Ronald Jones is bigger than last year, hopes to be better than last year

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For Ronald Jones, the best thing about this year is it’s not last year.

He is taking an Etchosketch approach, shaking it up to erase a forgettable rookie season.

“Last year was a disappointment for me,” Jones said Saturday at SportsCon 2019 in Dallas. “I’m putting in the work to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

The Buccaneers made Jones a second-round choice last year. He played only 90 offensive snaps and 92 on special teams in nine games, gaining only 77 yards from scrimmage and averaging 1.9 yards per carry with one touchdown.

It has motivated Jones to prove the Bucs didn’t make a mistake, and he is what they thought he was when they used the 38th overall choice on the former USC running back.

“Personally, for me, I just want to lead the team in rushing and be that player who can ignite the offense and things like that, because that’s who I am. I’m a playmaker,” Jones said. “I just want that opportunity.”

The Bucs also have Andre Ellington and Peyton Barber in the backfield, so Jones will have to compete for playing time and touches. Jones said he is more ready to do that now in his second season.

Jones, 21, ended 2018 at 208 pounds. He is 221 now.

“I’ve put on a lot of pounds of muscle,” Jones said. “I’ve been training with my guy, eating four or five meals a day, protein shakes right after workouts. I’m bigger.”

He hopes that means he’s also better in 2019.

11 responses to “Ronald Jones is bigger than last year, hopes to be better than last year

  1. Ronald Jones possesses all the characteristics of a pro bowl RB. His problem has always been between his ears. It doesn’t matter how much he weighs or how strong he is. It doesn’t matter how much muscle he’s added. Great RB’s come in all shapes and sizes. I’m not Knocking the kid, I’m actually pulling for him. I hate to see a guy waste elite talent.

  2. Jones is still 21 years old. If he stayed for his senior year of college he would almost certainly have been the first RB off the board in this year’s draft. He didn’t fail, he just wasn’t ready and needed the redshirt season. Second youngest player on the Bucs roster.

  3. In college he was a terrible North/South runner who would just explode North without any vision or feel for holes constantly running into his own blockers and unable to avoid tacklers. He was much better going East/West. I think until he learns to run a bit slower until his vision catches up to his great speed he will continue to struggle. Look at Brian Westbrook. Late in his rookie season teams knew he wouldn’t even attempt to run North/South and were able to take advantage of the Eagles especially in the Super Bowl. The next year he figured it out and was a complete back.

  4. Hopefully Jones breaks out this year but putting on muscle doesn’t help you catch the ball or see running lanes.

  5. charliecharger says:
    July 13, 2019 at 10:15 pm
    Ronald Jones possesses all the characteristics of a pro bowl RB.
    If a patriot fan says it, it must be true since they know everything.

  6. When healthy, Ronald Jones show a lot of potential at USC. He was quick into the hole at line of scrimmage. Potential is one thing. If you drafted, some team see some potential in you. Now it’s time to turn potential into reality. Every player has to take the ‘bull by the horns’ when you have your chance to show your ability whenever you our on the field. Jones clearly did not last year. He look confused and unsure of what was expected of him. This year is a reset for Jones. Time to live up to his potential. It’s fish, or cut bait time.

  7. He’s not smart, soft and a bust. He will be a non-factor again this season, I won’t be surprised if he gets cut in training camp. Another wasted pick by our TERRIBLE GM.

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