Alex Smith no longer wearing external fixator on right leg

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Alex Smith said last month that he expected to be able to stop wearing an external fixator on his right leg in July and the Washington quarterback’s hope has been realized.

Smith had been wearing the fixator for months in order to help promote healing in the bones that he broke last year, but his wife Elizabeth revealed that it is now off in a post to Instagram. One picture shows Smith holding the equipment in his right hand and the caption makes it clear that the couple views this as a big step in the healing process.

“The last 8 months have been nothing short of crazy. Although it’s not over, today is a big milestone. We are shedding the weight Alex has been carrying (literally and figuratively). It’s one step closer to the goal. The resilience, determination and mental fortitude of this man is unmatched.”

Smith credited the fixator with allowing him “to heal and walk again” and that also allows him to hold onto his goal of returning to the playing field. He’ll need to check off a lot of other boxes to see that through, but he’s gotten one part of the journey out of the way.

8 responses to “Alex Smith no longer wearing external fixator on right leg

  1. That’s great news. Even better news would be that he’s not going to try to play again. Due to his contract, I suppose, he has to intend/attempt to play in order to keep getting paid.

  2. Betcha Bruce Allen loves this. It makes his “day to day” comment made a few months back seem only slightly less ridiculous.

  3. I never thought playing again was realistic, but at least he will be able to live a normal life after that injury so that’s probably the best outcome in this case.

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