Baker Mayfield wanted “revenge” against Hue Jackson

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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was critical of his former coach, Hue Jackson, for going to the division rival Bengals after getting fired by the Browns. With some time to reflect on that this offseason, Mayfield says he hasn’t changed his opinion.

Mayfield told ESPN that beating the Bengals was a highlight of his rookie season, in part because Jackson was on the opposing sideline.

“I’m not gonna lie to you and say that the first time I played Hue did not feel good. It’s human nature to want to get revenge,” Mayfield said.

In fairness to Jackson, it wasn’t his choice to leave the Browns, and once they fired him, it wasn’t unreasonable for him to look for work elsewhere. But Mayfield called Jackson “fake” at the time and still thinks that.

“I said what I meant,” Mayfield said. “Don’t stand up in front of us the week before and try to tell us you’re doing everything for us, then go take a job with a team we play twice a year. It was one of those honesty and respect things.”

Mayfield is honest about the fact that he doesn’t respect his former coach’s decision to coach against the Browns last year.

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  1. grow up? clueless hue thought keeping baker on the bench helped him. if he would’ve started from the get go, the browns would’ve won the division last year. screw all of the haters. go browns!

  2. Hue has moved on. Baker needs to grow up. Hue tried his best in Cleveland and even though it wasn’t successful he tried. Bakers needs to move on

  3. Those are unrealistic expectations. Baker himself left Texas Tech; a Big 12 school. He was not cut he quit. And chose Oklahoma; another Big 12 school. Jackson was fired, he did not quit and was offered a job to provide for his family. He took it. Nothing fake here. Be careful of throwing stones. You just never know the future

  4. The closer the Browns get to being .500 the much trashier and unlikeable they become.

  5. Yes Hue has a right to take another job and Yes Baker has a right to use it as motivation to destroy the Bengals twice a year. Nothing wrong with any of this. With a record like Hue’s, he should be happy that he went to a division foe. I would have even preferred Hue going to the Steelers or Ravens.

  6. Hue was protecting Baker by sitting him. I am not a Hue Jackson fan and do not necessarily subscribe to his philosophy but it was clearly evident that Hue wanted Baker to be successful long term. Hue had a chance to draft Wentz and passed, he didn’t pass on Baker. I disagree with Hue, he should of passed on Baker.

  7. Mayfield has all the tools to excel as an NFL QB except 1……maturity. He has a crack in the iron by allowing players, coaches, media and social media rattle him. He’ll never be elite until he corrects that about him.

  8. Baker really is coming off as the jerk here- ESPECIALLY in light of the choices HE has made in the past. But as far as him needing to be mature in order to be successful? Nah. Just look at Aaron Rodgers.

  9. This league will humble the best of them…coaches and young QBs alike. It’s just a matter of when. Hue has been around this game longer than Baker has been alive. I tend to trust that over a half season of flash.

  10. Wouldn’t we all like to get revenge as easily as beating a Hue Jackson? He walks in the door and anything resembling victory vanishes into a mist.

  11. The Hue jackson era was a necessary evil much like the Chip Kelly era was necessary in Philly and Fisher for the Rams.

    It is the draft picks and talent accrued from previous seasons which provided the basis for this turn around. If the team had been merely mediocre the last few years, Baker is long gone before your pick. Let alone having 2 1st round picks.

    Dislike the coach but the fact he was so bad at his job allowed the team to stockpile cheap quality talent that is allowing you to be successful today.

  12. Everyone is talking about how good the Browns are going to be. Have they improved? Yes, on paper. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them miss the playoffs.

  13. So how man fans coming to Hue’s defense want him as their coach – and how many fans trashing Mayfield would luv to him as their QB? Uh-huh, thought so.

  14. MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW: 12/15 – CBS – 4:00 PM Kick-Off – Browns vs. Cardinals

    I was not a Baker fan especially when he got tossed in College by that cop. Everything he did after that I became a fan (even planting the flag at the Horseshoe, even though it is a turf field….) His entire life he has been passed up for others, Davis Webb passed him on Texas Tech’s depth chart and Baker transferred (story is longer). Time to let the haters know. Keep that chip on your shoulder, except for Week 3 against the Rams.

  15. Baker still doesn’t get it. What a petulant little punk. Hue was FIRED, Baker. At that point his loyalty belonged to WHOEVER would hire him.

    This kid is setting back COMMON SENSE by centuries.

  16. Glad this guy is not the QB of my team. He talks too much. Lot of “ME” players in Cleveland. IMO, not a recipe for a successful season.

  17. The problem stems from Hue Jackson announcing Tyrod Taylor was going to be the starter and would not even allow Baker to compete for the starting job. If Tyrod had not been hurt and Hue Jacson remained as coach, Baker Mayfield would have been more then likely to have worn a visor and carried a clipboard all season. That’s not in his DNA. He is a competitor. He wants to compete. And Hue Jackson was denying him any chance. I don’t blame Baker Mayfield one bit. Hue Jackson would have had a bullhorn on the Titanic screaming “this is just a minor setback … nothing to see here …. we’ll be on our way soon”.

  18. People do realize that Hue basically went reverse Babe Ruth and called his shot ”Wow, if I go 1-16 again, I will go jump into Lake Erie”… to follow the feeling up of 1-16 with an 0-16 will probably never be achieved again. Then he follows that up with another stint in Cincy to assist the defense. That defense that went from middle of the pack to dead last in the league giving up 413 yards per game. Then he doubles down and proclaims he did his best coaching when in Cleveland. The saddest part of all this is technically he is correct.

  19. So what if unemployment severely affects Hue’s family? He should definitely not take a paying job without consulting Baker’s feelings first.

  20. So loyalty only applies to coaches???? Tell us again about your college career and the different schools you went to?

  21. I love watching Baker play, but he’s off is rocker here.

    Hue was your boss. Hue is supposed to talk about “we” as long as he is your boss. Hue was fired. Hue got another job.

    He didn’t do any of those things for Baker Mayfield. He did all of those things for Hue Jackson. It’s a business, Baker, and your feelings don’t matter to anyone but you.

  22. Mayfield really isn’t looking good here. In a few years he’s going to feel like a fool over this.

  23. Good for Baker show some fire against your former head coach. Wonder if Hue hugged Baker constantly like he did RG me? What a waste of a coach. He held two phony QB competitions. That should have gotten him fired there. It got so bad that RG me’s throws in 3 man drills were raved about.

  24. Bakers a child. Words and attitude from someone who needs to mature a lot. Move on bro. You’re a good football player but bad sportsman.

  25. On one hand I respect that Baker is true to his word at all times. On the other he has no media savvy. Hes going to be a constant distraction to his team with a side story going on at all times due to something he said.

    I also think it’s not very intelligent to hold it against Hue that he was fired and he took another job. He has a right to be employed. It also makes a ton of sense to go to a team where you get to play against your old team. So many players have that as a goal when they are cut. Favre played in Minn for that exact reason. I think Baker would likely do the same.

  26. People who react to this…fine. But remember a couple of things. Hue Jackson ruined that team. It is perfectly natural to want to beat the guy. Pretty sure every Browns fan (of which I am one) wants to do that (I do know what went around with Big Art in 1995…). Second, every time someone wins a SB or a big game, and they play against each other next season, nearly EVERYONE calls it a revenge game – and we don’t seem to care then.

    And anyone who thinks he needs to “grow up” PUHLEEEZZ. If you don’t want a competitor on your team, that’s your business. I would like his fire if he played on ANY team. I am tired of the vanilla (an obviously in some minds more mature) responses like “I am just happy to be here and I am going to do my best blah blah blah). You might find it classy and mature. I find it to lack fire.

  27. killerquails says:
    July 17, 2019 at 8:41 am

    Jackson was fired, he did not quit and was offered a job to provide for his family. He took it.

    Jackson was/is still being paid by the Browns- HC’s get their contract money. Hardly “providing” for his family angle.

    It’s an immature comment, but If I was a Browns fan that’s exactly the winning/chip on shoulder attitude I would want from my QB- it’s been a long time for Browns fans, and it is undeniable that Baker was the reason for the Brown’s turnaround.

    Go look at when Mayfield came in after Taylor was injured in the Jets game- he showed veteran composure and offensive knowledge better than any of the young QB’s, and is reading defenses better than any of the young QB’s- including Mahomes.

  28. Baker Mayfield wanted revenge on Hue for what? Not startinghim right away? So far Baker had ad losing record against teams with winning records. Must of his wins are against losing teams. The Browns are the off-season champs. Let’s see how they fare during the season.

  29. Browns fan here. I totally get why Baker and the rest of the team is/was salty at Hue. Think about it, he was working with these guys every day talking about beating every team in AFCN, saying all the rah-rah stuff. Preaching family and brotherhood etc.. Then the guy turns around and leaves you for your hated enemy. And everyone should be cool with that? There is a reason no other coach in the history of the NFL has ever done that. Its because its shady. Think about the coaching staff he put together. Those guys jobs were on the line and Hue is in Cinci sharing trade secrets. In the business world there are NON-Competes for a reason. Hue wasnt starving, he wasnt in danger of being evicted. He coulda waited for something else.

  30. IF you read the article, you’ll note that Jackson, an offensive coach, was hired as a DEFENSIVE consultant, meaning he would be sharing the Brown’s offensive scheme with the Bengals Defense. I think that was what pissed off the team. (Note that Joel Bitonio also said, that Jackson had “gone back to the enemy.” And it was Randall who handed the ball to Jackson after the interception. Others on the team were not happy.)
    Is Baker an excitable boy? Yes. Even he admits it. But he’s a football player born and raised. That kind of ethos; loyalty, teamwork, family, etc. is built in. It’s not surprising or unique to him.
    Read the article that’s linked in red. It’s not bad and will put a lot of things in context.

  31. When and if the day eventually comes that the Browns choose to part ways with Mayfield, is it unreasonable to think that he would take a job with the Bengals if it was the best opportunity offered to him? I don’t think so. His thought process will change when he is placed in that position.

  32. bengalguy says:
    July 17, 2019 at 9:55 am
    He’s 24. So yeah.

  33. As a Browns fan, I’m loving all the jealousy and hate that everyone is showing Baker. If you were a Browns fan or watched Hard Knocks, you would understand why everyone associated with the organization hated and still hates Hue. Dude is a complete tool. As for Bakers maturity, it’ll come around eventually but right now I’m loving the fire he shows. Keep hating haters and GO BROWNS!!

    Thanks in advance for all the thumbs downs 🙂

  34. There was a song in the early sixties(yes,I am old)by Jimmy Jones called “You talk to much”,and his follow up song was,”You ought to keep your big mouth shut.” Baker is an incredible talent,but I think his ultimate demise will be the tittles of those two songs!!

  35. Baker’s gonna REALLY be burned when a teammate gets cut and ends up with a division rival.
    Oh, and does it matter to Baker that Jackson had a relationship with Cincinnati going back to when Baker was still in high school? Why can’t Mayfield understand that grown men take jobs with whoever will hire them?

  36. cottonjoe66 says:
    July 17, 2019 at 9:46 am
    What a prima-donna.
    Um, this term is thrown around so much its losing its meaning. Yes, Baker is the QB and leader of the team , therefore he is the most important person on the team. So if you are saying it is inaccurate for him to view himself as the most important person, then you are wrong buddy boy.

  37. Baker needs to find a good pacifier. Will help him to keep his mouth shut. As Abraham Lincoln once said “it is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you a fool, that to open your mouth and and remove all doubt”. Talented, talented player, but a jerk otherwise.

  38. If you’re the right player, that kind of talk would effectively get you ‘blackballed’ from the game. After all, if he feels that way about Jackson, why wouldn’t he feel that way about every former coach during his career?

  39. Baker seems to act like Rapinoe. Has the world by the balls, can say and do thing to bring people together, but wants to act like its constantly him against someone who has wronged him. Be it Ehlinger this week or Hue, or keep on going. I guess negativity and drama drives him. Free country and all.

  40. cfrye9 says:
    July 17, 2019 at 10:02 am
    Browns fan here. I totally get why Baker and the rest of the team is/was salty at Hue. Think about it, he was working with these guys every day talking about beating every team in AFCN, saying all the rah-rah stuff. Preaching family and brotherhood etc.. Then the guy turns around and leaves you for your hated enemy. And everyone should be cool with that? There is a reason no other coach in the history of the NFL has ever done that.


    Right, except when Rex Ryan was fired by the Jets and then took the head coach job with the Bills. Or the other 1,000s of times a coach, asst coach, or player has been cut or fired or left in free agency for a division rival.

    He was fired. It baffles me some of you guys don’t get that aspect of the situation.

  41. Grow up kid. His attitude + Odells attitude is going to do wonders in Cleveland this year. Look forward to the wrestling matches that are gonna take place on the sidelines next season.

  42. Mayfield is sounding like an idiot. Jackson was fired, he didn’t quit. He twisted the halfbacks position around as well. Future politician?

  43. bigbenisabigbaby says: “Um, this term is thrown around so much its losing its meaning. Yes, Baker is the QB and leader of the team , therefore he is the most important person on the team. So if you are saying it is inaccurate for him to view himself as the most important person, then you are wrong buddy boy.”

    Being a leader is completely different than just being a arrogant diva.

    Example: Tom Brady congratulated Brian Flores after he joined the division rivals Dolphins. Bill Belichick praised Flores as well, saying “He’s a tremendous person and a tremendous guy.” This is LEADERSHIP, not the junk Mayfield peddles.

  44. What does Mayfield want Hue Jackson to do? Starve? I really like Baker Mayfield but this is a bit ridiculous and he should do his talking on the field from now on and prove something in this league before continually running his mouth.

    That said I am very much looking forward to watching the Browns going to Arizona to play Kingsbury, Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals. That game is going to have fireworks galore between these two offenses and could be a game with a lot on the line for both teams in they are tight divisional or wild card rankings. That game will definitely end up flexed into prime time being it is a battle between last years #1 and this years #1 overall draft picks who are former teammates along w/ Wilks and Kitchens coming back to town along w/ Kingsbury’s past w/ Mayfield. Lots of storylines in that game and it will be a good one.

  45. I’m no fan of Hue but he had every right to find a new job. He just happened to have history with Marvin and Cincy. Baker has a bright future. He should stop being so petty.

  46. Too bad he wasn’t motivated to beat the Ravens in week 17. I guess they weren’t fake enough.

  47. Although I am a fan of another team I had been rooting for the Browns until I saw how immature Mayfeild is. Only the Browns fans will root for a jerk.

  48. Talk about clueless. Didn’t Hue Jackson lose his sister, his mother and his job all in the span of a few months? The guy was fired, and offered a job from a division rival. I get it, none of us like to see players or coaches go to a division rival, but cut the guy some slack. It’s not like NFL jobs grow on trees and given all he had been through, probably wanted to work and take his mind off of all the turmoil in his personal life.

    Mayfield’s talented, I’ll give him that. But he comes across as just so pompous and full of himself. God forbid he puts himself in someone else’s shoes before he opens his mouth.

  49. This is bogus.He’s mad because Jackson made him look bad on Hard Knocks for coming in after Tyrod Taylor. Ripping on Jackson all the time isn’t going to endear him to the brothers on the team and league. This won’t be the last time his mouth gets him in trouble.

  50. If the Browns cut Baker and the Bengals or the Steelers or the Ravens wanted to sign him. He would sign in an interest. Loyalty to the team ends when they fire you. Mayfield is a very good QB, but before it’s all said and done, he may end up being his own worst enemy.

  51. Dude needs to grow up. When someone gets fired, they owe ZERO allegiance to their former team. If Mayfield flames out like so many of his predecessors in Cleveland, does he expect to redline other teams in the AFC North?

    And stop pretending “respect” and “honor” have anything to do with getting yourself psyched up for an upcoming game with an intra-division rival. If you have to fabricate a controversy to gin up some anger at the other team, you probably don’t really have your heart in it.

  52. So he wanted revenge on a guy for taking another job because he wanted to provide for his family. Let’s see if things don’t ever work out in Cleveland for Baker, if he ends up taking another job with another team that happens to play Cleveland on their schedule.

  53. Browns fans are misguided. I get that going to your main rival is bad, but he was FIRED. Therefore, he owes you, the organization, or Baker no more loyalty. Neutral fans would be on your side or have a little bit of sympathy if Hue left on his own to the Bengals, but not in this instance.

    Do fans have this unrealistic expectation that players, coaches, or execs can never go to rivals in perpetuity???

  54. Used to love watching Mayfield in college and was rooting for him.. The more he talks now, the more I root against him

  55. Baker was a walk on at TT and transferred when it became obvious that he wouldn’t be given a scholarship. Davis Webb had surpassed him on the depth chart and Patrick Mahomes was also in the mix. These athletes that have dreams of success in professional sports have only so many years to prove their worth to the league. Therefor I will never hold a transfer against any athlete that makes a move that they feel improves their chances on the professional level. I believe that more of Baker’s anger towards Hue comes from his former coach’s decision to remove Baker from competing for the starting QB position before he ever got started. That isn’t going to sit well with any player that’s not sitting behind an iconic player. Tyrod Taylor is not an iconic player. As a Browns fan, I didn’t hold Hue’s move to the Bengals against him at all. Good riddance was my feeling on it, but that was obviously a final blow to a relationship that I doubt ever had long term potential. Mayfield is open and honest about how he feels. That makes him a great interviewee and at times, a lightning rod for those who appose him. Call him childish if you wish, but there is nothing but glowing reviews from teammates past and present regarding their history with him. Like all of us, he may say something that he shouldn’t (Duke Johnson comments) from time to time, but his teammates seem to understand and appreciate where his heart and fire comes from. Bottom line, he comes off as a guy that would fight to the death for his teammates and his desire to win. After watching the likes of Tim Couch, Jeff Garcia, Johnny “football” and all of the other train wrecks that have taken snaps for my favorite team, I see Baker Mayfield as a gift from the football gods.

  56. Memo to Baker; the guy was fired and took a job elsewhere. It happens. Are you saying that if the Browns cut you that you wouldn’t sign with a divisional opponent if that was where you wanted to go? The more I think about it, the more I can see the Browns being this year’s hot mess team.

  57. Baker still doesn’t get it… this isn’t college sonny boy this is pro football it’s a job people come and go get over it punk

  58. Mayfield is a punk. We all saw that when he was in college. He’s another Johnny Manziel in some ways.
    I have felt sorry for the Browns for a long time, but no more. With the head cases they’ve brought in and Mayfield as their QB, they can’t lose enough games for me.

  59. Usually I say 5-11 but reading this 3-13. Just another in a long line of QB’s for the Browns. HEAD CASE

  60. Says the guy who quit one program in the Big 12 Conference to transfer to another school also in the Big 12 Conference. And of course he put the blame on the first school for his leaving saying they were “unfair” to him. Just like Hue was unfair to him. Just like at some point Coach Kitchens will undoubtedly be unfair to him. Have fun with that.

  61. Hue badmouthed the roster and blamed everyone else for his shortcomings after he got canned. And those players are supposed to be cool with a guy who was their coach 2 weeks prior sitting on TV shows talking bad about them? Good on Mayfield, Njoku, Randall and all the others who called it like it was.

  62. I’m a Baker fan and even I think this revenge stuff makes little sense. If you want to be ticked because you think he held you back and never gave you a chance to compete in camp, that’s understandable. But to hold a grudge towards someone because they sought employment when they were out of a job, is a bit ridculous. If you wanted to ticked at someone, be upset with Haslam. He hired the dolt against the recommendations of his front office and then forced him on John Dorsey. Geesh….just move on.

  63. I used to like Mayfield’s edge and competitiveness. But the more he talks the more I realize, he’s really kind of stupid. Oh well, he is what he is.

  64. He got fired. So he wouldn’t have been a trader if he remained unemployed? If that is going to get you upset, well let’s see what a future with OBJ holds for you.

  65. I know Browns fans have been waiting for a winner for a long time but I so hope this guy gets his head handed to him this year

  66. Revenge for what? Wasn’t Hue the one fired by the Browns? Some QB’s are idiots. Hue took a job with his good friend Marvin Lewis, something all coaches do. It’s called “finding a new job”.

  67. Baker is the realest guy in the room. Want generic athlete speak PR approved? gtfoh

  68. I don’t have a problem with Baker’s personality as long as he backs it up on the field.

  69. Like rooting for the underdog browns. Getting tough to root for this guy

  70. I think it’s good for the sport to have the tension and drama. It’s why we tune in.

    Years later in retirement Hue and Baker will look back fondly at their sparring match together, as will us fans.

  71. This dude can’t keep his ignorant mouth shut
    The way he talks and the way he acts he will be a journeyman in the next 4 years

  72. Most of the people posting here, probably don’t remember Jim McMahon.

    But this Baker boy, kind of reminds me of him.

  73. I am sorry, Hue still made 4.5 million from the Browns last year and the Bengals paid him a prorated amount of 250k…if you think he took the job cause he needed it, your stupid…he did it for revenge and sharing info…but Mayfield is the bad apple…whatever..

  74. I do not know if the locker room is big enough for this kid and Beckham
    Also I saw him trashing Giant fans
    Kid as a season ticket holder what I pay a year I could have a whole row at your games

  75. How Hue has any job is beyond me. He’s a hack. He couldn’t be a barista at my local starbucks. Good luck Cincinnati.

  76. And when he gets cut from the browns, I am sure he wont take a job in the division… even if thats the only job available to him.

  77. Tone it down a bit Baker until you beat PGH at least once this season, and put all that energy and motivation on the field. You’ve got an exciting and young defense to work with and you guys remind me of my own favorite team seven years back. Dorsey is quietly building a monster.

  78. I love Mayfield’s passion but sometimes he crosses the line. His mouth is going to continue to get him into trouble that his arm won’t be able to get him out of until he figures out how to activate his brain-to-mouth filter.

  79. Mayfield is honest about the fact that he doesn’t respect his former coach’s decision to coach against the Browns last year.

    In Hue Jackson’s defense, he didn’t actually “coach” against them.

    He cashed a check against them but he didn’t coach.

  80. Mayfield is not being 100% honest. He’s using going to the Bengals as an excuse. He doesn’t like Hue Jackson because the man is a clown, who couldn’t tell that Mayfield was the far superior QB on the roster from the day he set foot on the field.

  81. FYI, Myles Garret is the leader of that team. The difference is in maturity between Myles and Baker is light years apart.

  82. If you are fine with Baker giving this much crap, then you can’t be angry at Odell Beckham for saying the same things.

  83. Baker you beat the Jeff Driscoll lead Bengals, no Dalton, no AJ Green, half the team on IR and this makes you feel good? Seriously?

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