Tyrann Mathieu takes issue with Deshaun Watson’s Madden rating

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Plenty of NFL players will take issue with their Madden ratings. Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu is taking issue with someone else’s.

Mathieu has taken up for former teammate Deshaun Watson. The Texans quarterback somehow has emerged from the Madden laboratory with an 82.

Ain’t no way Deshaun Watson a 82,” Mathieu tweeted. “No wonder kids are playing [Fortnite] now.”

Watson is one of several quarterbacks who can have (if they care) a beef with their Madden rating. Watson may care, but he’s not the type to complain about it directly.

Mathieu’s complaint ensures that we’re talking about the new Madden game. Still, that may not be the best type of publicity, since concerns about the accuracy of the ratings could prompt some gamers to choose Fortnite (or something else) over the only NFL-licensed video game on the market.

12 responses to “Tyrann Mathieu takes issue with Deshaun Watson’s Madden rating

  1. I mean they tried to say the new rating system would scale players down. 82 is probably the old 85 which is where he should be at. Without Hopkins Watson wouldn’t have even had a 76 overall.

  2. You commenters gotta come up with some new material that isnt so predictable. Lol. Madden has been a horrible video game for a while, especially the ratings.

  3. like Archie, Tim Couch, David Carr or Matt Stafford, you can have all the talent in the world, but if you cannot stay upright because your team cannot draft…it might be a QB driven league but that only works if you can stay upright. look at the Colts. they got a GM and all of a sudden an all-world QB is starting to play that way again.

  4. by the way madden, i am sick of my qb getting hurt every 3rd time he runs with the ball and gets tackled. oh wait, give watson a 90 rating but just make sure he can never finish a season, that would be fair

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