Will Falcons, Julio Jones do a deal?

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Grady Jarrett? Check.

Deion Jones? Check.

Other guy named Jones who is slightly more important to the team? No check yet.

The Falcons have taken care of significant business this week, signing two key defensive players, but still no business has been done between the Falcons and one of their most significant players, receiver Julio Jones.

He has been jostling for a big-money deal for more than a year, but he still hasn’t gotten one. In 2018, a holdout was avoided by an eleventh-hour Band-Aid along with a presumption that, come 2019, the situation would be addressed with a new, long-term contract.

Training camp opens in three days, and Jones previously has said he won’t hold out. But he based that vow on the vow that was made to him by owner Arthur Blank.

Mr. Blank gave us his word. . . . That’s golden,” Jones said earlier this month. “[Blank’s] word is that it’s going to get done. . . . There’s no stress on my end. I’m not thinking about it.”

He may be thinking about it plenty if the deal ultimately offered by the Falcons is less golden than Jones expects it to be. Indeed, it’s one thing to intend to sign a player to a contract; it’s another to commit to giving the player what we wants. And it remains unclear what Jones wants, other than: More.

Jones seems to be sensitive to the fact that fans resent players who play hardball to get paid, even though players have no equity, experience limited careers, and endure all of the physical risks. Fans never get mad at teams for squeezing players, but fans hate it when players squeeze teams. Upside-down as that concept may be, Jones seems to be keenly aware of it, while nevertheless attempting to get what he deserves: More.

For the Falcons, the challenge becomes paying Jones more but not so much more that they’re paying for more than what he currently can do. Teams don’t pay for past performance, but in this case that’s precisely what Jones may want — a correction to what has been a below-market deal in recent years, even if that means the Falcons will within the next year or two (or sooner) conclude that they’re paying more than they should be paying for a guy whose best days as a player may be behind him.

For now, a holdout may end up being in front of him, if the Falcons don’t literally put in front of him the kind of more that will get Jones sign his name and move forward.

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  1. I get he plays a physical position, it poses a lot of long term health risks, etc…but seriously how much money is enough for some of these guys? He signed a contract in 2015 (I believe) that was advertised as being for $71. 5 million (which he may/may not see all of) and it had $47 million guaranteed and he has earned like $76 million over his career.

    How much money is enough for some of these guys? I also get that it’s what the market dictates, but at some point, (if you don’t blow it all) you’ve got enough money for you and your family for like 3 lifetimes. Coming back every year wanting to redo a contract because the next guy up got a better one is pretty ridiculous. And sooner or later, you’re just going to become a salary cap casualty because you’re taking up like 15% of the cap and they can get 3-4 guys who are younger and cheaper.

  2. It doesn’t matter much. Their O line and their D are too poor to much of anything this year. They won’t make the playoffs.

  3. These NFL players are delusional. They want a new contract every time another player gets a better one.
    Demaurice Smith has a play on that.
    The dude is horrible at his job.

  4. If they are concerned about a drop off then front load the hell out of the contract and make its easy to get out of in about 3-4 years. He is still a top 5 WR in the league. Last years knock on him was the 3 TD’s he had in the previous season and he went out and had another great season. I know when he plays my Saints he is always fun to watch, I just always hope we keep him in check for two games out of the year.

  5. Anybody that knows anything knows those two deals had to get done to free up cap space for the J Jones deal. They’ll make the playoffs.

  6. Go ahead and sign him Atlanta, then sit back and watch this fool hold out again next year…..

  7. That’s what you get for not signing one-year contracts. Another guy surpasses you, and then you’re suddenly, I dunno, starving to death? I can’t pretend to understand the “logic” of people like this.

  8. I know it’s not my money, but this is one of the few cases where I do believe the Falcons need to pay for past performance. Julio’s production has been far above his salary level compared to some other receivers.

    Of course I’m not in the negotiating room and there has to be some form of reality check for Jones’ people. The Falcons can’t guarantee a whole bunch of money in like years 4 and 5 of the deal. Make him the highest paid receiver now, but give the team an “out” at some point in the future.

  9. Fans would get mad at management if they squeezed a player on money, and as a result, the player did not re-sign with the team when his contract is up.

    That is the players true leverage, just wait until free agency. If you get tagged, good, you get paid top dollar. If you get tagged again, great, you get even more. Only 32 players a year can be tagged, so it’s not like we are talking about everyone here.

    The reality is, what players truly want is large, guaranteed contracts so they still get paid even if they dont fulfill their end of the contract by playing, or if they dont perform to the level of their pay.

  10. I don’t think it’s correct to say fans will get made if the team doesn’t sign a player and he walks. Steeler fans were glad to see Bell go. It’s pretty clear they sided with the team.

    It’s not accurate to say Jones asked for money last year and is asking again this year. Technically it’s true, but part of the agreement last year was that a new contract would be done this year. The Falcons are in no way thinking ‘geesh, you want to renegotiate again.’

    The media may not know what he wants, but the Falcons do. It’s not like they did Grady and D Jones and then called to ask Julio what he wants. Obviously they have talked and both sides are comfortable with the range. Every player Blank has said ‘he will be a Falcon for life’ has gotten a deal that essentially makes that so.

    This team will be required to draft well. It’ll be a long time before they will be able to bring in a big time FA to fill a need.

  11. if you had any sense what so ever you would know this doesnt have anything to do with the front office.this is all who gets paid the most so we all wait for the dime to drop and so far it hasnt.if julio takes a contract thomas takes a bigger one and some other dude takes an even bigger one.all of a sudden the premier reciver is only the third highest player.you get it now?

  12. Just do Favored Nations contracts and get it over with! Sick of this year to year drama.

  13. Gene Klein of the San Diego Chargers traded his J.J. to the Packers. The Cincinnati Bengals of this time. WR’s are a dime dozen. Tarde him for a 7th.

  14. Sweet_UserName is right, That was the best way I have heard it said. The money is out there, why shouldn’t the players get it.

  15. Sweet_UserName says:
    July 18, 2019 at 5:06 pm

    I get he plays a physical position, it poses a lot of long term health risks, etc…but seriously how much money is enough for some of these guys?

    What are you talking about?!?

    There is NO limit.

    True Story: I went into 7/11 the other day with a pocket full of money, to buy some snacks. As I got up to the counter, I saw a 5 dollar bill sitting there on top of some of the candy.

    I picked it up and paid with it and didn’t pull out my wallet. The end.

    Julio is doing the same.

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