Cordarrelle Patterson: Super Bowl win doesn’t mean anything

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Cordarrelle Patterson is on his fourth team in four seasons. He had played only one playoff game before last season when the Patriots won the Super Bowl.

That was last year, though, Patterson reminds everyone. This is this year.

“Honestly, that Super Bowl don’t mean s— to me, because I’m in a new role right now,” Patterson told Justin Turpin of Redline Media, via

The receiver/returner signed with the Bears in free agency.

“I’m on a new team, so it’s a new opportunity for me to bring my legacy . . . onto another team,” Patterson said. “So whatever happened last year in the past, that’s in the past. I’m trying to just move forward.”

Patterson has 270 touches for 2,554 yards and 17 touchdowns in his career. He also has returned 176 kickoffs for a 30-yard average and six touchdowns.

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  1. That comment caught my eye when I heard it, but when I saw what he said in it’s entirety I think all he is saying is that the Super Bowl no longer matters and he’s on to a new season with a new team. It was definitely meaningful to him to celebrate it at the time.

  2. Good for him. He might have left the Pats but he’s still talking like Belichick does. Lats year is last year.

  3. LandOf10000MethLabs

    he’s not a bust. he is still a dynamic playmaker from multiple positions on the field. he just didn’t become a standout WR.

  4. Loved him on special teams and running out of the back field for the Pats glad to see he still has the Belichick mind set. Bears probably were a good fit for him

  5. He doesn’t care because he’s depressed from watching the video of the missed kick at the pity party the Bears have on a regular basis . Don’t worry Bears fans there’s only about a 99% chance that a missed kick is going to cost you at least a game maybe more because they wasted all off season mourning instead of going out and getting a solid NFL kicker .

  6. LandOf10000MethLabs says:
    July 16, 2019 at 4:38 pm

    What legacy is he referring to? His only legacy is being just another first round bust of the championship-deprived Minnesota Vikings.
    Patterson is not a bust. He was very frustrating though because he was raw and didn’t learn very fast. For a price, any team would love him as a kick returner and situational player. I don’t look forward to seeing him against my team twice a year.

  7. I’m sure it helped him get that contract with the Bears. Mediocre teams overpay for free agents from super bowl teams all the time.

  8. derp363 says:
    July 16, 2019 at 5:07 pm

    he’s not a bust. he is still a dynamic playmaker from multiple positions on the field. he just didn’t become a standout WR.

    If 2500 yds from scrimmage and 4 teams in 6 years for the number 29 pick in 2013 draft are not bust numbers then there is no such thing as a bust. And they gave up 2nd/3rd and another to move up…And he was picked 2 spots ahead of perennial All Pro Travis Fredrick. That’s a bust even by Minnesota standards.

  9. The Vikings like to draft players who are great athletes and have the build they want. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. He has been a role player everywhere he has gone. A great return man but never the every down player we hoped. It was fun watching him as a running back though. Creative way to get the ball in his hands.

  10. Always liked Cordoroy and wish him well when he isn’t playing the Vikes. I wouldn’t say he was a bust since he made the pro bowl when with the Vikes and was a dynamic kick returner — he just wasn’t and will never be, an above-average NFL WR. Lucky for the Vikes they signed Theilen as a street free agent and got Diggs in the 5th round so there was no significant damage depth-wise (unlike the 10,000 methlabs guy’s team that pretty much struck out on every single draftee in the last few years of TT’s reign).

  11. He gradually improved over time – I think his best year was last year when he caught 75% of the balls thrown his way. But his early years were less than expected.

  12. His 30 yard career kickoff return average is second all time. Only guy in front of him is Gale Sayers at 30.6.

  13. Well, once he got out of Minnesota and didn’t have to embrace the suck anymore, this kid was finally able to begin building a legacy.
    The Viking coaches didn’t have a clue how to utilize this athlete.
    Good on him to look forward to his future, now that he has one.

  14. Legacy? Ha ha ha ha, I think the vikes let him go because he still couldn’t learn an NFL playbook after your years. He sure can run fast though…..

  15. Just a reminder, he openly admitted to slacking off for 4 years because he knew he was safe as a former 1st rd pick. “Legacy” isn’t a word that applies to guys like that.

  16. This guy being on the hot Bears just feels right! Trubisky is about to have a break out year after he just had a decent season. If the Bears can stay healthy they will be a force to be reckoned with!

  17. “Now he can finally get somewhere now that he escaped the NE dumpster”

    And that’s why Barney’s are the worst informed and most laughed at fans in all of NFL football. In their minds the Vikings, with no Super Bowl wins are the bestest, greatest, coolest team in the history of sports ever. Meanwhile the Pats with 6 Super Bowl wins and other teams with Lombardis are “dumpsters”

    We all laugh at you. Even Browns fans. Hilarious.

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