Drew Lock’s “quarterback premium” isn’t more money, but more guaranteed money

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Broncos quarterback Drew Lock, the 42nd overall pick in the draft, has yet to sign a rookie deal. He’s reportedly seeking a “quarterback premium.”

That term is confusing, because the dollar value of his deal is set. There’s no “premium” to be had because the specific payment to the 42nd player selected in the 2019 draft already has been determined.

So what is Lock looking for? Per a league source, Lock wants more guaranteed money than his slot would otherwise receive. Based on the players taken around him, Lock should have fully-guaranteed salaries for 2019 and 2020. Lock, per a league source, wants guaranteed money into the third year of the contract.

It’s unclear whether Lock’s agents want the full amount of the third-year salary to be guaranteed or just part of it.

Whether the Broncos blink on this one remains to be seen. G.M. John Elway has a history of driving a hard bargain. Again, however, it’s not about total dollars but guaranteed dollars. And if Lock isn’t good enough to keep around after only two seasons, whether Lock has guaranteed money in 2021 will be the least of Elway’s problems.

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  1. Thanks for clarifying this, was wondering what this was about. I wonder if this is more player or agent driven. Seems like he’d be better off getting into camp and getting reps in the offense if he wants to have a shot at starting this year.

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