Tony Romo: Jason Witten will pick up right where he left off

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Jason Witten, 37, has not played since Jan. 28, 2018, if the Pro Bowl counts as a game. His final regular-season game came on Dec. 31, 2017.

CBS analyst Tony Romo doesn’t expect the layoff to affect the 11-time Pro Bowler. Romo expects to see the same player who was his favorite target with the Cowboys.

“He’ll pick up right where he left off,” Romo said Wednesday on 105.3 The Fan, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “I don’t think it’s a big challenge for Jason. The reality of it is as long as, if you know the game the way he does, there are certain positions — he plays one of them at tight end — he’s always going to have the nuance to get open. Let’s say he runs the exact same he always did, to me, it’s just that at that position, your ability to use leverage against somebody, make you think this and then do that. It’s like the back pick in basketball. Just all of a sudden, it gets you and you don’t even know it was coming and that guy is wide open. He’s very intelligent with the game of football. I thin he’s going to pick up right from when he retired. I think you’re going to see the same guy.”

In 2017, Witten played 98.4 percent of the offensive snaps and ranked second to Dez Bryant in targets with 87, catches with 63 and receiving touchdowns with five.

He retired to go into the broadcast booth before deciding to unretire this offseason.

Witten returns as the Cowboys’ all-time leader in games played, receptions and receiving yards.

24 responses to “Tony Romo: Jason Witten will pick up right where he left off

  1. And still gets open at will. Linebackers can’t cover him. He is open every single pass play, dead center in the middle of the field, 6-10 yards deep.

  2. As an Eagle fan I hope he doesnt, but on the other hand I hope he does. Like Dallas or hate them Witten was a class act and one of the best TEs. To tarnish that to come back after taking a yr off at his age is foolish.

  3. providing he makes the final roster, never underestimate wisdom and experience

  4. Lol he’s slow and the only reason he was open is because nobody fears him anymore he’s done Should of kept it hung up just chasing a pay check at this point

  5. “Romo expects to see the same player who was his favorite target with the Cowboys.”

    “He’ll pick up right where he left off”

    So Witten will be old and slow, got it, thanks Tony!!

  6. Yeah…trying to pick up those cinderblock feet of his. Slow as molasses on a 20 degree day.

  7. He’s right in the sense that Witten can run that Y-option route with success until his hair falls out (too late) but what made it work with Romo is the recognition of the break before it happened. Dak takes longer to process, longer to get out of his break, and longer to deliver the football. Witten is still better than any TE Dallas had on the roster last year so I am all for the signing but to expect Witten to be anything more than an occasional 3rd down option is wishful thinking.

  8. seanhawk80 says:
    July 17, 2019 at 7:02 pm
    Where’s that, washed up with a QB that will never win a ring? Sounds about right.

    Tony Romo has earned the fact people value his opinion due to what he has accomplished-especially when commenting on a close friend. He knows, we know, everyone knows he won’t win a SB but neither did you.

  9. These comments about “old and slow” are hilarious. Jason Witten is top 3 TEs to EVER play the game. He is your all around player. Catches, blocks, leadership , intelligent , durable, hard to tackle. NO TE has all these traits playing today. Maybe a couple but not all. All he needs is just enough speed which he has. He constantly burns defenders on the Y option. He will make that clutch catch when you need it. If Dallas doesn’t scare you, you flat out know nothing about Football. This team is loaded!

  10. dallashomer says:
    And add a Lombardi trophy to his résumé

    I don’t think a contender will be trading for him, so he has no shot.

  11. xlivsaints says:

    …as the slowest man in NFL history!
    I guess you don’t have to be fast to be a 1st ballot Hall of Famer after all…who dat!!!

  12. seanhawk80 says:

    Where’s that, washed up with a QB that will never win a ring? Sounds about right.
    That same quarterback beat your clown team last year in the playoffs…how quickly you forget.

  13. magnumpimustache says:

    Only person more over rated is Troy Aikman.

    Witten falls down at first contact. Hence his so low YAC numbers and overall yards per catch.
    It’s funny that the 2 players you mentioned are and will be 1st ballot Hall of Famers, i didn’t know the Hall inducted players who were overrated….hmmm!

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