John Elway on Drew Lock: “We’ll see” if he’s signed by first camp practice

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The Broncos reported for training camp on Wednesday, but one of their second-round picks isn’t among the players who checked into the team’s facility.

Quarterback Drew Lock and the team have not been able to come to agreement on a contract yet as Lock is reportedly looking for a “quarterback premium” over what the No. 42 overall pick would be slotted to receive. That was causing some issues with the deal for No. 41 overall pick Dalton Risner, but the Broncos got the rookie guard under contract on Tuesday.

The team will hold its first practice of camp on Thursday and Broncos General Manager John Elway said at a Wednesday press conference that “we’ll see” if a deal would get done before that session gets underway. Elway was also asked if he was surprised by how things have played out with Lock.

“Nothing surprises me anymore,” Elway said.

Lock is the only Broncos draft pick and one of nine 2019 picks across the league without a contract.

10 responses to “John Elway on Drew Lock: “We’ll see” if he’s signed by first camp practice

  1. So someone who was about a 60 pick, was picked at 42 because of the position they play. Now they want money like they were picked earlier than 42 because of the position they play.
    You ARE getting the premium pay by being selected way earlier than you would have been if you played any other position!

  2. What am I missing? I thought the money was pre determined for each slot. Is it something else he’s trying to negotiate, like a higher than normal guarantee or offset protection?

  3. What kind of stance is this? ‘Well some mocks had me going to you guys at 10 so maybe like…I could get THAT money?’ If he pans out it could actually work in his favor long term because of the lack of a fifth year option.

  4. If Drew Lock doesn’t believe he has true franchise QB level talent…he’d be wise to get as much money as he can right now, which seems to be what he is trying to do.

  5. Sounds like a diva in the making. Hold your ground John, or all you do is enable him.

  6. A QB premium? Wow!!! Really shows where Lock priorities are, this is a kid who came into the draft with all sorts of flaws which is why he fell to the 2nd round and he has the gull to ask for a premium before ever proving a thing? This kid has all the making if Elways highly drafted QB Draft bust, though at least this one wasn’t drafted in the first round and they wont be paying him $20M a year like they did w/ Case freaking Keenum.

  7. I think he saw Vonn Miller in person and was like “i’m not safe playing qb” and wants to ensure he gets his money before he gets alex smithed

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