Broncos report for camp today, likely without Drew Lock

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Football is back. Kind of. Sort of. Not really.

The Denver Broncos report today for physicals and, later in the day, an initial meeting with new head coach Vic Fangio. As participants in the annual Hall of Fame game, the Broncos (along with the Falcons) are eligible to start early.

Starting late for Denver may be rookie quarterback Drew Lock. The second-round pick is unsigned; according to Mike Klis of, Lock is holding out for a quarterback premium.

Lock is represented by CAA, which isn’t bashful about driving a hard bargain for rookie draft picks.

There’s no “quarterback premium” in the labor deal or the rules that otherwise determine the rookie wage scale. But that doesn’t stop Lock’s agents from trying to get one — and it doesn’t stop the Broncos from paying one, if they want to have Lock in the fold from Day One, hopeful that he’ll be ready to play if/when he’s needed.

20 responses to “Broncos report for camp today, likely without Drew Lock

  1. Bad decision by this young man, you are getting an opportunity of a lifetime to compete for a starting QB position in the NFL! This is a bad look right from the start, whoever is advising you is attempting to increase their own interests. You should be the first player in that darn building, ready to ball!

  2. Unless you plan on being a bust QB, you make a lot of money being a long term starter or backup.
    The best way to be an eventual starter or backup is report to camp and improve.

  3. CAA is notoriously difficult to deal with. So many of their rookies don’t sign until late in the preseason or even holdout altogether. For a rookie QB it is especially necessary to get in as many training camp snaps as possible.

  4. We all know that teams over-draft quarterbacks, hoping / praying that they pan out. That means players like Drew Lock will already get a “quarterback premium” based on the salary attached to their elevated draft slots.

  5. “Paging Brett Rypien…paging Brett Rypien…courtesy call from John Elway letting you know that your place on the 53 in August is set unless you PLynch it.” What an idiot for holding out. Let the undrafted guy get all your reps the first week.

  6. Lock has more potential to end up another failed, obscure draft pick than an NFL starter if he stays out of camp and misses all the development that comes with it.

  7. Mechanics and footwork are his problem. He needs as many preseason snaps as he can get to fix them. Madden snaps don’t count.

  8. Drew, come on man. I hear them saying that Flacco is the “undisputed starter”, but so was Tyrod Taylor for the Browns last year and Baker took over and ran with the job. Which mentality do you want to have? The guy who snatches the starting job and never looks back, or the guy drawing a hard line in the sand with ZERO LEVERAGE YOU IDIOT!!!

    …sorry, that last part just kinda slipped out.

  9. Nothing screams “LEADERSHIP” more than getting a job and taking the first couple of weeks off. A voluntary indefinite leave of absence.

  10. How much can he be talking about The 1st pick in the 2nd round signed for less than $8 million over 4 years. Lock, who was the 10th pick in the 2nd round is projected to get $7 million.

  11. When Lock got drafted he said he wanted to be a team player/leader.
    Well, that turned out to be a lie. He needs to get there and start learning to play QB.

  12. With the rookie wage scale can they give him a “QB premium”? I thought the overall deals were set by the CBA and you can only negotiate offsets and the payment schedule for the signing bonus.

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