NFL resolves Tyreek Hill situation without a visit to New York

Getty Images

Usually, the NFL brings a player who is under investigation for violating the Personal Conduct Policy to 345 Park Avenue in Manhattan as a precursor to a suspension. But not always, as Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott recently learned.

Elliott made an early-July trip to New York City for a meeting with the Commissioner that resulted in no discipline for Elliott’s run-in with a 19-year-old security guard at a Las Vegas music festival. A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the league closed the book on Hill without having him come to New York for a formal sit-down.

While some would call it a distinction without a difference, the league likely believed that Elliott needed to have the Fear of Goodell infused upon him. Which means that the league decided based on its investigation of Tyreek Hill that Hill did not need a formal get together of that kind, and the message that would have gone along with it.

Regardless, Hill is free and clear to play football in 2019 and beyond.