Report: Vikings seventh-rounder Austin Cutting cleared to play in NFL

Air Force Academy

Long snapper Austin Cutting is the lone 2019 seventh-round pick without a contract, but the delay in signing with the team hasn’t been due to a dispute over the size of the deal.

Cutting attended the Air Force Academy and associate athletic director for communications Troy Garnhart said in May that there were ongoing discussions about allowing Cutting to play while serving his two-year service commitment. That decision has reportedly been made.

Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press reports that Cutting has been given the green light to play. There are no further details about the Air Force commitment.

Tomasson adds that Cutting is expected to sign his four-year rookie deal with the team on Monday, which is the day that all Vikings rookies will be reporting to training camp.

25 responses to “Report: Vikings seventh-rounder Austin Cutting cleared to play in NFL

  1. They have what I think is a good long snapper already, but there must be something that would make them use a draft pick on this guy. The Vikings’ kicking game has been terrible in recent years and the new special teams coordinator may have identified a problem in something the snapper is doing, even though he never makes what looks like a bad snap to the untrained eye.

    I’ve also heard that Cutting is absolutely spectacular, so maybe they’re just looking for a minor upgrade that will allow them to save a few hundred thousand on the salary cap.

  2. This long snapper could be the reason the Vikings weren’t ranked a 99 in Madden. After all, last year they went undefeated to their unprecedented 50th Super Bowl win in a row!

    Oh, wait.

  3. filthymcnasty3 says:
    July 18, 2019 at 1:08 pm

    Where people go who don’t want to keep their commitments.

    Like when Martellus Bennett was paid big bucks to quit of on the Packers half way through the season. Good times.

  4. “I’ve also heard that Cutting is absolutely spectacular.”


    You must really be embarrassed by this long snapper draft pick to feel the need to make things up.

    If you tell me a credible source that said those exact words to you that “Austin Cutting is a absolutely spectacular” long snapper I will give you 4 tickets to the Packers, Vikings game in week 2 and a suite for the night before the game at Lodge Kohler.

  5. The question is “will he make the 53 man roster or will he live up to his last name at the conclusion of the pre-season”?

  6. Current Long Snapper is expensive for position, he also is not without blame for the crappy kicking game. Competition is why he is here. Plus he is so happy he didn’t end up with the packers.

  7. This doesn’t bode well for McDermott, who’s a good guy, but was a bit inconsistent last year.

    Spielman said the reason they drafted Cutting, along with several other late round picks, was that several teams were lined up to sign those players as street free agents, and since the Vikes had a bazillion late round picks, they used those to guarantee that they would obtain those players they thought could make the team. That’s why they didn’t sign as many free agents post-draft as they have in the past.

    Huh, and not honoring commitments in MN? Weren’t there still years left on TT and MM’s Wisconsin contracts before they were put put to pasture to take afternoon naps and belittle high school referees? Reading some comments simply result in the unfortunate loss of brain cells.

  8. speakadatrut says:
    July 18, 2019 at 1:16 pm

    Why on earth did they waste a draft choice on a long-snapper? They already have a good one….bizarre.

    Because a good long snapper is hard to come by and if you do find one, they can play for many years, well beyond 4-5.

  9. Alan Light says:
    July 18, 2019 at 1:24 pm

    The final piece is in place….

    The truly sad thing is, I honestly think you really believe this statement.

  10. I don’t gush over rookies (or any player for that matter) like you do free but since you asked here is cutting’s scouting report. (i expect a nit about exact words)

    Hits NFL markers for size, athleticism and strength for long snapper
    Flawless pro day impressed evaluators
    Consistent velocity and accuracy on punt/kick snaps on tape
    Known for consistency of lace placement
    Teams will have to work with/around his two-year service commitment

  11. That isn’t a “absolutely spectacular” assessment of Austin Cutting that you claimed you heard. No dice.

    Come to the game anyhow. I look forward to a in person discussion. Tickets for you and a guest on me. No suite for you at Kohler Lodge because you didn’t disprove my assertion that it was made up. We all know it was.


  12. This guy is going to be amazing! Imagine him snapping the ball to phenom Taylor Heinicke, who can choose between such weapons as international marvel Moritz Boehringer or the unstoppable Roc Thomas, who could start for most NFL teams, as they follow up on last years’ 15-1 season led by Coach of the Decade, Mike Zimmer. Will the bombastic overestimation of Vikings’ back-up and role players ever end? I sure hope not!

  13. Punts with average return.

    Detroit 74 – 11.4
    Minnesota 72 – 6.1
    gb 71 – 10,3
    Chicago 62 – 7.5

  14. cheeseisfattening says:
    July 18, 2019 at 4:25 pm

    I don’t gush over rookies (or any player for that matter) like you do free but since you asked here is cutting’s scouting report.


    So what I got from your scouting report is the long snapper has the build of a long snapper, is consistent, and had a good day of practice.

    What I don’t get is why cheesy is answering free’s question to Rob the Magician. I

  15. speakadatrut says:
    July 18, 2019 at 1:16 pm
    Why on earth did they waste a draft choice on a long-snapper? They already have a good one….bizarre.
    McDermott makes 1 mil a year and is at the end of his career. Cutting is a cheaper/younger option at half a million a year.

  16. McDermott was getting pushed around too much the past 2 seasons. The Vikings needed a change.

  17. The question was asked why would you waste a late round pick on the long snapper? Well you must have forgotten this 2019 draft where Rick Spielman kept moving back in the draft with trades collecting late round draft picks, all the while still getting the guys he wanted. So he had the picks to do just this draft a long snapper.

  18. Kevin McDermott makes $950,000 this year, $1.1m next year, so why not find an upgrade who will make half that at $513,000 and save $1,000,000 over the next two years while improving your special teams unit.

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