Marshall Faulk explores becoming an agent

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Running back Marshall Faulk’s NFL career ended with a bust in the Hall of Fame. His TV career as one of the lead analysts at NFL Network ended amid a haze of allegations made in a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Faulk is now embarking on a new football path. He was spotted at the recent NFL Players Association seminar and exam for new agents in Washington, and PFT has confirmed that he was indeed present.

Faulk has spent time with Seahawks running back Rashaad Penny during the 2019 offseason, and Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has studied Faulk in an effort to enhance Zeke’s pass-catching skills. Both are represented by Faulk’s former agent, Rocky Arceneaux, and it’s possible that Faulk plans to join Arceneaux’s firm if/when Faulk secures NFLPA certification.

Drafted by the Colts, Faulk became a central figure of the Greatest Show on Turf edition of the St. Louis Rams, 20 years ago. He had an amazing four straight seasons with more than 2,000 yards from scrimmage — one with the Colts and three in a row with the Rams. Faulk won the NFL MVP award in 2000.

18 responses to “Marshall Faulk explores becoming an agent

  1. Faulk is prob just trying to stay abreast of developments, get a feel for things like on ESPN.

  2. dave_bords says:
    July 20, 2019 at 10:35 am

    #metoo can’t stop Faulk. Do your thing!


    I’m sure you’re right, Marshall is undoubtedly still assaulting and harassing women as we speak…

  3. chc4 says:
    July 20, 2019 at 10:46 am
    Doesn’t this job require a law degree?


    How to Become an Agent

    NFLPA Agent Regulations

    Please read the NFLPA Certification Frequently Asked Questions, and email the Salary Cap and Agent Administration Department ( if you have any further questions.


    Non-refundable Application fee of $2,500.00
    Undergraduate AND Post Graduate degree (Masters or Law) from an accredited college/university (see FAQs)
    Authorization to perform a background investigation
    Mandatory attendance at a 2019 two (2) day seminar in Washington, D.C.
    Successful completion of written multiple choice proctored examination
    Valid email address
    Download a PDF version of the Regulations

    I do not have an undergraduate and/or post graduate degree. May I still sit for the exam?

    The NFLPA may grant exceptions to the degree requirements only if you have a minimum of 7 years sufficient negotiating experience in lieu of both degrees. For example, if you have only an undergraduate degree you still need a minimum of 7 years of negotiating experience. You will need to show by way of documentation that you have the required negotiating experience. You should send those documents to the NFLPA after you have submitted the online application. The application fee is non-refundable even if you are not granted the post graduate degree exception.

  4. He should train running backs to catch passes and run routes like all these QB gurus do with QB’s.

  5. #metoo can’t stop Faulk. Do your thing!


    I’m sure you’re right, Marshall is undoubtedly still assaulting and harassing women as we speak…


    Some put more faith in the court of public opinion than what’s actually happening. Were the man actually convicted of a crime rather than found guilty by the media I’d feel differently.

  6. Good Luck Marshall, you will need it. There are about 830 agents certified by the NFL Players Association — more than one for every three players in or around the league — which makes it a brutally competitive business. Roughly 75 percent of NFL players are represented by just 17 percent of all certified agents, according to NFLPA statistics.

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