Saints rookie Carl Granderson sentenced to six months in jail

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The Saints said that they were comfortable signing undrafted rookie defensive end Carl Granderson despite a pending trial for sexual assault, but a judge in Wyoming wasn’t comfortable with the terms of a plea agreement Granderson struck with prosecutors to avoid that trial.

Granderson agreed to plea no contest to one count of sexual battery and one count of unlawful contact with a recommended sentence of one year of unsupervised probation and a mental evaluation to be completed within 60 days. The Casper Star-Tribune reports that district court judge Tori Kricken rejected that part of the deal, however, and sentenced Granderson to begin a six-month term in jail immediately.

The sentence is for the unlawful contact charge. There was also a one-year suspended sentence for the sexual battery charge and one year of supervised probation once Granderson has completed his six months in jail.

Granderson was taken into custody and escorted out of the courtroom at the end of the proceedings. His attorney did not have a comment for reporters.

Serving the entire six-month term would make it impossible for Granderson to play for the Saints or anyone else during the 2019 season, so it seems likely New Orleans will free up his roster spot for someone who will be available for training camp later this month.

19 responses to “Saints rookie Carl Granderson sentenced to six months in jail

  1. Why are so many guys getting dinged for sexual assault? I’ve NEVER found myself in a situation where I’ve said “Yeah I’m bedding this broad whether she likes it or not.” And it’s got nothing to do with the threat of prosecution, nor am I someone special. Most people on here, I would imagine, feel and act the same as I do.

    We have to reexamine our culture if young athletes are being treated like deity’s – to the point where they feel they are above consent.

    We also have to reexamine our society when it comes to what exactly constitutes assault. Not saying Granderson didn’t do anything, but there are plenty of women who have claimed assault when it’s really just regret.

  2. Wow, that throws a wrench into plans. Sounds like he was involved in some serious stuff though.

  3. He’s still a Saints rookie. Just won’t be able to play this year. They were counting on a plea deal which the prosecutors agreed to. The deal backfired as he changed his not guilty plea to “no contest” thinking the deal was going to be accepted. However, it was rejected by the judge. Seems like his attorney screwed this up as he/she should have first consulted with the judge prior to proposing the plea. The Saints were probably anticipating this plea deal which is why they signed him and gave a hefty signing bonus. They will place him on some sort of non-jury list but will retain his rights.

  4. Couple of questions here:

    1. what are the circumstances that would compel a judge to reject a plea deal?
    2. how often does this happen?
    3. how is it that the attorney who negotiated the deal (which had to be approved by the DA) has nothing to say when the rug is pulled from his client?
    4. what is the likelihood that anyone in their right mind would EVER agree to a plea deal in front of this judge ever again? Pleading no contest is NOT a guilty plea.

    This seems like a rookie mistake by the judge – an overreach that violates the implied trust of a plea deal.

    None of this excuses any crime by Granderson. But if the plea deal was negotiated in good faith and had the DA’s approval, the judge was wrong to intervene.

  5. re binarymath’s comment
    “Pleading no contest is not the same as a guilty plea”.
    here is how the law sees it.
    “A no contest plea has the same effect as a guilty plea or conviction”.
    So there is that.
    it IS the same thing.
    Internet search is a wonderful thing

  6. binarymath says:
    July 11, 2019 at 3:09 pm

    This seems like a rookie mistake by the judge – an overreach that violates the implied trust of a plea deal.
    Please tell us where and when you earned your J.D. or LL.M. degree.

  7. The Saints have said repeatedly he’s a high character guy, and that’s all u need to know about that organization and city right there

  8. Binarymath, a rookie mistake by the judge??? Yeah, you are too ill-informed to comment about this subject matter publicly. Seek help.

  9. “Pleading no contest is NOT a guilty plea.”

    Has the same effect as a guilty plea. The court (judge) still has the final say in determining punishment. Defendants often plead No Contest (Nolo Contendere) to avoid liability in civil cases that may result from a criminal conviction.

    If you were innocent (not the same as a not guilty verdict) of a crime, would you plead no contest?

  10. bengalbowl says:

    Wyoming, doing things right since 1890.
    Actually, since 1869, when as a Territory they first acknowledged the right of women to vote.

  11. The Saints drafted a guy who was on trial for sex assault???

    I wish I could say I am surprised but Tyreek Hill is still a Chief.

    Read the article perhaps? Clearly says UNDRAFTED rookie…..

  12. Dorsey on line 1, Andy Ried on line 2 and Jerry on line 3, Loomis probably can get a draft pick from one of them.

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