Friday’s #PFTPM looks at every angle of the Tyreek Hill decision

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On Friday morning, the league announced that it won’t be disciplining Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill. On Friday afternoon, we taped a new episode of #PFTPM focusing on the Hill decision.

The situation was examined from every angle, and plenty of your questions on Hill and other issues were considered. But the focus was Hill.

So check it out below, subscribe to it here, rate it, and review it.

6 responses to “Friday’s #PFTPM looks at every angle of the Tyreek Hill decision

  1. I really expected a 2-game suspension. The fact that Goodell gave him zero, and didn’t even call Hill into into the principal’s office, to me, indicates Hill had a lot of evidence on his side. And for Goodell to ignore the “optics” and not satisfy all those “in the know” with a few ounces of flesh was kind of amazing to me.

  2. Ended how it should have, no suspension, he was found innocent and she was proven nuts!!!!

  3. Really so you want to suspend every potty mouth player? Good Luck! You won’t have a league midseason. You can’t open that pandora box.

  4. The NFL has once again shown that they need a new commissioner or at the least a new way of looking at discipline issues. There is not a player that should be above the integrity of the NFL. Although one has to wonder if integrity and the NFL should ever be mentioned together. A player can get suspended for recreational drug use but not for beating a child. Unbelievable.

    NFL heal thyself

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