Sean Payton feels Saints are over playoff loss

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The Saints suffered a tough loss in the playoffs after the 2017 season when then-Vikings quarterback Case Keenum hit Stefon Diggs for a pass that Diggs turned into a touchdown on the final play of the game.

The team was able to bounce back from being on the wrong side of the Minnesota Miracle by going 13-3 last season and advancing to the NFC Championship Game, but another tough loss was the result of that trip. An uncalled pass interference on the Rams late in the fourth quarter and a Drew Brees interception in overtime were the memorable moments of a loss to the Rams.

That missed call will have an impact on the 2019 season as it is unlikely that the league would have adopted a new rule allowing for the review of pass interference penalties had a flag been thrown. While speaking with Chris Simms from the American Century Championship golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Payton said he doesn’t feel it will impact his team any more than the Vikings loss did.

Payton acknowledged that the Rams loss “was a lot more difficult” for the team to deal with, but said that the Saints have “a young, resilient locker room” and that “the sense of being around our team” is that they are ready to move forward without the loss creating a cloud overhead.

That will get put to an early test in the regular season. The Saints play the Rams in Week Two and that means there will be plenty of references to what happened in January to accompany the other tests that come with facing a talented opponent.

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  1. Hopefully the NFL won’t assign 4 out of the 7 refs with ties to the Los Angeles area again…sheesh

  2. It would seeds like the NFL has taken notice of the damage incurred by the blatant missed call and its affect on credibility across the league ( don’t laugh too hard, as I know “credibility” and the modern NFL don’t go hand in hand).

    As fans of every NFL team witnessed this fiasco, it can hardly help the confidence of the NFL fan base to know that, except for the logo on the jersey, this could have ( and may have ) happened to their team. Weather one likes the Saints or not, fans will be contrasting this fiasco when a non-call ( or obvious wrong call ) is made when their own team is involved.

  3. Hopefully Payton and Saints fans have gotten past that “duck” Brees threw up in overtime, which was intercepted. That had much more impact on them losing than a missed call that they still got points on.

  4. ….when then-Vikings quarterback Case Keenum hit Stefon Diggs for a pass that Diggs turned into a touchdown on the final play of the game.
    Not throwing shade, but loved it.

  5. If I were a Saints player or Saints fan or Saints coach or Saints owner, I’d never get over that play. Two penalties on the same play which were so obvious Stevie Wonder could have called them, and no flags?????
    I dislike the Saints and Payton. But I am 100% behind them when they say the wrong team got to the Super Bowl. The NFL officials and the NFL blew it, big-time. If the Commissioner had any guts, he’d have climbed out of his cave and called the stadium and told them to stop the game and change that play to two penalties on the Rams, because it was total incompetence bordering on crooked officiating that those penalties were not called. No matter how anyone tries to spin it, they are wrong if they say that was not one of — or maybe even the worst — officiating jobs in the history of the NFL.

  6. sb44champs says: “Hopefully the NFL won’t assign 4 out of the 7 refs with ties to the Los Angeles area again…sheesh”

    Um, these “biased” refs called 7 penalties for 64 yards against LA and only 3 penalties for a measly 20 yards against the Saints…

  7. Here in America we rely on organizations like you, PFT, to keep the truth front and center. Don’t let us down now, you gotsta keep reminding and asking Payton about it, all year long.

  8. Hopefully Payton and Saints fans have gotten past that “duck” Brees threw up in overtime, which was intercepted.

    You mean the play where Brees was hit in the head and Thomas was interfered with? That play? And there would have been no OT if the penalty had been called correctly. I know, I know; hard concept to grasp, but correct call = 99% chance or so of the Saints in SB.

    You want a bigger missed opportunity, Dan Arnold’s drop of a perfect Brees’ pass was huge.

  9. Lol @bryantduhon – Geez, so the refs missed two other penalties?? Give me a break. How about accepting the fact that the Saints spent too much time doing silly motorcycle dances in the locker room and hiding phones under goalposts, instead of making plays in the big game.

    But don’t let me stop your pity party. Too many more tears and Nawlins will have an even bigger flooding problem to deal with 😂

  10. The entire off season has been about missed calls, so you would think that the NFL might want to do something about it. Strangely, many commenters on PFT seem to love missed calls. However, the lowest superbowl ratings in recent memory reveal what the public at large thinks about teams that don’t deserve to be in the superbowl.

  11. Lol. Assuming you are an actual football fan, I’m in awe at your ability to accept all unjust calls against your team without any lingering bitterness. Good job!

  12. Man, Saints fans sure keep whining about the missed PI call in last year’s NFCCG. But, I have yet to see one Saints fan acknowledge that the refs’ hatchet-job on the Vikings in the 2009 NFCCG (v. the Saints) was what enabled the Saints to advance-to and win the SB that year.

  13. @merde4brains

    Accurate name.

    Rewatch that game, there were uncalled penalties on both teams. It’s called “let them play.” Refs actually used to let teams in the playoffs do that. Brees got hit late a bunch. Favre could’ve had that call on the high/low hit. There was plenty of tugging by DBs on both teams. That ref job isn’t even close to the missed calls (helmet to helmet on Kamara, numerous PI/holds not called on Saint’s receivers) or THE missed call in the Rams game.

    Go discover the game of football and how it’s actually played. You might even like it.

  14. Hope that the Saints are looking ahead to this season. It would also be nice if the team and the people of New Orleans move on from whining.

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