Free agent Corey Liuget makes a big donation

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Former Chargers defensive lineman Corey Liuget is one of our top-ranked available free agents. A recent donation he made suggests that Liuget isn’t desperate to sign a big contract.

Liuget has announced a $250,000 donation to Illinois, his alma mater, which suggests that he’s not hurting for money. The donation will go toward a players’ lounge in the football facility.

“The University of Illinois shaped me to be a hard worker and showed me how important it is to stay on track and to achieve your goals,” Liuget said. “I wanted to make this gift and put my name on the Players’ Lounge because I want recruits to see that we have football traditions, players in the NFL, first-round picks. Illinois can make you whatever you want to be.”

If Liuget can afford to give away $250,000 while he’s not under contract, that would indicate he has managed his money well and isn’t in any hurry to get with a new team. Liuget hasn’t said anything publicly about his plans for the 2019 season, but he may be biding his time and waiting for the right opportunity with the right team, rather than jumping at the first contract with guaranteed money he can get.

The 29-year-old Liuget is coming off an injury-shortened 2018 season, but when healthy he was a consistent starter for the Chargers. Liuget is the No. 44 player in our Free Agent Top 100, and one of only four players in the Top 100 still available.

4 responses to “Free agent Corey Liuget makes a big donation

  1. good job Corey, i wish more NFL players would do stuff like this instead of blowing their cash on booze, drugs, weapons etc.

  2. yourmomapproves I disagree.
    As a person who works at a top 15 U.S. university, I can tell you with 100% certainty that the ONLY reason schools are interested in “shaping” players is so that they will become rich and donate back to the school that has “invested” (via scholarship and other benefits) in him. Why do you think schools pester alumni for donations?

  3. These schools profit MILLIONS off their sports programs then still beg alums for money. Glad Liuget is willing to donate some of his money but there are a 1000’s of better causes to donate $250k to than a college that can pay for their own players lounge with all the money they bring in exploiting players like Liuget during their careers at the school.

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