Robbie Gould: 49ers made “aggressive push” to get deal done

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Kicker Robbie Gould signed a four-year contract extension with the 49ers on Monday to put a bow on what Gould called a “weird offseason” a few hours later.

Gould got franchise tagged by the 49ers, saw the team flirt with Stephen Gostkowski before Gostkowski re-signed with the Patriots in April and requested a trade a short time later. That trade request came with a report that Gould was not going to continue negotiations on a long-term deal and the kicker said he was unsure if he’d report to the 49ers at all, but things changed quickly over the last few days.

There was a lot of speculation about Gould wanting a move back to the Bears because he spent the first 11 years of his career there, still lives there in the offseason and talked about wanting to stay close to his family, but Gould told Adam Schefter of ESPN that talks sparked back up on Sunday and that the 49ers made an “aggressive push” that reached the finish line.

“Who knows what would have happened if something didn’t get done, but the 49ers stepped up big time to get this done,” Gould said. “They stepped outside the box, had an open mind and we were able to get something done today.”

Gould said his family will be staying in Chicago during the 2019 season because his son’s been enrolled in kindergarten for the coming school year, but that could change in the coming years because Gould’s set to be spending a lot of time in California.

10 responses to “Robbie Gould: 49ers made “aggressive push” to get deal done

  1. He made the 49ers bid against themselves.

    Players would be insane not to make this guy NFLPA head when he is done as he has already shown better negotiating skills and resolve than its current leadership.

  2. “They stepped outside the box, had an open mind and we were able to get something done today.”


    I’m happy for him that he got paid, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that being the highest bidder is stepping outside the box.

  3. Sorta wonderin’ if the football world is paying any attention to what the Niners have been quietly doing for some months now. Well, if they aren’t or haven’t so far, they definitely will around 4 – 5 games into this season. Watch!.

  4. Bear fans just came back to earth from fantasy land. But but he loves Chicago!

  5. “He made the 49ers bid against themselves.”

    They paid a top 3 kicker a top 3 kicker salary. He’s guaranteed the amount of two consecutive franchise tags and the 49ers don’t have to worry about losing a kicker that has hit over 96% of his field goals since leaving Chicago.

    In this situation, both parties can walk away from the table happy.

  6. exinsidetrader says:
    July 16, 2019 at 11:18 am
    He made the 49ers bid against themselves.

    The lunacy of your comment must be pointed out. The 49ers franchised him at $5M because they wanted to keep arguably one of the best kickers in the game and they controlled his rights with the tag. They ended up getting him for two years at $5M per year, with another two year option at the end. Gould is only 36 so he should have several good kicking years ahead of him. I call that good business.

  7. Niner’s got played, plain and simple … and NO, as a Bears fan the last thing I wanted was Robbie Gould kicking again – it would have been a mess!

  8. As a Bears fan, the argument was that his family was in Chicago. Using this to trash us is beyond silly. As for the absolutely insane expectations of SF fan, uhhh .. didn’t you (and everyone at ESPN) say all of this last year? LOL I get it. EVERYONE has Superbowl hopes this time of year. But none of it means anything in July or August. Bear Down!

  9. Robbie showed them!

    And to think the Bears got him of a construction job in 2005.

    SF better hope he does not revert to 2016 Robbie when the Bears cut him.

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