Sean McVay says Todd Gurley is “feeling great”

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There’s been speculation about the health of Rams running back Todd Gurley‘s knee since last season, but coach Sean McVay says Gurley will prove he’s fine on the field.

McVay told Jimmy Kimmel that Gurley has taken it slow this offseason because the Rams had a plan for keeping him healthy, and the expectation is that Gurley will be good to go.

“He’s good. I think he’s feeling great,” McVay said of Gurley. “One of the things about Todd is, great competitor. I think he’s earned the right to be able to have the plan we had this offseason. I can’t wait to get him back going and I know he’s ready to go and it’s going to be fun for the Rams this year.”

The good news for the Rams is that they found last year that McVay’s offense works well without Gurley, as they had two blowout victories when Gurley missed the final two games of the regular season. The Rams’ offense should be great again no matter how Gurley’s knee is doing.

15 responses to “Sean McVay says Todd Gurley is “feeling great”

  1. Does this mean McVay’s playcalls will just have to keep forgetting to call Gurley’s number?

  2. The Rams are a good team, but they only have a limited window of opportunity before the salary cap starts taking them down. I hope Gurley is able to stay healthy. He seems like a good guy with a lot of talent. If his knee will allow him to do his job, the Rams should be formidable this year.

  3. I’ve got the same degenerative arthritic condition in my knee. Gurley cant be feeling great – just wait til the grind of the season with all the hits he will have to take.

  4. When he doesn’t get his touches it will be because of the flow of the game, not because he can’t handle them anymore.

  5. Hoping McVay learned something from his meeting with Bill B on telling the media everything is great. TG3 has the best job in the NFL and it will be easier this year. Talk to you September 8.

  6. Salary cap is going to HIT HARD in the next season or so. The Gurley stuff, as much as I hate to see a guy injured, is just PR fluff.

    Gurley is done as a top level RB.

    Rams should also have been fined for leaving him off the SB injury report when it was obvious he has been at about 50% for weeks.

  7. Look, the Rams don’t regret giving Gurley his contract. They moved from St. Louis to LA. In both stadiums away crowds outnumbered our home crowds. We have whiffed on soooo many draft picks, had no stability and no stars. Who is our longest and most consistent player, Greg Zuerlin? Were going to pay him a massive salary to attract season ticket holders? The jury is still out on Goff, no one is coming just to see Sean McVay; and as much as I love AD and think yes, the Rams should make him the face of the Franchise, no one is drafting AD 1st in their Fantasy Football Draft. Not going down the entire list of players we can market and promote “NATIONALLY”, but Gurley is the only one. And you can say yes, it was a bad contract and by NFL Standards you have to underpay and cut bait, but at your real world job, don’t you want to be paid for working there when times where CRAPPY, and be rewarded when times are finally good?

  8. And McVay said Gurley would be ready to go in the playoffs last year too…I wonder if he’s being truthful this time.

  9. He hasn’t taken any hits yet and he’s been taking it easy on the knee for months. Let’s see how he feels after the preseason and how he performs in week 1.

  10. Preseason? TG3 and the rest of the Rams stars only go through walk-thrus and use weeks 1 – 4 as Preseason. We will be okay.

    harrisonhits2 says:
    July 19, 2019 at 9:34 am
    He hasn’t taken any hits yet and he’s been taking it easy on the knee for months. Let’s see how he feels after the preseason and how he performs in week 1.

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