Clyde Christensen: Jameis Winston “improved a ton” this offseason

Getty Images

Getting quarterback Jameis Winston to play at a higher level is one of the top priorities for the team’s new coaching staff and the coach charged with working directly with Winston says he’s seen signs of progress this offseason.

Quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen said he’s been impressed by how committed to improvement Winston has been this year and reached into the bible to find a way to describe how Winston’s been smarter about the work he’s been doing over the last few months.

“There’s a great verse in Ecclesiastes I always quote that says, ‘We’re going to not swing the axe harder but we’re going to sharpen the blade.’ So I think probably with him it’s just almost reeling him in a little bit more than it is trying to get more work out of him,” Christensen said, via “So, he’s improved a ton. He’s picked up the system pretty good. We’ve stressed just learning the system and fundamentals and stuff. And now we’ll have to put it together and get better in all the situations and all those things, apply the fundamentals to game situations.”

Christensen added that all of that work now needs to be put “toward winning football games” and falling short on that front will further cloud Winston’s future with the team that made him the top pick of the 2015 draft.