Dak Prescott: Ezekiel Elliott opens up Cowboys offense


The debate over running backs’ value has gone on for years, but there is no arguing Ezekiel Elliott‘s value to the Cowboys.

He is one of the NFL’s special running backs and an important part of the Cowboys’ offense.

“It does everything [having Elliott],” Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott said Saturday at his annual football camp at Mississippi State, via a video posted by Mark Lane of WFAA. “It allows the game to open up. When you can run the ball successfully, all it does is open up the passing game, opens up the play-action game. It allows you to be dominant in the second half and in the fourth quarter when you need to be and run out the time. So we’ve got a great group of guys and our running backs are not short of that.”

The Cowboys report to training camp next week, and the question remains about whether Elliott will show up on time. He seeks a new deal, and as the straw that stirs the Cowboys’ drink, Elliott wants to be paid like it.

17 responses to “Dak Prescott: Ezekiel Elliott opens up Cowboys offense

  1. Dak knows that without Zeke, he and the Arlington cowboy offense is in serious trouble.

  2. The offense runs through Zeke. Come on Jerry, open up your purse and pay the man! Don’t be cheap! You can replace Dak and Cooper, but you can’t replace Zeke. Zeke is the straw that stirs the drink

  3. I highly doubt is gonna hold out. I mean the report came from Yahoo sports…..YAHOO SPORTS LMAO

  4. Not that it matters but report came from PFT and was confirmed by Yahoo sports. There were also reports from stats people that he is t worth what he is asking. When you look at the numbers. Who knows, what I know is Prescott does a nosedive w/o Zeke. Now comes the decision becuz there is not enough for Zeke, Prescott, and Cooper plus the Lawrence w/o a serious drop off talent wise. 4 guys counting towards 40+% of your cap is jot a good recipe.

  5. The Cowboy offense was very predictable the last couple of years under that idiot Scott Linehan. Hopefully the Cowboy offense under Kellen Moore will not be so predictable. You run to set up the pass, and you pass to set up the run. You do the unexpected. Zeke will get his yards, and possible more yards, and that allows Dak to also be successful in the passing game as well. I won’t mention Dak has running ability. I’m looking forward to the offense under Moore. Anything is an improvement over Linehan. Doubters beware!

  6. You dont want to threaten Stephen Nor Will McClay. This is not your fathers team any longer. They WILL offer Fair pay but will Not break the bank nor Over Pay ANY ONE PLAYER! P E R I O D ! There is a cap, they learned not to be in cap heall anytime soon again. They see how the Patriots been doing things ……. They will let all the lot of them walk IF they think they are worth more then fair market price. Dak wants to be the highest paid lmao, why? he is barley top 12. Coop as well. They will not pay you top 3 coin unless you are a top 3 player. P E R I O D ! Zeke …. sorry bro, 12 mil per MAX … just the way the position is….. history …. look at Gruley look what happened to Murray after we let him walk …..

  7. Zeke is hands down the best RB in the league. He actually has a legitimate chance to break most of Emmitt Smith’s records (I don’t think that yards record will ever be touched). He is a complete back. He can line up anywhere on the field on offense, except under center.

  8. Did Dak really use the word “dominate” in conjuction with the Cowboys? Really? Come on Dak, you’re looking to get a big contract – don’t say stupid things until after you sign.

  9. What Dak meant to say was: “Without Zeke I get exposed and kinda suck, so yeah I think he should get paid”.

    Also Dak is to stupid to realize that those stud linemen in front of them need to be paid. He only focuses on the skilled position and if that is where the money goes then the Cowboys will lose their top notch o-line and the skilled players will either under perform or get injured due to the many many hits they will incur.

  10. Correction Dak he helps you cover up that your not a Great Quarterback and he is also going to help you get paid

  11. Dak knows if he has to play without Zeke it’s going to throw a wrench in getting wayyyy overpaid.

  12. It’s pure fantasy to think that the NFL is not a QB league. Great RB’s are fun to watch. Saquon Barkley is the best RB and his team lost a lot more games than they won. The best QB win the most games, and the Cowboys are the 3rd or 4th winningest team in the NFL since Prescott took the reigns as a rookie. Prescott is one of the top 5 or 6 QB’s in the NFL. With a salary cap rule, the owners don’t have to spend more money when they give a huge contract. They just give less to the other 52. That’s how the cap works. The money doesn’t come out of the owner’s pocket, it comes from his teammates. Everyone acts like it’s Elliott vs. Jerry Jones, when in reality it’s Elliott vs. his teammates. They’ll be the ones footing the bill. The pie doesn’t get any bigger. It’s the other slices get a little thinner. Elliott should call a team meeting and pass around a hat and see who’s willing to take a pay cut for him. LeVeon Bell’s teammates said see ya!

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