Mike Vrabel on Marcus Mariota decision: We’re looking at next 7-10 years

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Titans head coach Mike Vrabel has made it clear on multiple occasions that Marcus Mariota is his team’s starting quarterback for the 2019 season, but there are no guarantees for the second overall pick of the 2015 draft beyond that point.

Mariota is in the fifth and final year of his rookie deal and there’s been question this offseason about whether the Titans will go all in on a future with him running the offense. In addition to the need to see him play well on a weekly basis, part of the question is whether Mariota can stay healthy as he’s yet to play every game in a season.

Vrabel didn’t say exactly what the team will need to see to extend their commitment to Mariota, but expressed confidence that the quarterback will come through.

“When you make a commitment to the QB you want to make sure that this is going to be your guy for the next 7-10 years when you look at the percentage of the cap quarterbacks are driving,” Vrabel said, via Robert Klemko of SI.com. “Nobody is more proud of what Marcus has done in the offseason than me. He’s come back stronger, bigger, with greater understanding of what we’re doing offensively, being able to communicate it to players the field. I don’t look at the lack of a long-term extension as a negative, though that’s what people try to make it. I know Marcus’s demeanor and that won’t change whether he’s on a 10-year contract or its up after the season. He’s that type of person. So I know it’ll work because of how he is.”

The lack of an extension at this point may not be a negative, but it is unusual. Mariota and Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston are the first quarterbacks picked in the first round under the current CBA set to play out their fifth years without extensions, which makes for high stakes in both Tennessee and Tampa Bay this year.

27 responses to “Mike Vrabel on Marcus Mariota decision: We’re looking at next 7-10 years

  1. Vrabel’s statement was nonspecific — he just said it’s good to lock up a QB for 7 to 10.

    Mariota is toast…this team belongs to Tannehill now.

  2. Translation: We don’t know yet if we want Mariota as a true franchiser.

    And he’s right. Frankly, because all the more obvious draftable starter-QBs of last 2yrs have gone before Titans’ 1st picks (and gone to teams actually more desperate and thus unwilling to trade down), they might as well let it ride one more year. You could say “should’ve drafted Mahomes” when they last had a high pick in 2017, but stats-wise 2016 was ok for Mariota.

  3. Resigning Mariota to a long term contract would set the Titans back 7-10 years. His conservative style of play isn’t sustainable. He’ll be a backup somewhere though

  4. ‘“When you make a commitment to the QB you want to make sure that this is going to be your guy for the next 7-10 years when you look at the percentage of the cap quarterbacks are driving,” Vrabel said, via Robert Klemko of SI.com.’

    That tells you right there that going into the season, he’s not a believer in a long-term deal for Mariota. Now Mariota may nail it during the season (which I firmly believe he is capable of doing if he can stay healthy) and change that thinking. But you couldn’t have a more hollow endorsement than what he stated.

  5. You can’t give a long term extension for big money to a player that can’t stay healthy. He’s missed 7 games in 4 years and been playing hurt in many others. He needs to prove he can adjust and play more from the pocket and make smart runs that don’t get him hit.

  6. Marcus could have a Capt. Kirk year and get extended for five years only to put the Titans back 7-10 years. If he takes us to AFCCG or beyond, I don’t think it would be worth it.

  7. I’m baffled at the lack of respect to a quarterback who’s had a better than average record against playoff contenders the last three seasons. And a few of the losses believe it or not were attributable to coaching (for one, Vrabel admitted after the Ravens game he didn’t use the right type of defense). Because Mariota hasn’t dazzled people with athleticism? Mariota overall has delivered. Staying healthy is the bigger issue for him.

  8. Step 1 for Mariota is to look like he’s awake. Don’t forget you afternoon nap, bro. Then have some coffee, and try to lead your men to something better than average.

  9. Mariota is not bad…it’s all about his ability to stay healthy. Tannehill would be still in Miami if he was good enough to take this job from Mariota.

  10. He’s a decent quarterback when healthy, and that’s a big when healthy, but that’s all he is just decent. So if ur plan is to simply be a consistent ok team that barely makes the playoffs every year then he’s your guy

  11. Based on what we’ve seen so far from Mariota this is just the way the contract situation has to play out. Mariota has all the motivation he needs. He can have the year of his life and shift the leverage and have the Titans pay for it or leave in free agency. Or he can do more of the same and the Titans aren’t on the hook for tons of money and a lengthy contract for mediocre QB play.

  12. Vrabel is a good guy, and he owes Bill Belichick a favor. He could repay the old coach by sending Mariota to New England to replace Brady. Mariota is a perfect fit for Belichick’s offense.

  13. “Mariota is toast…this team belongs to Tannehill now.”

    Words no fan would ever want to hear about their team.

  14. I’ve only seen a dozen Mariota games, but I’m not impressed. He’s not very good.

    Living in S. Florida, I’ve been forced to watch lots of Tannehill games. I can boldly state that he sucks!

    Who is the third QB there? I’d pick him.

  15. Mariota and Tannehill are both essentially backup QBs. The Titans will draft a QB in the first round next year.

  16. The biggest mistake of his career was having to play for Mike Mularkey and that “exotic smash-mouth” offense.

    It was an offense designed to feature DeMarco Murray, instead of developing Mariota as a passer. Their crappy receivers didn’t help much either.

    The point is that Mariota was not in a good environment for a franchise QB to grow.

    If he had been drafted by a stable franchise who was committed to developping him, he would be a franchise passer for some team.

    Now, years after playing for coaches trying to save their jobs and not being the focal point of the offense his body has taken alot of abuse and he doesn’t have the muscle memory he needs to get to the next stage.

  17. This team is also toast if they hand it over to Tannehill.

    Certainly would have thought about drafting a QB last year, if I were them. I think they’re smart to not give an extension to Mariota at this point. I don’t trust him long-term.

  18. He is one of the many 1st round QB busts (who will it be this year, my money is on both Murray and Haskins), it is always a 50/50 chance on drafting a 1st round QB and even worse he was Heisman winner and only about 1 out 10 of those have a mere decent NFL career. Maroita/Kelly’s offense in College was based on speed at the hash marks with quick throws that did not rely on reading defenses, ala RG3 and any Urban Meyer QB, which he still cannot due. Neither can Tannehill and he had a “QB guru” coach.

  19. We’ll trade Jameis for him.

    -longtime suffering Bucs fan

    Do you want to keep suffering? JW may not be the answer, however Mariota is definitely not. At least Winston has stretches where he looks like he’s the guy. He could be IF he can cut out the boneheaded turnovers by trying to do too much. We have this season to see if Arians can get that out of him. If not, it’s back to the drawing board.

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