NFL decides not to discipline Tyreek Hill

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Three months after the emergence of an audio recording that prompted the Chiefs to ban receiver Tyreek Hill from the balance of the offseason program, the NFL has decided to take no action against Hill.

The league has announced that Hill will not be disciplined under the Personal Conduct Policy.

The NFL’s statement focuses on the child-abuse investigation, saying nothing about the apparent threat made to Crystal Espinal in the audio that surface an hour before the start of the 2019 draft. “You need to be terrified of me too, bitch,” Hill said to Espinal during an argument regarding whether their young son respects Hill or is terrified of him.

It’s currently unclear why the league opted not to discipline Hill for that comment, or whether the league even considered the possibility. What is clear is that Hill is clear to return to the Chiefs, join his teammates at training camp, and move forward with the final season of his rookie contract.

103 responses to “NFL decides not to discipline Tyreek Hill

  1. The NFL must be one of those antiquated entities that still goes by the innocent until proven guilty premise.

  2. Did he beat his kid……seems likely….but is he really fast…..definitely…….and that always trumps the safety of a child.

  3. I’m not a Chiefs fan, and I am happy with this result. In the NFLs in depth investigation it must’ve been clearly obvious that the mother has some serious issues. This was obvious by the story that Tyreek had his home monitored on video and rushed home when his wife left their child unmonitored roaming the house. If the NFL suspends other players for almost nothing, it’s clear they found damning evidence against the mother for Tyreek to get 0 games.

  4. wow, Zeek gets suspended for heresay and nothing for this guy that breaks his kids arm, threatens his partner. Its this lack of consistency that drives everyone crazy about the NFL policing policies. Maybe the Chiefs will step up and do the right thing….

  5. After listening to the ENTIRE taped conversation, this is the absolutely the RIGHT decision.

    Disgusting how the media tried to manipulate public perception by intentionally leaving out CRUCIAL statements in the secretly taped conversation.

  6. jeffz303 says:
    July 19, 2019 at 10:11 am
    The NFL must be one of those antiquated entities that still goes by the innocent until proven guilty premise.
    Zeke Elliot would beg to differ.

  7. Cue journalists and social justice internet warriors… the tears are going to be salty. Grabbing my pop corn to laugh at you.

  8. But Jimmy Smith got 4 games last year for verbally “abusing” his girlfriend?

  9. I told everybody on the witch hunt he would be cleared,lol he was set up!

  10. Good thing the league suspended Zeke to set precedent and send a message to the rest of the players that domestic violence will not be tolerated. The league made a statement that day that they did not need evidence or even a reliable witness to dole out punishment. What is the message with this decision?

  11. He either did it, or his girlfriend did it and he covered it up. Despicable people, and sadly, they are bringing two more innocent children into their messed up lives.

  12. Life’s complicated and you can’t just crush people without proof. Even people you don’t like have rights. I’m sure he deserves to be disciplined but if you can’t prove it you have to respect the same rules that protect people who are innocent.

  13. It’s not always the man’s fault… women can be aggressive and violent too plus manipulative.

  14. Disgusting!!! He and Peterson should be barred for life. Striking a child goes way too far.

  15. So driving drunk or getting caught with pot gets you suspended, but ADMITTING ON TAPE TO BEATING YOUR CHILD AND THREATNING TO KILL THEIR MOTHER gets you a Friday news dump statement that you’re good to go.

    Screw off, NFL. I’m not even going to bother watching this year. The league is so out of touch with reality that it’s not even funny anymore.

  16. The consistency of inconsistency is the only thing you can count on with Goodell.

  17. Anyone else get the feeling the NFL’s response to these personal conduct issues is actually determined by a Magic 8 Ball?

  18. So let’s break this down:

    – Weather reduces air pressure in Patriots’ and Colts’ footballs……suspend Patriots’ QB for 4 games…..Colts’ QB get 0

    – Assault your pregnant girlfriend and admit to it: 0 games
    – Break your child’s arm and threaten his mom on tape: 0 games

    This is Goodell’s NFL

  19. Justice has been SERVED! Innocent! Listen to the whole audio if you haven’t. The news station that broke the audio edited it to suit their needs and gain an audience. If you are informed as to at least 90% of what has been going on and just reading headlines then you have no right or basis to comment. The #1 offense in the NFL just got a lot better!

  20. It’s concerning when horrible reports come out about a player like Suggs or Hill and nothing is done, but the moment there’s a video, like with Hunt or Rice, the league swiftly takes action. Rice was rightfully banned forever, but he wasn’t until the video came out and the report of what he did was the same as what the video showed.

    The league has to do better.

  21. davidsoria175yahoocom says:
    July 19, 2019 at 10:20 am
    I told everybody on the witch hunt he would be cleared,lol he was set up!


    Yeah… he’s a real swell guy.

  22. Slow down, and look at all of the facts. The worst mistake that Tyreek made is linking up with the mother of his children. Tyreek, you better move on and find another partner.

  23. However in the kangaroo court of outraged SJW’s, he’s guilty.
    Facts don’t matter to them.

  24. Terrible, it’s absolutely disgusting how Roger applies discipline only to certain player and franchises.

  25. So Espinal didn’t appear for an interview with the NFL, the NFL didn’t interview Espinal, and the NFL didn’t force Hill to sit out until Espinal appeared for an interview. Meanwhile Espinal filed a paternity suit against Hill which will apparently result in a lot of money to Espinal when Hill signs a contract for $75M+ after not being disciplined. This is Roger Goodell’s world of presiding over the NFL’s domestic violence “policy”?

  26. Assault a pregnant woman. Break a child’s arm. Zero.

    Zeke, you get six games for……what, again?

  27. Hypothetical: if the police found the claims against Hill to be less than credible, then this is how our justice system should work in the end. You don’t simply charge the man with a crime without the evidence. And Espinal recorded the conversation not by any accident. She was trying to lead Hill into incriminating himself. When the District Attorney said they were not pursuing charges but he “believed a crime occurred,” we all jump to the conclusion that Hill committing the crime. But it’s possible Espinal was just trying to set Hill up. Maybe Espinal needs to be “terrified” of Hill, because Hill knows what she did and can pay a criminal price for it rather than physical retribution like we assume.

  28. As someone who tried to file charges against her ex for death threats, according to the Court Commissioner, unless he carries out the threat, there’s nothing the court can do. My only choice was to obtain a peace warrant, which was absolutely worthless.

  29. Sorry but you can’t give a player Tom Brady 4 games for air pressure after it was proven it was the weather but capitulate that Hill is probably OK, because he was quoted saying the mother of the child better realize what can happen to her also. That was a pure threat from someone who had a reputation for this and the child’s welfare is not really considered! Pure B.S. by the Commissioners office. Goodell should never have held this position from the beginning but after all his daddy was a sitting U.S. Senator from New York no less and this gives us a strong hint to the quality of his leadership. There were more deserving people for the job of Commissioner but politics won out again. He is never consistent and rarely fare in his decisions, hence the Tom Brady fiasco proved that beyond a doubt. I think he stinks!

  30. It’s amazing to me that people will make such ridiculous comments about a situation they know nothing about. Absolutely nothing.

    The NFL has all the evidence and facts. The Kansas City Police department has all the evidence and facts. Child services has all the evidence and facts. Yet not a single one of those groups chose to take any action against Tyreek Hill, including a league that has proven time and again it will suspend players if there’s even a shadow of a doubt they did something wrong. Including stars like Zeke Elliott.

    But yeah, this is an injustice! Who cares about evidence and facts??? I heard 3 minutes of well placed audio where he didn’t even actually admit to anything! Kick him out of the league! The mob mentality in our society is out of control.

    The most pathetic part is all you haters will still be taking him in your fantasy league too.

  31. Of course he should be free to play, it isn’t like he used his freedom of expression or anything big. He just was abusive to his family, that is OK in America. Just don’t protest, then you lose your job.

  32. Any team that has anyway to stop the Patriots will get the shovel treatment for example Broncos and Peyton Manning with the HGH accusations Bury anything including the shovel.Im curious how angry Jerry Jones feels.

  33. pigalicious16 says:
    July 19, 2019 at 10:17 am
    But Brady got 4 games because of the weather? K
    Weather for which no one has seen since because the ball pressure has been fine since then. And Hill didnt destroy evidence either. Maybe if Brady didnt smash his cell phone it would of had evidence to prove he was innocent but that brings up the question why would he do it then?

  34. This should have been easy for Goodell. Give a minimum of an 8 game suspension and let the NFLPA defend the woman beater. Instead Goodell lets him off the hook, while suspending other players with far less evidence of a crime. There is an audio tape of him threatening a woman in a very violent tone. That alone warrants 6 games. Add in having to question the welfare of a child and this is easily a bigger story than Deflategate, the Zeke suspension, or Bountygate. #FireGoodell

  35. The kid was placed in protective custody…but nothing happened.

    Go ahead KC…feel confident to sign Hill to a huge deal. lol

  36. jeffz303 says:
    The NFL must be one of those antiquated entities that still goes by the innocent until proven guilty premise.
    132 72 Rate This

    I would be fine with this, IF IT WERE TRUE. But they have been suspending people who havent been convicted for years now. Elliot had proof that he was being blackmailed, got 4 games. Brady had science and mother nature on his side, got 4 games.

    This is a trash decision.

  37. The NFL must be one of those antiquated entities that still goes by the innocent until proven guilty premise.

    The NFL employing the “innocent unless proven guilty” principle really depends on what team is involved.

  38. Christopher Donald says:
    NFL standard of justice- innocent unless TMZ releases a video.
    Apparently audio isnt good enough.

    I didnt think Tyreek deserved a ban, but the punishment should have been worse than Elliots first suspension.

  39. pigalicious16 says:

    Weather for which no one has seen since because the ball pressure has been fine since then. And Hill didnt destroy evidence either. Maybe if Brady didnt smash his cell phone it would of had evidence to prove he was innocent but that brings up the question why would he do it then?


    one ball out of 12 was 0.2 PSI low. Let me say it again. ONE BALL was 0.2 PSI low.

    that’s a 4 game suspension? Ridiculous. They scored more points in the second half with “properly inflated” balls and under intense scrutiny won the super bowl as well.

    No PSI numbers have been released since then. You’re telling me not one ball in the past few hundred games hasn’t been low by even 0.1 PSI? Goodell is a joke.

  40. I was hoping the Chiefs would panic and cut Tyreek prematurely like they did with Hunt. He would have looked great catching passes from Brady.

  41. As long as Hill has no further incidents this is all well and good. But now by the fact that they have weighed themselves into his situation with an investigation and ruling they become a party to it. If Hill does have another ‘episode in his life’ the NFL is no longer only in the role of someone to investigate and rule. They will in the public and media perception be a part of it for have ‘allowed it’ (not totally a fair way to score that, but its what will happen). They have tied the fate of their publicity to how this plays out in the future.

  42. just don’t ever, ever let that psi get below 25…..because that’s what matters…

  43. So then, later today the child will be returned to the Hill home? Everybody OK with that? All right then. Case closed.

  44. yep all he had to say is his child’s broken arm was “fake news” and the NFL agreed….and they can even get the DOJ to say so if they want…lol

  45. A lot of people commenting on here as if this was some sort of political move by the NFL, if anything this is a close as it gets to exonerating Hill. Yes I am a Chiefs fan, and nearly the entire city wanted Hill ran out of town, initially. But more and more info came out that made it clear that Crystal (his baby momma) has been setting him up, attempting to get paid or keep Hill, her motives are unclear, and he really needs to get away from her, but it appears the NFL, police, and prosecutors have all decided to not pursue this any further.

  46. But Josh Gordon can’t play because he’s an alcoholic and likes weed. Way to stand by that shield! LOL what a farce!

  47. However, if Hill had smoked a MARIHUANA JOINT, he would have gotten an eight-game rip.

  48. Interesting how players were getting suspended for very little to no reason but now that Goodell wants an 18 game schedule and to negotiate a new CBA he’s willing to let a repeat abuser like Hill get off with nothing . Just proves what we already knew , Goodell is a morally bankrupt hypocrite who will do anything to get his way .

  49. Assault a woman, the child is in the care of Family Services and this character can play football?
    Smoking marijuana gets 4 games. Where is there any sense in this result?
    Josh Gordon gets suspended for alcohol and ‘pot’ he should be allowed back to play too.

  50. There were a few who did really solid research on this story, Clay Wendler and ArrowheadGuys among them. If you followed along, and really why would if you’re not a Chiefs fan, you’d see this outcome isn’t all that surprising.

    As far as the “be afraid of me too b*tch” comment, it seemed to come across very different in the 11-minute version, in the flow of very frustrating conversation, and not as an actual threat. At least that’s how I heard it.

  51. I don’t know who is worse, Hill or Goodell! The NFL name is disgraced as a result of an incompetent Commish!

  52. Because of Deflategate ruling Goodell can do whatever he wants. Maybe Josh Gordon will be re-instated.

  53. Goddell, you make it up as u go along? You punished Ezekiel Elliot without any criminal process and against the advice of your own council and without disputable evidence. You’ve got to be kidding me that the tape evidence on Tyreek Hill, Police findings, restraining order, custody of child would impart something less than Zeke? 0 punishiment all is Unreal

  54. Law enforcement investigated and the NFL investigated. What more do you people want?

    That said, Jimmy Smith was suspended last year for VERBALLY abusing his ex so I expected the NFL to give him something.

  55. What an absolute joke. Brady got four games for something that never even happened and Ezekiel Elliott got six games for something that even Goodell’s investigator said he should not be disciplined for and this idiot doesn’t even get a single game? With a child that was abused and had to be removed from the home? Nice to see that Goodell and his clowns over there just make up the disciplinary policy as they go. Guess they forgot about Hill beating his pregnant girlfriend before he even got into the league. What a complete and utter disgrace.

  56. It would appear that if you are a rival team of either the jets or the Giants the NFL will make up reasons to suspend your best players but if not, who cares? Nobody ever said life was fair that’s for sure. The Chiefs still won’t win this year even with the league stacking the deck in their favor. SMH LMAO

  57. time to deflect and distract …. hey look over here …. as they suspend brady again over/under inflated footballs … this time cause its too hot … n this time its two first round picks cause in the end its all bout ratings n having new teams needing a bit of head office “luck” to knock off the champs ….. well lets see how the injury karma thingy works out huh …… :S

  58. The league made the right call here.

    Hill’s attorney has texts from Espinal to Hill where she admits to being the one who spanked the child with a belt and blaming him for it because she was angry at him. The texts have been authenticated by Hill’s attorney.

    The child’s broken arm has nothing to do do with any of this. It was an accident and hospital staff had no reason to suspect it was anything other than an accident. Local media mingled this in with the real allegations made against Hill for some reason.

    So, Brady and Zeke were over punished because others in the past were underpunished, but the NFL can’t come to a wrong result here just because of past mistakes.

  59. Those of you out there that are claiming he admitted to doing this and threatened to kill his girlfriend… Have you listened to the complete UNEDITED audio tape? Or did you just listen to the hacked up, edited version that media presented? I am not defending the guy, but it is complete idiocy in these comment sections when all of you self appointed internet lawyers are screaming for this guy to be locked up, banned for life etc. Go find and listen to the complete, unedited version. KCTV5 completely doctored that tape on the original release to make Tyreek Hill look as bad as possible.

    Again, not saying this guy is father of the year, but it is scary how many people out there are lemmings. Willing to jump on the bandwagon because of what they heard without all of the facts. Do some research before donning your SJW cape please…..

  60. For all the commenters saying “Listen to the full, unedited recording”: You’re missing the point. His guilt or innocence is not the issue. The NFL suspends people based off one criteria: Did the incident embarass the NFL?

    In Hill’s case, that’s a resounding ‘YES’. Many non-NFL fans took notice when a child’s well being was questioned and the recording didn’t sound good no matter how it’s edited. Since this isn’t his first domestic incident, Hill should get a stiff suspension. Goodell has suspended many others for far less embarrassing incidents.

  61. They don’t want to handicap a team with potential to knock the Pats out of contention.

  62. And somehow Pats fans make this about the Patriots, as they always do.

  63. Once I actually heard the WHOLE (unedited) tape it was very clear that he was threatening to expose what SHE did to the kid when he said, “You should be terrified of me too b*tch”

    He wasn’t threatening to physically hit her – he was actually threatening to TELL ON her.

  64. It’s obvious the woman is not going to cooperate becuase she knows (or has been threatened) that if she gives Hill up, then all those millions go away with him never getting to sign the big new contract. Money talks.

  65. kcrobert10 says:
    July 19, 2019 at 10:19 am
    Cue journalists and social justice internet warriors… the tears are going to be salty. Grabbing my pop corn to laugh at you.


    Hopefully not that same popcorn you choked on during the AFCCG. Which you will probably lose again this year. Stale, like your coach.

  66. Brady and gordon are chronic cheaters so they deserve more,patsy fans all the superbowls you “WON” you should be real proud…wink wink.

  67. Whether you want to admit it or not, this was the right decision in the absence of any actual evidence. Him saying mean things in a heated conversation is not worthy of a suspension. I’m not sure what some people wanted. The NFL has no power over witnesses or evidence so if the police and the D.A. choose not to charge him, how can the NFL actually no much of anything. Zeke was railroaded and I think the NFL learned from that situation. If more evidence comes to light in the future, by all means, open the investigation back up and if warranted, take action. However, from all the evidence that has been presented as of now, there is no way to accurately tell if Tyreek did anything wrong other than saying mean things.

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