Vic Fangio doesn’t see “benefit” of having music at practice


New coach Vic Fangio has silenced the music at Broncos’ practice.

The five coaches who preceded Fangio in Denver — Mike Shanahan, Josh McDaniels, John Fox, Gary Kubiak and Vance Joseph — allowed music during training camp practices, especially early, Mike Klis of Denver’s News9 reports.

Fangio only allows music before players begin their pre-practice stretch.

“Anybody who has been a position coach, or assistant coach, they don’t like the music,” Fangio said, via Klis. “It makes it hard to talk to your guys. I don’t see the benefit of having music out there. I was an assistant coach, and I don’t want to drum out the noise to talk to my players.”

Fangio added that “there’s no music in games.”

At least not while the play clock and/or game clock is moving.

Fangio made it clear the Broncos will not practice with music this season, saying, “I don’t like it.”

“When it goes to the point where we need to simulate crowd noise in practice, which we will do, it will be noise,” Fangio said. “It won’t be music. It will be noise. That’s what it is in the game. Noise by definition sounds annoying. Music sounds nice so if we have to deal with noise let’s deal with noise.”

33 responses to “Vic Fangio doesn’t see “benefit” of having music at practice

  1. god i love this coach. he is the total opposite of joseph, who wanted to be everybody’s buddy. fangio is like the honey badger: he don’t give an S

  2. There’s nothing wrong with music during simple warm ups. This old school stiffler stuff isn’t going to work. Coughlin didn’t win in New York until he chilled out and listened to Strahan

  3. There’s no music in games? No, Vic. Only at kickoffs, after touchdowns, after other big plays, before 3rd and 4th downs, timeouts, etc. I’m sure I’m missing a lot of other times too. In other news, the Broncos will be holding this year’s training camp in the small town featured in the 1980’s motion picture “Footloose.” Coach Fangio is also having players wear special practice shoes, to prevent players from “kicking off their Sunday shoes,” as he snapped at reporters that “it doesn’t happen in games so it shouldn’t happen in practice.”

  4. Another reason why he should have stayed in Chicago. He isn’t a HC and will regret it when Khalil Mack and Mitch Trubisky are the MVP’s holding the Lombardi Trophy!

  5. Thankfully this wasn’t by Darin Gantt who would have yet again overused his go-to get off my lawn comment. But the, “At least not while the play clock and/or game clock is moving” is a veiled get off my lawn dig at Fangio, attempting to make him senile and out of touch simply bc he dares be different in our modern age. Shame on you Vic, having your own mind and thoughts that aren’t in exact sync with the way too hip for everything jokesters out there. Bc you have a different point of view, you shall be mocked; albeit in innuendo form but it’s still mocking. I jut think PFT does the get off my lawn thing a lil too much in both blatant and veiled, as it is here, form.

  6. I imagine that there are players who also don’t see any benefits from music during practice – if only because the selections aren’t to their taste. As much as I love music, there are times when it is distracting, to the point of lowering concentration and performance. Background noise is just that – noise.

  7. Mike Shannahan won 2 Super Bowls. John Fox won led teams to victory in both AFC and NFC Championship Games.. and Kubiak won a Super Bowl also..

    But what do they know? …

    What has Fangio ever done as a HC? For all we know he could be another guy who’s better as a Coordinator.

  8. it is surprising to see coaches tighten the rope around the neck so quickly, particularly new coaches

    but what do I do know, I’m sure Vic Fangio has a master plan to resurrect a QB who just got replaced by Lamar Jackson 😂😂😂

  9. Music allows your “athletes” who rely on natural athletic talent without working hard what so ever to tolerate practice. What a shame the NFL has come to that. But we all know if working hard was a quality NFL players needed there would be protests everywhere.

  10. Fangio is wrong on this – the whole point of loud music is to be deafening and distracting!!! And BB uses it that way because it’s easier to tune out noise than it is a musical beat/rhythm.

  11. Looks like Coach Vic is laying down the law up there in the 303! After the last few years of being below average why not change just about everything? If you don’t like the ride then get off the bus!

  12. Lol…of all the things to worry about. Kubiak and Shanahan won Super Bowls btw.

  13. I agree that Coach Radio (Joseph) was a sub average coach, but Fangio’s “old man shaking his fist at the clouds” routine will slowly disappear after a losing streak/season.

  14. After their numerous failures in recent seasons, the Broncos’ players don’t deserve to have music at practice.

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