Trent Richardson on XFL: I’ll never give up

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Trent Richardson was a major bust in the NFL, and since then he’s tried to resurrect his career with short stints in the Canadian Football League and Alliance of American Football. And he’s not done.

Richardson is now trying to make it to the XFL, and after a recent tryout he said he’s committed to getting another chance in professional football.

“Keep showing myself and my kids that I’ll never give up and I’ll always follow my dream,” Richardson said. “I guess you can say I have a chip on my shoulder.”

It’s probably too late for Richardson to revive his disappointing NFL career, which means he’ll always be remembered as a third overall draft pick who managed to average just 3.3 yards per carry. But it’s respectable that he wants to keep trying. When the XFL launches in January, Richardson will probably be lined up at running back for some team, still showing that he’s not going to give up on playing professional football.

17 responses to “Trent Richardson on XFL: I’ll never give up

  1. It’s important to show his kids that pride should never get in the way of embarrassing yourself on a national stage. Too bad he didn’t show this kind of effort when the league still cared about him.

  2. He wasn’t just a major bust once. He busted twice (thanks to Indy wasting yet another first round pick on him). Only Sam Bradford in recent memory has wasted more first round picks for a team.

  3. In order to have a chip on your shoulder, you have to have actual talent that you believe was passed up by many. In this case, it’s a false chip because the talent does not match the ability to be passed up. I respect the fact that you aren’t quitting, it’s just that everyone else has quit on you.

  4. Maybe he should show his kids that he really loves them by trying to find some employment that provides him with a steady paycheck.

  5. Richard Nguyen
    Sam Bradford wasn’t a “bust” Dick.
    He had success and even set some NFL records.
    He just could not stay healthy and somehow managed to get people to keep giving up picks and money for him. Right place right time kind of thing.
    That is NOT the definition of a “bust”

  6. Admirable? This guy is playing football because it’s the only thing he can do. His “dream” is gone. No one dreams of getting drafted 3rd overall to the NFL, fail miserably, and then get beat up in a gimmick league for peanuts. Maybe teach your kids the lesson of knowing when to say when, and go pursue a career you may actually be good at?

  7. Of course I’m rooting for the guy. But a chip on your shoulder ?? Man, you were the THIRD OVERALL PICK. Some of these cliches are just brutal. I feel like they don’t even know wth they mean

  8. @2ruefan

    He was the first overall pick. That pick is supposed to turn franchises around. Instead, he didn’t do anything for the Rams, Eagles, Vikings or Cardinals. He’s a journeyman who can’t even hold down a backup job. That’s the definition of a bust.

    His health issues may not be his “fault”, but a player’s first responsibility is availability. He’s no good to anybody hurt. There’s no justifying wasting a pick on him, nevermind the many wasted picks.

  9. “He wasn’t just a major bust once. He busted twice (thanks to Indy wasting yet another first round pick on him). Only Sam Bradford in recent memory has wasted more first round picks for a team.”


    Ehhh, Richardson wasn’t terrible in Cleveland. Not really good, but not terrible. You wouldn’t his stats great because of his unimpressive YPC average, but he did still manage almost a thousand yards and eleven touchdowns his rookie year. His bust status mostly comes from his inability to stick to a roster. Now, a lot of that was Trent’s inability to play at a high level, but I will say one thing in his defense-Indianopolis did not do him any favors with how poorly their line played and how poorly the team was managed. Of course, Richardson went on to not make it with the Raiders, but I don’t think he deserves blame for Grigson being so stupid as to send CLE a first round pick for him. His YPC fell by a full half yard after going to Indy, and it wasn’t high to begin with.

    In CLE we never really got to see what would have happened. It’s not like CLE was being run by the best and brightest either (and I’m not even talking about Mike Pettine). I really don’t want to make it sound like I’m absolving Richardson or denying that he was a bust. He was/is. But I do wonder if anything would have worked out differently for his talent if he hadn’t been traded to Indy. Would he have ended up being serviceable, as he was his rookie season, perhaps as a tandem back? We’ll never actually know.

  10. Cleveland Browns ruined three consecutive running backs by getting rid of them resulting in them going to teams that had horrid O-lines on top of being stuck in committees. Trent Richardson, Jerome Harrison and Peyton Hillis were unstoppable in Cleveland. There is a reason why their lineman during that era are probably first ballot Hall of Famers.

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