Vic Fangio on Drew Lock: Hard thrower, not a quarterback yet


Broncos rookie Drew Lock has a long way to go before he can become a polished passer, and not just a guy with a strong arm.

That’s the word from Broncos head coach Vic Fangio, who said today that Lock needs to learn to rely on more than just his arm strength.

“He’s not a quarterback yet,” Fangio said. “He’s a hard-throwing pitcher who doesn’t know how to pitch yet.”

When Joe Flacco entered the league as the Ravens’ first-round pick in 2008, some saw him as a hard thrower who wasn’t ready to be an NFL quarterback. Flacco ended up earning the starting job and starting all 16 games in his rookie year. Now Flacco is in Denver, ahead of Lock on the depth chart. Time will tell whether Lock can develop beyond just being a strong-armed passer and turn into an NFL starter.

36 responses to “Vic Fangio on Drew Lock: Hard thrower, not a quarterback yet

  1. “He’s a hard-throwing pitcher who doesn’t know how to pitch yet.”

    Word for word, that’s what people said about Randy Johnson when he first entered MLB. He turned out OK…

  2. As a Niners fan, I’ve always loved Fangio. He knows the game and tells it like it is. The Broncos won’t underperform under him.

  3. The Randy Johnson analogy was perfect…yes…he did turn out ok…

    In his 4th big league season…

    Problem is football isnt like Baseball, and it should be… they generally go through young qbs like a hot knife through butter and will throw a bust label on them before theyve learn 10% of what they need to succeed…

  4. I expect the Broncos and Fangio to really over perform this year, he is a special guy, and that team seems to have the arrow pointing up, and their division may be the toughest in the league….

  5. Now everybody knows why Lock’s stock dropped before the draft. Just another QB with a strong arm who now has to learn how to play the QB position in the NFL. The question now becomes is he capable? Broncos fans hope he is.

  6. Same was said about Paxton Lynch…strong arm and has to learn today QB. The difference is Lock seems to have his head on straight and wants to work. I wish him the best.

  7. Kordell Stewert Itis. Great arm, great feet… once the NFL realized he wasn’t that accurate of a passer they let him run aroud and bla bla bla… but when the ball went in the air d’s were all over it. He was a much better players as Slash with Tomzack using him to his full potential. I wish this young man well though.

  8. It’s never a good sign when the HC criticizes the players in the media, rather than telling Lock in private what he needs to do.

    I think we are going to see real soon why no one hired Fangio to be a HC all these years.

  9. Flacco didn’t earn the starting Jon in his rookie year. Troy Smith did. Flacco had to start when Smith got Lemierre’s disease.

  10. From last year to this what change in culture and coaching. Love Fangio and glad he got a chance vs VJ who was in over his head. Fangio reminds me a lot of Wade. And don’t forget Munchek and Rich Scangarello! And I hope & think they will let Flacco be Flacco ie throw it downfield like John used to. Only time and games will tell. But I am optimistic for the 1st time since Peyton left.

  11. It’s never a good sign when the HC criticizes the players in the media, rather than telling Lock in private what he needs to do.
    My best guess is that Drew Lock began receiving hard, thorough, critical coaching from Day 1. The above suggests other activities, e.g., day trips to Rocky Mountain National Park.

  12. Vic knows full well the disadvantages of having a strong arm/no touch QB after having his defense practice against Kaepernick for a few years. Vic also knows his defense can be good enough to cover that up if your team has a good ground game.

  13. best coaching hire since doug pederson and mike zimmer. broncos fans should be really excited for the highly disciplined team that they are going to see on the field. remember all those penalties on the offensive line under joseph (heck, the entire team)? that’s not happening under Vic Fangio.

    Broncos are back. This team will contend for a playoff spot. Fangio won’t allow this team to be average.

  14. Others watching Lock in practice said he looked good and improved, so maybe a bit of coach-speak motivation from Fangio? Perhaps?

  15. I have 3 other possible takes on Fangio’s comments (and I like them all):

    1. reminds Lock that throwing the ball is the easiest part of a QB’s job, and that he needs a ton of work on the other stuff if he wants to play in the NFL.

    2. sets the fans and media expectations for Lock at a very low level. Takes pressure off both Lock AND Flacco. No sense having a fictional QB controversy if Flacco throws a couple picks. Lock isn’t ready; end of story.

    3. Mahomes recently threw a football out of Arrowhead. That isn’t one of the playoff tiebreakers. But it could be a deal breaker if Lock tries it in Denver.

    There’s a new sheriff in town. And a different vibe with these Broncos.

    I’m ready for some football!

  16. vikings1234 says “Tomorrow Fangio will be saying his words were taken out of context”

    Sorry, Viking. Vic is a hard coacher, not a BS’er yet (and never will be). .

  17. Take it from a Mizzou fan:

    Drew Lock is Blaine Gabbert with a better haircut and a little more charisma. As a Chiefs fan, I was actually hoping the Broncos would draft him. Nice kid. Career backup.

  18. Eli Manning and Joe Flacco are having dinner right now trying to figure out how to keep there jobs

  19. Fangio is not very good at evaluating talent. He wouldn’t start Chris Borland because Borland relied too much on his instincts. Turns out Borland led the team in tackles before he went bonkers and retired the next season.

  20. It’s great that the Bronco’s are taking a patient approach with Lock. I believe he’ll develop into a great QB; not only when he understands how to hone his physical skills but because of his character.

    Watch any game that he played in college. The one constant was how he communicated and engaged with the team… offense, defense, coaches, etc.

    He has an infectious personality that will serve him well. I’m a Redskins fan and would have loved to have had him here if we hadn’t landed Haskins.

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