Tre’Davious White: Bills will use Madden ratings as “extra motivation”

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The release of this year’s Madden ratings has generated responses around the football world, including many players who feel their digital counterparts have been underrated by the game’s designers.

According to cornerback Tre'Davious White, that group includes him and his teammates with the Bills. Safety Micah Hyde got the team’s highest ranking at 86, White is an 85 and two players — linebacker Lorenzo Alexander and running back LeSean McCoy — are rated as 82s in this year’s game.

White said on NFL Network that he felt the Bills were “robbed” and that the team will use it as fuel for the coming season.

“We got Shady at an 82, which is very disrespectful. Then you got Josh Allen at a 74, man,” White said, via “It’s something that those guys are pretty much gonna take it into the season. That’s the extra motivation that we need to get the acknowledgement that we deserve.”

We’ve seen NFL players derive motivation from a variety of sources over the years and it probably shouldn’t have come as an surprise that something as woven into the fabric of football as the Madden games have become would fall into that category. After this offseason, it won’t ever come as surprise again.

30 responses to “Tre’Davious White: Bills will use Madden ratings as “extra motivation”

  1. We live in a society where if you complain enough you get what you want. That’s why all these players are pouting….its a learned behavior.

  2. If players from all the teams are outraged and use that as motivation doesn’t that mean NFL quality of play this season will be better
    If iam a coach of a team I better hope my team is outraged

  3. Enough with the players crying about their rating in a damn video game. Are these players ego so shallow that they need to be rated the best in a video game?

  4. If this is what motivates a player to be better than they are, CUT THEM NOW. Motivation should be to win a Super Bowl and be the best, not if a video game is rating them how they think they should be rated.

  5. Translation, Bills will be just as ineffective this upcoming year as they have been the majority portion of the franchise’s existence. It isn’t a good look when the concensus best player on your team is crying about fictional ratings.

  6. Pathetic that not just the Bills players, but any of these supposedly oh so tough NFL players have such thin skin they let a video game rating bother them.

  7. People put far too much emphasis on an arbitrary analysis done by video game designers. And once you play the game, the ratings change anyway. Who cares.

  8. This madden rating thing has gotten out of hand.

    Somebody please convince me that the lines between fantasy and reality have not been blurred to the point of incomprehension. Pretty please? I’m begging?

  9. They do realize they can adjust their ratings. I do it with Eli Manning every year. 99 everything. Best QB EVER!!! That being said, I live in my parents basement, forgot what the outside of my house looks like and I “borrow” my neighbors wifi….

  10. tomny0970 says:
    July 16, 2019 at 1:42 pm
    The Bills were 6-10 last year, right?
    Exactly, so they need the “motivation” they’re going to get from a video game.

    Oh, Buffalo.

  11. “That’s the extra motivation that we need to get the acknowledgement that we deserve.”


    That madden rating IS the acknowledgement you deserve for going 6-10. Do better

  12. Funny, you never hear a Patriots player complain about a video game rating.

  13. For supposedly being BIG, BAD FOOTBALL players these guys sure do have some paper thin skin now days!

  14. Those over-sized game checks SHOULD BE all the motivation they need!

    BTW 6-10 isn’t going to get you much respect except from your own fans! Also IMHO I think they rated Shady(514yds/3TDs) and especially Allen(2074yds/10TDs/12INTs/52.8comp%/67.9QB rating) too high!

    Where’s the HUGE improvement that we were supposed to see when Allen got NFL receivers? That’s all I heard from the talking heads and so-called experts, what a huge jump in Josh’s completion percentage when he has professional talent around him! Didn’t really seem to make much difference, did it? The real fact is completion percentage doesn’t lie and for over 95% of the QBs drafted it goes DOWN for the first few years in the NFL! Sure the receivers are a lot better but so are the defenders and those throwing windows shrink to a yard or less in the NFL unlike those 3-5yd throwing windows they had in college.

    But this is what happens when you over-draft a player, especially a QB with a poor completion percentage and expect him to make a huge improvement against the top level of talent, it just doesn’t work out as planned!

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