Report: “No change” on contract front for Chris Jones, Chiefs

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The deadline for players with franchise tags to sign multi-year deals is on Monday, but those players aren’t the only ones trying to land new contracts before the start of the 2019 season.

There are a slew of other players around the league who want new deals before their current ones are up and that group includes Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones.

Jones skipped the voluntary portion of the team’s offseason program and also stayed away during their mandatory minicamp in June. There was word in March that the two sides were talking, but Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said in May that he didn’t know if that was the case and there’s been no word that would suggest a deal is imminent.

A report from Terez Paylor of Yahoo Sports does nothing to shift that view. Paylor reports that there has been “no change” in Jones’s situation in recent weeks. Paylor also notes that Jones has to report to camp by August 6 in order to accrue the fourth season he needs to hit free agency (or receive a franchise tag) after the 2019 season is over.

Jones was a 2016 second-round pick and he’s recorded 24 sacks over his first three seasons, including a 15.5-sack campaign in 2018. He’s set to make a salary of just under $1.2 million this season.

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  1. I guess what bothers me most about these “what if” questions, as applied to Brady, is that they’re not applied to anyone else. Examples: What if applied to Jared Goff (the non-call), or the Seahawks prior to Butler’s interception (the onside kick recovery the week before that got the Hawks to the Superbowl to begin with, or the insanely lucky catch just prior to the Butler interception), or the two catches when the Giants beat the Patriots in their last Superbowl, or the Miracle in Miami.

    Yes, luck plays a part in a lot of games. But luck goes both ways.

  2. There has got to be a way to do this. Pay him now when you don’t have to, and he makes a concession somewhere in numbers. Everybody is happy, or just a little unhappy.

  3. luvkcchiefs says:
    July 15, 2019 at 12:30 pm
    He’s got a contract show the hell up or stop signing these contracts. Simple

    LOL. yeah you tell em’!

  4. Huh…? That’s really interesting. According to local radio stations here in Kansas City, 610 and 810, the two are not far off far off from a deal and Terez Paylor is wrong!

  5. They should have paid Jones before acquiring Clark. Then again, they should not have used a pick on Clark and paid him. Sign Jones and then use a higher draft pick for another guy.

    Too much money now allocated into the D Line or they need to deal jones or risk losing him now, outright.

    Cap hell…If you ignore proper market values and salary allocation, you go into cap hell.

  6. I wouldn’t worry about it. Andy Reid still has all his timeouts from the AFC title game. Those are worth something, right?

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