Packers will wear blue-and-gold uniform in Week Three

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The Packers announced Thursday they will wear their “historic third jersey” in Week Three against the Broncos at Lambeau Field.

The jersey is a re-creation of Green Bay’s blue-and-gold look from 1937-48. Those teams won two of the Packers’ 13 championships.

The Packers have worn the throwback four times previously. They are 2-2 in the blue and gold.

Green Bay beat the Chargers in 2015 when it debuted the look. The Packers lost to the Cowboys in 2016 and to the Ravens in 2017 in the blue-and-gold before shutting out the Bills 22-0 last year.

19 responses to “Packers will wear blue-and-gold uniform in Week Three

  1. And you thought it was impossible to find an uglier look than their regular uniforms.

  2. And you thought it was impossible to find an uglier look than their regular uniforms.
    Throwback uniforms run the gamut from great to yikes, but all are interesting. The Green Bay Packers green and gold – a top tier classic, exemplifying a great history and a lot of wonderful memories.

  3. The Packers have actually been wearing the Blue-and-Gold throwbacks since 1994. The best version was from 2010-12, which were the 1929 uniforms. The Pack also wore brown helmets with the throwbacks those years, but the NFL created a rule in 2013 that teams are only allowed to wear one helmet. Don’t ask me. The Brown helmets looked better because obviously the uniforms of that era included leather helmets. The NFL needs to allow the Pack to wear the brown helmets when they force the throwbacks thing.

    The throwback jerseys have grown on me over the years, but the regular helmet with the decals taken off I think ruins the whole look.



  4. Very cool. Now I just wish Seattle would get on the ball and wear their throwbacks a couple times each year.

  5. These uniforms are a celebration of the glorious history of the most successful franchise in NFL history, and the way the league ensures that we never ever forget any of them.

  6. I figured the league would push GB into wearing the throwbacks again, as I’m sure they probably will with just about every legacy team out there.
    Personally, I’m opposed to most, but if I had to choose, I guess I preferred their “powerball” ones from ’29-’30.

    Seriously, if you really wanted to do it right, their classic ACME PACKERS, from year ’21, would have been the way to go.
    But, the league has their cookie cutter standardized rules about uniform numbers and all that.

  7. This is the only uniform that Aaron Rodger’s is worthy of wearing. The greatest Packer QB’s wore the green and gold: Bart Starr, GOAT Brett Favre and Lynn Dickey.

  8. The league would certainly allow the Pack to wear these on week 21. The league cannot control what you wear at home on the couch watching the SB.

  9. Viking trolls, with their predictable and uninspired insults and putdowns, are so easy to refute. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

    No. 4. Green Bay Packers
    Green and yellow isn’t a pair that normally works, but Green Bay came up with this design years ago and stuck to it because it’s an excellent look. It feels like this is a jersey that will never go out of style.

    No. 23. Minnesota Vikings
    Poor Vikings fans, not only do they have to deal with the notion of Matt Cassel being their starting QB, but they have to look at less than stellar uniforms. When it comes to jersey colors, purple is a real X factor: if it is well done, it’s a color that can elevate a team’s uniform to glory, but if it’s not, watch out. In my eyes, the Vikings uniforms don’t make great use of the color; in addition, the Viking horns on the side of the helmet look more like a comma than they do a sweet piece of headgear.

  10. filthymcnasty3 says:

    I wonder if the league would consider letting the Packers wear these in Week 21.

    I don’t think the league cares what the Packers wear on the golf course.

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