Teenager who announced Colts’ picks dies; players help with burial

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Madison Moore announced the Colts’ fourth- and fifth-round choices during the NFL Draft. The 17-year-old died this week after a battle with leukemia, and two Colts players quickly stepped in to help defray burial costs.

Defensive backs Kenny Moore and Pierre Desir topped off a Go Fund Me account for Madi Moore. Kenny Moore donated $3,298 and Desir $3,297.

The Go Fund Me goal was $10,500, and the account raised $11,500.

Madi Moore was a standout volleyball player at Linton-Stockton High School, 90 miles southwest of Indianapolis. She learned of her acute myeloid leukemia diagnosis in January 2018, according to the Indianapolis Star.

She had rallied her community as she fought the disease.

Desir and Kenny Moore were with her in the hospital this spring when she announced two of the team’s third-day selections. Madi Moore told the newspaper then that she hoped she “might help inspire other kids to keep pushing.”

The family has not announced funeral arrangements yet.

10 responses to “Teenager who announced Colts’ picks dies; players help with burial

  1. Terribly sad and hats off to Kenny and Pierre. Cancer is horrible, even more so when it takes the life of a child. Rest in peace.

  2. That’s just awful… but, Moore and Desir just gained two fans.
    My guess is that Desir made the first pledge and a tip of the cap to Moore for donating $1 more than him.

  3. Tragic to see a young lady with so much promise go so early. Prayers to her family for their loss. Well done to the two Colts players. Very stand up gesture by those young men.

    Signed Jags fan.

  4. Only 17 damn years old, althelete, straight A student and good person — there is sad news and then there’s devastating news, and this is devastating. I hope the Colts continue to embrace this family to help ease the pain.

  5. As far as I’m concerned, nothing Kenny Moore and Pierre Desir EVER do on the football field will be any better than what they did for this unfortunate youth. Hats off to those two fine examples of a human being.

  6. Sad beyond words. As a parent and grandparent, this is always your biggest fear. God Bless her for using this heartbreaking illness to rally her community. I pray that (somewhat) comforts her family and friends.

  7. A very sad moment…prayers and condolences to this girl’s family. I grew up not far from Linton, Indiana and did most of my stint in the INARNG there, and it’s just a sad for that community as well.

    As far as Desir and Moore, much respect to you for the gesture. That’s a great thing that you did for her family.

  8. Separately, I cannot understand how the 6 or 7 comments prior to mine get more thumbs down than thumbs up….all comments speaking to the loss of a young athlete and the nice gesture by members of a professional team she was connected to.

    Some of you people really need a check-up from the neck up.

  9. Tera and family are beyond gratefulfor the amazing gesture by Moore and Desir. They were grateful for Jim Ursey as well. I now she will be beyond thankful for all of your thoughts and prayers. Thank you all for thinkin of them and please continue praying for them for strength and understanding for their future.

    * As for the thumbsdown, I accidentally hit one myself and could not take it off. I have no idea how to remove it.

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