Rolando McClain wants another chance in the NFL

Getty Images

Rolando McClain, the former Top 10 draft pick who hasn’t played in an NFL game since 2015, is hoping for another chance.

The 29-year-old McClain told that he’s healthier than ever after hip surgery and believes he can make it in the NFL.

“Not only do I feel good, I’m recovered and I’m rested. I feel better now because I know I’ll be playing with two legs,” McClain said.

Before McClain can do that, he has to be reinstated by the NFL, which suspended him indefinitely in 2016 over repeated failed drug tests. He said he has begun working, with help from the NFL Players Association, on what he needs to do to get reinstated.

“I’m nowhere near satisfied with how my professional career has gone,” McClain said. “That’s for myself. That’s me looking in the mirror and talking to my boys. Nah, that’s not the taste I want to leave in my mouth.”

Realistically, it’s unlikely that McClain is going to play in a regular-season NFL game again. But he’s young enough that it’s not impossible, and talented enough that some teams may at least think about giving him one more chance.