NFL suspends Malik McDowell for two games

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Defensive tackle Malik McDowell hasn’t found a new team since being released by the Seahawks in March and news from the league office on Friday probably won’t help that effort.

According to multiple reports, McDowell has been suspended for the first two games of the 2019 season. McDowell was arrested for disorderly conduct after an altercation with police in December 2017 and was arrested after another incident with law enforcement last month.

McDowell never played a game for the Seahawks after being picked in the second round of the 2017 draft. He was injured in an ATV accident before training camp and never received clearance from team doctors to resume playing.

McDowell said he was cleared by another doctor, but a visit with the Cowboys has been the only sign of potential interest from another club since his release.

9 responses to “NFL suspends Malik McDowell for two games

  1. No need to suspend him, he’s been in the league for two years and never sniffed the field. He wasn’t going to be playing anyway.

  2. vincemantooth says:
    ..might as well suspend me for two games. …impact on teams’ decision-making will be just about equal
    jimnaizeeum says:
    No need to suspend him, he’s been in the league for two years and never sniffed the field.
    If he ever gets healthy it’s a further disincentive to potential teams – but more importantly the NFL can’t just let off players they think probably won’t play again (except Peyton Manning). Rules is rules. If he’d got cleared by a doc and picked up later this year you’d all be saying “why didn’t the NFL suspend him?”

  3. It seems he thought he was on easy street after being drafted. I wonder if he realizes how his poor choices have essentially RUINED a once-promising NFL career. It just goes to show you, these guys may be able to play football but they certainly aren’t rocket scientists.

  4. Can this guy go away already? So annoying his name is in the news every few weeks. Waste of talent, and a total moron off the field. Dude’s done.

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