Sean Payton expects coaches will be “more judicious” with challenges

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Saints head coach Sean Payton believes that his team is ready to move on from last year’s loss to the Rams in the NFC Championship Game, but memories of that loss will be triggered whenever a coach challenges a pass interference call or non-call this season.

The NFL has adopted replay reviews for pass interference on a one-year trial basis in 2019 after officials missed a call in the Saints’ loss and discussion about the rule change included whether or not to allow booth reviews in the final two minutes of halves. The league ultimately decided to allow booth reviews, although the standard for initiating one is higher than it is for other things.

Coaches will have to throw challenge flags during the other 56 minutes of the game and Payton was asked during an appearance on NFL Network how that will affect the way coaches deploy their challenges.

“Let’s start with the very first premise for the fans: It’s still just like all the other challenges that we have in place,” Payton said. “Remember we only have two to start with. So, I don’t think you’re going to see more challenge flags. Probably you’re going to be a little bit more judicious knowing that you want to have at least one left and if you feel like there’s something you see clearly and it’s outside of two minutes as a coach you can challenge it. And of course, inside of two minutes, it goes upstairs to replay. And we’re all, in this day and age with our technology and with the fans getting a chance to see real-time, we’re wanting those calls, especially in games like that, to be officiated correctly.”

Payton may be more judicious with his challenges, but it’s a pretty good bet that other coaches will be less thoughtful at points during the season. Should one of those coaches find themselves unable to challenge a clear pass interference foul that went uncalled on the field as a result, it will make for an entertaining postgame press conference.

6 responses to “Sean Payton expects coaches will be “more judicious” with challenges

  1. But will refs then look at ALL of a play? Or allow the other team to challenge a previously unseen foul they themselves now see during the review? For example, if Payton complains about a non-called DPI but under review the refs or the other team spot an offensive holding or pick-play or push-off??

    Note Belichick never complained to the media about Eagles’ “Philly Special” TD using an illegal formation nor Eagles’ bobbled non-catch TD. Being scoring plays the refs reviewed them but wouldn’t then let him challenge their incorrect/incomplete application of the rules.

  2. He’s right…quit whining about the PI replay. It’s not going to be the doomsday scenario many of you think. Maybe it’ll keep your team from losing a game they clearly would have won.

  3. To me they had to go to review of PI if they wanted to keep PI at the spot of the foul, which I think makes the most sense for that penalty. The main thing is err to the side of the way it was called on the field unless there is clear and obvious evidence. That is critical to getting this right. Less than significant contact should not overturn a non-call.

  4. Hyperbolic reactions from fans are getting old! With the limitations of how many times the red flag can get tossed by a HC, this change really only serves to inspire the blind zebras to get better at their jobs. If they are never called on their mistakes, what incentive do they have to pay closer attention?

    Byron Jones’ admission that Kris Richard coached the legion of dumb to exploit the refs no-calls on illegal contact demonstrates that this is a personnel issue, not a rules issue. One can only hope that this closes the loophole and lights a fire under these oblivious part-timers.

  5. Streety son, you need to get over it.
    Your team was beat by a 2nd year HC with a backup qb…let it go.

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