David Njoku: Odell Beckham’s been a “phenomenal” fit

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Wide receiver Odell Beckham didn’t spend much time practicing with the Browns in his first offseason as a member of the team, but one of his new teammates said that didn’t stop the wideout from fitting in with his new team.

Tight end David Njoku was back at his high school in New Jersey to host a football camp on Saturday and took questions from reporters about Beckham, who used to play his home games in the same state. Njoku said that it was exciting to learn Beckham would be on the Browns and that the receiver has proven to be a good fit in his first months with the team.

“Phenomenal, really,” Njoku said, via NJ.com. “He’s a great teammate and a great person. We all know what he brings to the table. He makes crazy plays and we’re excited to have him on the team. I actually knew him prior to him getting traded . . . same old dude.”

Njoku was in California working out with Beckham, quarterback Baker Mayfield and others recently. He said it was great to work on “timing and chemistry and ball placement” ahead of a season that sees high expectations attached to the Browns for the first time in decades.

Beckham’s presence has something to do with that, but Njoku notes it is up to the entire team to “take advantage of this opportunity.”

35 responses to “David Njoku: Odell Beckham’s been a “phenomenal” fit

  1. Fitting in with teammates was never his problem. Fitting in with coaches though….

  2. Wait until the week 1 or week 2 loss when he only gets 1 catch and is targetted 5 or 6 times.

  3. Maybe they’ll nickname Beckham “The Boat”. They always say the two happiest days of being a boat owner are the day you bought it, and the day you got rid of it.

  4. This guy is a great talent, great team mate, and has a tremendous desire to win. Why don’t you haters just move on and direct your jealousy to someone else

  5. He’s not a bad guy, not a bad teammate – his fame is too big. The guy’s known as a global celebrity and a cultural icon (look at the kids who get their hair cut like him) and that’s too much for any locker room to manage. I think eventually, Cleveland will see this side to the problem.

  6. Every year some eternal 4th place team gets hyped and every year they fail. This team is more unlikable than the Jaguars were a couple of years back.

  7. Let’s check in at the end of the season to see how beloved he is with the team.

  8. filthymcnasty3 says:
    July 14, 2019 at 2:09 pm
    Who knows. Maybe getting traded to Cleveland will make him grow up.



  9. I have high Hope’s for the Browns. As a Cowboys fan I’ll be honest, I wasn’t upset Beckham left the conference.

  10. We’ll see. Mayfield is a very good QB, Beckham is a very talented, motivated WR. Does the team gel, does Beckham stay healthy, etc.? We cannot know how those Qs play out. I’m a Redskins fan who went to college in Ohio, and am rooting for the Browns to be contenders as long as they are not playing my ‘Skins.

  11. Absolutely phenomenal fit in the off season. That hole its all about me whining during the season is what’s not so phenomenal.

  12. As a long suffering Browns fan I am losing my mind at what John Dorsey has done.He took a team that was a rudderless ship and has provided us leadership and hope the likes of which we have not felt in a very very long time. Beckham was frustrated because he knew Manning is losing arm strength, isn’t mobil, and even if he got separation from the D backs the ball wasn’t arriving in time. Now he has Baker Maycannon throwing the ball as well as being mobile. We are not thumping our chests or predicting success. We are just grateful to see light at the end of the tunnel that might not be another train coming our way to run us over.

  13. The Browns tanked for several seasons to pile up a bunch of young players and they’re acting like they’ve done something brilliant. Eli, on the other hand, does his talking on the field and that led to two Super Bowl wins. The Giants will be better off without Beckham and his distractions.

  14. sjwfloriotheliberalcuck says:
    July 14, 2019 at 12:40 pm
    the time to make this comment is 2 years from now, not before he’s ever played a game. you know who’s also a great fit in July? ME!

    No, for most people it is now. In any job someone can be a great employee, member of the team. Then something happens and they not. Getting respect in the present is a now thing, not a legacy.

  15. We might see Freddie go into a phenomenal fit when Odell gets his first flag for an excessive TD celebration then acts like he doesn’t care about the 15 yard penalty.

  16. I grew up in David’s hometown Cedar Grove. It’s a small and well kept suburb surrounded by bigger towns and cities with better athletes. The only other noteworthy athlete to come out of there was Marty Liquori and that’s a looong time ago. I’d imagine it’s a real thrill for the people there to finally have an NFL star. We used to go bonkers whenever Marty came home.

  17. Unfortunately, Beckham has already demonstrated all the signs of being a classic diva who is all about ME, demanding the ball all the time, loud, talking too much. He’s great when things are going well but throws tantrums in the face of adversity. It’s up to him to start fresh and reverse that reputation by changing his behavior. Look at Larry Fitzgerald who has stayed classy in a truly awful organization with some really bad QBs.

  18. Browns are way overhyped. They will be better and have some nice pieces in place, but their ceiling is 8/9 wins. 9 wins could win that sorry division though. Should be an easy 4-0 for the Pats.

    As an aside, why do people think anyone cares about their fantasy team?

  19. tedmurph says:
    July 15, 2019 at 11:45 am
    Browns are way overhyped. They will be better and have some nice pieces in place, but their ceiling is 8/9 wins. 9 wins could win that sorry division though. Should be an easy 4-0 for the Pats.

    Explain to me how a team with the talent on offense that the Browns have put together has a ceiling of only 8 or 9 wins. Considering the fact that they won 7 games last year… and they added OBJ and Kareem Hunt this season.

    Go ahead, I’ll wait.

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