Buccaneers agree to deal with Devin White

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One of the few remaining unsigned rookies from the 2019 NFL draft has now agreed to terms.

Devin White, the fifth overall pick in the draft, has agreed to a deal with the Buccaneers, the team announced today.

White and a few other CAA clients have been slow to sign their rookie contracts, but with camps opening around the NFL, some progress is to be expected.

A linebacker from LSU, White has been penciled in as a Week One starter.

Jets defensive tackle Quinnen Williams, 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa, Giants quarterback Daniel Jones and Panthers linebacker Brian Burns are the remaining unsigned first-round picks.

8 responses to “Buccaneers agree to deal with Devin White

  1. Bosa better sign soon because he still hasn’t proven he’s not damaged goods.

  2. The egos of CAA are even bigger than their clients. They’ve been watching too much ‘Ballers’ on HBO. Bosa is gonna take a while.

  3. The third pick is normally the last player from Round 1 to sign. The issue will be offset language, just like it is every year.

    My guess is that someone has an “off the record” chat with the GM who owns that pick each year.

    The conversation might go something like “we’re depending on you to hold firm on the offset language. You know, there are a lot of teams who would vote for a draft lottery if they felt like teams at the bottom weren’t fighting for the cause.”

    So the GM takes the heat, looks like a fool throughout the negotiation, and ultimately folds his hand because of precedent. The player loses time, the holdout is disruptive, and in the end, nothing changes.

    If it’s NOT collusion, then why the heck does it happen EVERY year with the #3 pick? This is not a Jets/Williams thing, it’s a close-ranks-and-fight-for-the-owners’-cause thing.

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