Report: NFL likely to stick with DirecTV through end of current deal

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The NFL apparently is keeping the $1.5 billion bird in the hand.

Daniel Kaplan of reports that the league currently is expected to stick with its current Sunday Ticket arrangement through DirecTV. With talks on a new deal between the NFL and AT&T (DirecTV’s parent company) “at a standstill,” the expectations is that two sides will continue under the terms of the existing deal through the 2020-21 season.

Kaplan’s report conflicts with other information that has surfaced in recent months. Sports Business Journal reported, for example, that the NFL has until the start of the 2019 regular season to opt out of the contract at the end of the 2019-20 season. SBJ also indicated that the NFL-DirecTV pact has three remaining years, not two.

Via Kaplan, the mutual option to terminate the deal prematurely expired “in recent months,” with NFL and AT&T continuing talks under a “gentleman’s agreement.”

Regardless of the conflicting details, the NFL is feeling good about where it currently is, thanks to the $1.5 billion per year that DirecTV pays for the Sunday Ticket service.

“The NFL is going to be in a good position,” an unnamed ownership source told Kaplan. “I mean, I don’t mean that to sound obnoxious. But I mean, they’re gonna pay us a lot of money, or there are others with different business models lined up to pay us different money for different versions of it. . . . I think the NFL will be fine. I think AT&T is paralyzed.”

AT&T may not want to pay $1.5 billion per year for Sunday Ticket, but it also surely doesn’t want to endure the mass exodus of DirecTV customers if/when DirecTV no longer is part of the package.

The balance for the NFL is money versus an expanded footprint among younger fans, especially via a streaming alternative for Sunday Ticket that could attract plenty of cord cutters and/or dish dumpers. For now, money is winning.

As it usually does.

18 responses to “Report: NFL likely to stick with DirecTV through end of current deal

  1. Please please please don’t resign with DirecTv!! Their service is garbage some AT&T purchased them!!

  2. Exactly… no reason for nfl to do it. They have that money locked up. No guarantee anyone else pays that much when it’s so apparent the games are consumed differently these days. sucks for directtv though

  3. They dont have to sign exclusive deals. They could get less but from more parties and make out better. DirecTV is hot garbage!!! Without the NFL DirecTV goes directly down the toilet.

  4. I just canceled DirecTV. My DVR crapped out and I just don’t want to deal with equipment and installers anymore (nevermind the ridiculous monthly bill).

    Bought a Roku stick, live streaming package, and will buy the Canada Sunday ticket package using a VPN.

    Never felt better about a decision.

  5. When/If the NFL drops DirectTV, then I’m out at that point too. It’s truly the only reason why I have DirectTV.

  6. Had DirecTV since 2003 strictly for the Sunday Ticket, they’ve gone to hell since ATT took over, the worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with, gone after this season

  7. Robert “HandyMan” Kraft says:

    July 11, 2019 at 8:27 pm
    When/If the NFL drops DirectTV, then I’m out at that point too. It’s truly the only reason why I have DirectTV

    If you are moderately technically proficient you should look into a VPN. Google VPN Sunday ticket. I pay for NBA and mlb streaming packages and love it. Can’t wait to do the same with nfl (which our international nfl fans and college students have been able to do for years)

  8. They should have an option for customers to pay like $39 to the NFL to stream 1 team for the year or like $129 for all games. Offer it right on They already have game pass so folks can watch already aired games and live games.

  9. I kept DirecTV for way too long just to have Sunday ticket. DTV finally got so bad that I cut it this year. Will miss the ticket but feels good to be rid of DTV, had them for a decade and lately they are just the worst.

  10. Have directtv only for Sunday ticket. ATT has destroyed the service. If they lose the ticket I’m gone. In a heartbeat.

  11. DirecTv is already hemorrhaging subscribers WITH Sunday Ticket. Is the NFL willing to endure two more years of ratings decay & greater disinterest in the game? Sounds like a Prevent Defense instead of going for the win.

  12. I wish the NFL would open up Sunday Ticket to all providers but as long as DirecTV is willing to fork over that kind of dough, there is no reason for the league to change anything regardless of what the fans think or want. I’m a fan of an out of market team and it’s not worth switching away from Comcast just for three hours for seven to nine Sundays each year. A local bar sufficiently fills the gap.

  13. I was wondering what it was, I have called 3 times, had a different modem sent. When the service guy would come he would work outside for 5 or 10 minutes. Then he’d call in to have Century Link “Clear the lines”! My movies would stream much better for the rest of the day,then the next day or so it would slow down and freeze up randomly, I called and asked for the line to be cleared, after being on hold it would work for awhile again! We will see if this works or is a BS scam!

  14. Who has Direct TV anymore? It’s a rip. Any of the streaming services, like PlayStation VUe are half the price and give you much more for your money. Or, just cancel it out.

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