Lions expected to meet with agent for Darius Slay, Damon Harrison this week

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Agent Drew Rosenhaus was in Atlanta on Wednesday and his visit ended with a contract extension for linebacker Deion Jones.

Rosenhaus is now set to move on to Detroit for discussions about two other clients. Cornerback Darius Slay and defensive tackle Damon Harrison both skipped voluntary and mandatory work during the offseason program as they look for new deals with the team.

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reports that Rosenhaus will meet with the Lions this week about both players. Slay said in June that “time will tell” if he will report to training camp without a new deal while Harrison has not sent any signals about his plans. Lions veterans are due to report to camp on July 24.

Both players have two years left on their current contracts and that’s earlier than teams generally like to entertain thoughts of redoing deals. Slay and Harrison may be banking on their importance to the team’s defense leading to a different outcome and this week’s meeting should shed more light on how things will play out.

9 responses to “Lions expected to meet with agent for Darius Slay, Damon Harrison this week

  1. I really don’t understand this new concept of doing re dos on contracts with 2 years remaining on existing contract. I understand that everyone wants more money, who doesn’t , but why sign a contract in the first place if honoring it is problematic. Just do one year deals based upon performance.

  2. Tomfrontera8393…Agents hate that idea. They want to able to parade those big contract figures out there. And of course more years means more money in the agents pockets

  3. When the agent shows up hand him a copy of the fines each have already incurred and what they will be getting starting next week. If either only wanted a two year deal then that’s what they should have signed.

  4. I’m not necessarily a fan of the rookie wage scale and can understand why someone under the rookie deal wants a new deal 2 years early. But both of these clowns are past their rookie deals and negotiated for and signed the deal they have today. Take some accountability and live up to the contract you signed.

  5. scoops1 says:
    July 18, 2019 at 10:43 am

    Snacks knows his worth….and it isn’t much


    Ha – he single handedly halved the rushing offense against the Lions when he was on the field, and he was on the field a lot. I’m pretty sure that might come up in these negotiations.

    There’s a reason Madden has him rated so high. He isn’t a pass rusher, and he isn’t asked to be. However, he’s still an elite run stopper.

  6. Slay is super overrated and a huge waste of money if they give that guy money.

    Snacks is slowing down, but can still help a bit. Regardless, our team is at least three years from competing again especially with the division belonging to the Bears and maybe fighting the Vikings and Packers for the next five years.

  7. I agree golions1, the Bears are the clear division leaders and will be for the next few years, but don’t you think we can compete for at least 3rd place this year. We typically always are either in 3rd or 4th place for the past 60 years so I guess I answered my own question.

  8. Snacks is worth it! Look at the huge difference in our defense against the run once he joined the team.

    I also think a motivated Big Play Slay can be a big positive for a secondary which needs the help.

    With the fall of the Packers and Vikings, it’s our opportunity. The Bears should dominate the next couple of seasons, but I could see us getting back to the Wild Card picture at least if the players buy into Matty P’s system. We’ll see if that happens, but I’m at least a little hopeful.

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