Report: Randy Gregory will submit reinstatement petition Monday


Randy Gregory will submit his petition for reinstatement Monday, Mike Fisher of 105.3 The Fan reports. The Cowboys defensive end hopes to receive permission from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in time to take part in training camp and the preseason.

The Cowboys open training camp July 27, so the team and Gregory’s camp obviously are hoping for an expedited decision from Goodell.

The application will include an update on Gregory’s treatment and a continuing “personal responsibility” plan that likely has him living with family or family friends in DFW, according to Fisher. Gregory’s parents are considering a move from Michigan to North Texas as part of Gregory’s “reliability partner” program, per Fisher.

Gregory, 26, will request step-by-step reinstatement, with “his return to football a gradual one and a conditional one,” Fisher reports.

Gregory received conditional reinstatement on July 17, 2018, allowing him to participate in training camp, meetings, conditioning work and “similar activities” last season. He ended up playing the entire season aside from the two games he missed with injury and made 25 tackles and six sacks.

But the NFL suspended him for a fourth time in February.

12 responses to “Report: Randy Gregory will submit reinstatement petition Monday

  1. I don’t particularly like Jerry Jones or the Cowboys, but he deserves credit. Over the years, he has shown a pretty consistent record of supporting people with addiction issues and providing a support structure geared more to them as human beings than commodities he is trying to get back on the field.

  2. Over the years, he has shown a pretty consistent record of supporting people with addiction issues
    I’ll say.
    -Micheal Irvin.
    I’ll second that.
    -Leon Lett.

  3. What is the point of a suspension if the player doesn’t miss any regular season games?

  4. The NFL should stop suspending players for Cannabis, period.

    Keep your ‘Reefer Madness’ takes to yourselves and read the studies instead.

  5. He blew his shot. Weed isn’t the issue here it’s his choices. He’s a grown man and NOBODY goes to rehab for weed. That is unless your Aldon Smith and apparently his issues haven’t cleared up. These players shouldn’t be rewarded w/millions for going to rehab to satisfy the league rules cuz they’re only going to screw up again.

  6. The fact this guy can reapply is proof the NFL is not serious about kicking out the dead weight in the league. Okay, he is a druggie. He doesn’t have a right to play in the NFL and should not be given more than one chance to clean up his act.

  7. How can he even be eligible to apply for reinstatement since he hasn’t even served his suspension yet. That’s like asking for parole when you haven served any time in jail. Besides, who really thinks he can avoid another suspension. He just can’t help himself. He’d rather get high than play football so why waste everyone’s time? If I were the NFL I’d tell him to report for drug testing every week for the next year. If he somehow manages to pass all those tests then they will consider him for reinstatement.

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