Eric Ebron salty about his Madden rating

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Eric Ebron led all tight ends with 14 touchdowns last season, then added another in the playoffs. But his Madden rating doesn’t reflect that.

Ebron, who had a breakout year in his first season in Indianapolis in 2018, has an 86 rating in Madden, tying him with Hunter Henry as the 10th-best tight end in the NFL.

In a series of tweets, Ebron asked how the hell you can have an 86 rating with 15 touchdowns, described himself as “salty” and said of Madden, “It’s obvious they don’t know me.”

Ebron’s reaction is the latest of many to demonstrate how much NFL players pay attention to their Madden ratings. Whether they believe the ratings are accurate or not, they care about how the game depicts them.

The top tight ends, according to Madden, are Travis Kelce with a 96, Zach Ertz with a 93, Delanie Walker with a 92, George Kittle with a 90, Greg Olsen with an 89, Tyler Eifert with an 88, Jordan Reed with an 88, Trey Burton with an 87, and Jared Cook with an 87.

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  1. “it’s obvious they don’t know me.”

    Maybe, just maybe they see last year as an anomaly and they know you as the guy who has 12 td’s in his 1st four seasons.

  2. NFL players are way to concerned about their Madden ratings this offseason. Ebron wants to be top of the heap after 1 good year?

  3. Eifert isn’t even an 80 – he can’t stay on the field.
    Delanie’s maybe an 82 at this point in his career.
    Olsen, Reed and Burton maybe an 83-85.
    Cook is an 87, agreed there.

    I’d say Ebron is probably 88-90… he was dominant last season.

  4. Madden has gotten way too complicated for me to play now. I admit, I just purchase it because I have every incarnation since JMF for SNES and it’s like a ritual. I’m probably just getting dumber and my reflexes are not as good so I lose a lot. Other than that I find it pretty nonsensical that these guys are bent out of shape over it. I bet if they cut the devs some cheddar, they’d raise their stats. That’d probably be more interesting if EA let the staff take bribes from players. to raise their own or lower some other guy’s rating hahahaha

  5. I’m sure when the historians write the epitaph for modern civilization it will involve the Internet, video games and Twitter. There are plenty of things in this world to be “salty” about other than how gamers view you. Use your saltiness for the greater good.

  6. It’s amazing how disrespected players feel over a rating in a video game. Can’t control how others perceive him. All he can do is go have another great season.

  7. All these players complaining are getting a dose of reality and the truth. But Ebron is way way too high.

  8. Ebron finally learned to catch in 2018, and now he wants a 99 rating. That’s cute. There’s plenty of time for trophies, junior.

  9. He is not a good TE, great athlete, terrible at doing his job. Yes he can get open. It is the “me show” when he is on the field.

  10. If I have a player on my team who complains about “ a Video game rating “ I cut them immediately. Their head is not in a team game !

  11. It’s just a game big guy. Just a game. Besides, you are a serviceable tight end who has only just recently begun to somewhat live up to your original draft status.

  12. Tyler Eifert is worthy of a high 88 score…


    … (due to injuries) he has only started 1/3 of the games in his nfl career.

  13. This happens every year, with both Madden and NBA 2K. Are the game developers paying the athletes to do this, creating discussion about the games? I don’t know why else the athletes would care so much.

  14. What’s the big deal? In Franchise mode you can adjust all the ratings…and FYI the player I created in my mold is a 99…

  15. Paul Raymond says:
    July 16, 2019 at 8:28 am

    How does Tyler Eifert continue to be so over rated??


    They often do this with guys that are very good players that can’t stay healthy. He’ll have an injury rating of like 30… which means every 5 tackles he gets hurt.

  16. Ebron is exactly the guy that would whine about his Madden rating. He was a one trick pony last year. Red zone guy. 86 is pretty good though, he never was an 80 rating before that, I don’t believe. The ego on these guys sometimes…

  17. Maybe they do “know you” and didn’t forget the only 7 TD’s in the first 4 years.

  18. Wait, wasn’t he a constant under-performer in Detroit. He has one good year and now all of a sudden he thinks he should be rated higher than 10th. Maybe he should play harder. Then maybe his rating would be higher.

  19. The TDs last season were great, but was that more opportunity that some jump in talent/skill from Ebron? If it was more opportunity, then his rating shouldn’t jump that much.

  20. Lol 86 is too high, he came to a team after putting up 12tds in 4 years and the team got decimated at the tight end position and injuries at WR, and def left him open, he better get 15 open.

  21. All the people saying “It’s just a game” are the same people that complain to others when they get a bad performance review at their own job. Lol. Get over yourselves. Trust me. You want these players to care about how others view them….. if they don’t then they probably don’t care about their own performance in general.

  22. Athletes manufacturing a grievance against people who “under-rate” you is a practice as old as professional sports. Everyone does it, and every hero football player you have did it. People only think it’s more prevalent now because social media has made it so much easier to access players’ inner thoughts.

  23. All the people saying “It’s just a game” are the same people that complain to others when they get a bad performance review at their own job. Lol. Get over yourselves.

    There is absolutely zero correlation between a performance review at your job and what Madden thinks an NFL player’s rating is – i’m curious, how do you think a “poor” rating in Madden will affect a player’s salary?

  24. grumpysal says:
    July 16, 2019 at 12:08 pm
    All the people saying “It’s just a game” are the same people that complain to others when they get a bad performance review at their own job. Lol. Get over yourselves.

    You are actually comparing ratings in a video game to a “performance Review” or having a relation to what players get paid? Wow. You should really go on ebay and see if they have any common sense that you could buy….

  25. Maybe care more about the your actual play in the gridiron vs your simulated ratings in a game .. his heads in the wrong place , it’s silly these guys care so much about their rating on Madden

  26. It’s a video game bro concentrate on getting a ring first and not ur fantasy ranking

  27. This Madden rating BS is hilarious and sad at the same time. I can see players having fun with it and having faux outrage, but any player that is legitimately concerned with this should seek psychiatric help.

  28. The conservatives on this site and their hate for video games. Lol

  29. I wonder if these players who complain about their rating at the beginning of the season even play the game.
    Who cares what your number is at the start? They should be trying to get a TOTW, Color Rush, Monster, or Thanksgiving card. That’s where the recognition is and those are the players users use to build their teams.
    Base cards will be dumped as soon as a the program cards are available.

  30. LOL, he is going to lose his mind when he hears that in my Madden Franchise Mode I offered the colts a 7th rounder for him in trade……and they took the trade!!

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