless of whether there’s any evidence that Hill was involved in the breaking of the child’s arm, and currently there isn’t), and if the NFL believes that the circumstances resulting in Hill’s son being removed from the home constitute proof that Hill engaged in conduct that “[p]oses a genuine danger to the safety and well-being of another person.”

However it plays out, Hill’s availability (or not) for the 2019 season will have a major impact on one of the best offenses in the NFL. The answer to that question necessarily becomes one of the biggest storylines of the season.

29 responses to “PFT 2019 storyline No. 13: How and when will the Tyreek Hill situation be resolved?

  1. Goodell knows the Chiefs best chance at having KC beat NE, would be with Hill and not without him.

    Nothing will happen, which is why nothing has happened. Article 46 up and vanishes when he wants it to, and it appears perfectly in time when he wants it to.

    He’s as disgusting, if not more than Hill himself.

  2. If the injured child is terrified of Hill, then the NFL should be, too. Lets not not delude ourselves into rationalizing or enabling child abuse. If there were ever a no-brainer, this is certainly one.

  3. Him and this crazy broad are obviously bad news for each other why on earth hasn’t he split and just pay the child support ?

  4. If the suspension isn’t at least 4 games then they have a PR nightmare on their hands. You can’t justify the comment he made to her on that tape, and like it or not that comment justifies a suspension based on the way rule is worded. Like I said u don’t have to agree with it but he’s looking at 4 games based just on that

  5. With his use of one little word, “too,” Tyreek Hill incriminated himself severely. “You need to be terrified of me, TOO, bitch,” he said. Hill’s use of “too,” meaning also, is telling. He’s admitting that his son IS terrified of his father. How does a small child become terrified of his father? The same way a child of any age does … by painful and repeated physical punishment, physical abuse. Regardless of the lack of charges, does anyone really believe that Hill was not responsible for his son’s broken arm? Did his mother do it? Was it an accident? No and no. This guy is dangerous and two more children are soon to join a family where “dad” is highly likely to re-offend. What a mess, regardless of what the NFL does.

  6. i don’t know “When” but I can probably predict that the “How” will be done wrong.

    I’m not sure how Adrian Peterson didn’t set the low end of the “How” with Ray Rice at the high end. Something in between that. So having said that Roger will make it 1 preseason game.

  7. lmao – again beating that drum to have him suspended and deprive Mahomes of his top weapon. Someone either has money on the line in Vegas or they are trying really hard to influence the betting line with their constant stories and jump the gun accusations and penalty guessing.

    The release of the full audio only helps solidify what Hill had stated and note – he hasn’t been saying anything else ever since the accusations first appeared.

    It smells more like Hill was railroaded in 2014 by his crazy girlfriend and prosecutors in the 1st case, which would then set him up for future troubles at any time down the road, if Miss Crazy decided to go off again.

    Cue up the fake media machine to chew up yet another dude and grab clicks on websites all over the sports world.

    There’s nothing to suspend him over, unless ever having a crazy girlfriend is punishable (then 75% of us would be convicted).

  8. @mhouser With his use of one little word, “too,” Tyreek Hill incriminated himself severely

    Exactly. Except he didn’t say it that way. The audio was edited. Go listen to it now that an unedited version of the conversation is out.

  9. They’ll have this resolved in the next 48 hours. End of business Friday.

    Tyreek will get a 4 game suspension, but the NFLPA will argue Goodell down to 2 games behind closed doors. So the public suspension will be 2 games.

    Anyone that hasn’t listened to the newly released 11 minute audio, should refrain from homer comments trying to help their team by pushing for his suspension. His fiancee embellished the 2014 incident, and lied about this one.

    Hill isn’t the monster he’s been made out to be. He made a plea deal in 2014 to keep from missing the draft or going to jail. He pled guilty for that reason only but denied the whole thing. He confronted her about that in the new audio, and she didn’t deny that she lied to police, doctors, and prosecutors. Get the whole story before you judge.

  10. Imagine if PFT commenters cared as much about the hundreds (thousands maybe) of children being systematically abused right now at our southern border. Hill’s son deserves so much better and it’s horrible that he has to endure what he has. The same is true for so many other kids who did nothing wrong. If only they had fathers with 4.2 speed, maybe the PFT commentariat would give a crap.

  11. Pretty sure if Tyreek had been a Patriot the frenzy to suspend him would have got the NFL to act by now (if Goodell hadn’t already jumped at it anyway) – but then if he’d been a Pat he’d have been cut by now. And it wouldn’t have happened anyway because Pats, like 30 other teams in the league, all stayed clear of Tyreek because of what happened in college and the fact he was still serving a 3yr probationary course. But “Trust us” Chiefs said to their fans.

  12. 2 games tops, to simply save face. Mr. Hill deserves no suspension. KC Reporter Ricono who edited the tapes, and that blowhard KC DA Steve Howe both deserve to be fired.

  13. If he plays before Josh Gordon we’ll have positive proof that Roger doesn’t have his priorities right.

    Roger, we are all watching you.

  14. Pathetic that the rancid KC fans are hanging their hat on claiming that Hill lied in court when he admitted to beating and choking then pregnant Espinal.

    Hill is serial domestic violence abuser that’s very clear. Men with this problem do not suddenly stop unless they are jailed or badly shocked into doing so. Its clear Hill has no remorse and thinks he’s done nothing wrong in assaulting a pregnant woman and with his verbal abuse.

    If they don’t shock him with a long suspension its far more likely than not that he will feel empowered to worse abuse, and its only a matter of time until Espinal, the son, or the 2 kids that are on the way end up dead or badly hurt in the hospital.

  15. Pats fans… you drafted and paid
    Aaron Hernandez who 31 other teams avoided. Stop throwing stones. I don’t mind the talking like YOU won six super bowls but the moral high ground speeches are a bit much.

  16. If a child is removed by the State of Kansas from your home, doesn’t that speak for itself? Wake up Tyreek Hill fans! The 3 year old boy was removed by the STATE…What’s getting lost in all of this is the welfare of the 3 year old boy..and the conditions he has been living in with these two disturbing parents..The welfare of the kid is the most important thing here, not the playing status of Tyreek Hill.

  17. Let’s get this out of the way first. What he did before he was drafted is not the concern of the NFL. You can’t punish someone for actions committed before they were in your employ. Now…had you decided not to employ him…different animal.

    I don’t really care who got what for what before and why. Our legal system doesn’t really work that way so let’s not hold the NFL to a different standard. What I WILL hold the NFL to is that this guy is bad news – to society, the league, his teams, and in general. Sometimes you have to do the right thing because the optics are bad. Sometimes you have to do it just because it is the right thing to do. This is both.

    I say ban him. It drips but it pours, and there is clearly enough going on to say he is a dirt bag. Optics alone say get rid of him.

  18. Whatever happens it could only help Hill and the Chiefs. The longer the suspension (assuming it’s not a full year), Hill will return fresh for the stretch run and postseason. A scary proposition that worked well for another playoff bound team: the Patriots. Brady won the SB and SB MVP that year. Edelman won the SB and SB MVP two years later.

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