John Elway: “We finally feel pretty good” about quarterback position

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Since the Broncos won Super Bowl 50 and quarterback Peyton Manning limped off into the sunset, Denver has had a tough time finding a good quarterback. G.M. John Elway acknowledged that on Wednesday.

“It’s a hard position to fill,” Elway told reporters, via comments distributed by the team. “We tried to shake all these trees around here the last four years and quarterbacks didn’t fall out of it. It’s difficult, but we’ve taken a lot shots. We’ve tried a lot of different situations, and I’ve felt like that was the way to go until we got it solidified. Hopefully with Joe [Flacco] this year, we’ve got it solidified with Drew [Lock] learning underneath him. It’s been a battle, but this league is a battle. It’s a tough situation, especially at that position. We’re excited or at least I’m excited about where we are at that position now.”

Elway also reiterated something he first said earlier this year about the current state of Flacco’s career.

“We just felt that with Joe coming in, getting him in a trade, and where he is in his career, we feel like he’s in his prime,” Elway said. “At least we hope he is. To have a young guy like Drew learn under him and be able to kind of solidify that position for a while — obviously we’ve been looking for one since Peyton [Manning] retired. That’s always a difficult position to fill, but we finally feel pretty good about that position and where we are.”

It’s clear, if it wasn’t already, that Flacco is the guy.

“I think that what Joe proved and showed everybody on our football team was that he can be that guy,” Elway said. “Our team has really responded to him well, and I think Joe’s ready to take that spot over. He’s going to make our defense better, and what’s going to make our defense better is that we’re going to play better on the offensive side, which is the goal, because we’ve struggled there the last couple years. If we play as well as we think we can on the offensive side, it’ll make us that much better on defense.”

Elway also thinks that Flacco’s return to a familiar system coupled with the fact that the Ravens gave up on him will provide motivation.

“Joe’s best years were in that system,” Elway said. “Combining all that with Joe — anytime you get traded midway in your career or two-thirds of the way through your career, you’ve got something to prove.”

Flacco has something to prove. And the Broncos have plenty to prove, in a division where it won’t be easy to prove much of anything. For the first time since the early ’70s, the Broncos have had back to back losing seasons. Elway is counting on Flacco to keep that streak from running to three.

20 responses to “John Elway: “We finally feel pretty good” about quarterback position

  1. charliecharger says:
    July 17, 2019 at 8:45 pm
    Perhaps John has given up trying to compete. Sounds like he’s content
    You should respect Elway more. He didn’t get special rules made just for him. He played in an era when qbs were allowed to get hit and receivers could get mugged downfield. I know your boy Brady would struggle under those conditions but move on.

  2. The broncos are dilusional at the position. The only way they are any good at the position is if Lock ends up being a player. Flacco is not much better than Keesum if at all. They keep thinking they are ready to compete and win. They are not. They have a first year HC, first year OC, 1st year in the system QB who is the worst QB in the division. They need to wake up and realize that they need to re build. This talk of competing and even going 8-8 needs to stop. Re build around Lock if he is the guy, take your lumps and maybe you will be good in 2 years. They are just spinning their wheels until they wake up and realize this.

  3. Joe was great for a brief moment. Then his o-line went to crap, he lost Boldin, he lost reliable tight ends, he lost a dynamic runningback who could also catch, and he lost a knee. Whichever combo, joe hasn’t been that same guy since super bowl sunday, we saw a flash with kubiak in 2014… but that guy is gone.
    A shame, that man could stand in, take a brutal hit and throw a ball

  4. You know he wishes he did something last year. Chubb is a good player but he isn’t a young franchise qb. Thinking he wishes he took Allen

  5. Well last time you “got your guy.” What happened there Elway? Ah yes, pretty much what 99 percent of anyone with player knowledge knew you what you didn’t apparently.

  6. And whose fault would that be, that the Broncos haven’t had a QB since Peyton?

    Ah, duh, that would be John Elway’s fault. He wouldn’t pay the going rate for a QB, and the team suffered for it.

  7. Elway, you should feel good since your starter is 35, your back up was picked at 42 and you are #3. Your Broncos are finishing last in the AFC West unless Cleveland “Bay Area” totally collapses.

  8. This reminds me of a time about 15 years ago when the Chiefs signed 3 retread offensive tackles and said they “Fixed” the position, and gave up more sacks than ever the following season.

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