No final decision on whether Chris Jones will hold out of training camp

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Tyreek Hill isn’t the only important member of the Chiefs entering the last year of his contract. Chris Jones also sits a season away from free agency, and his effort to get a new contract could still result in a training-camp holdout.

Although Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star calls a holdout from Jones “likely,” a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that no final decision has been made, and that Jones and his representation are exploring all options.

A second-round pick in 2016, Jones is due to make $1.19 million in 2019. Listed as a defensive end but often rushing the passer from an interior position, Jones has 24 sacks in three years. Last season, he racked up an impressive 15.5 sacks.

Jones also set an all-time league record last season by racking up at least one sack in 11 straight games.

He stayed away from the offseason program, including the mandatory minicamp. Because he has three years of service and sits one year away from free agency, the August 6 deadline for reporting and gaining that fourth year of service becomes more important to Jones than a fourth-year player with two years left under contract, like Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.

But consider this: If Jones misses the August 6 deadline it means only that he would be eligible for restricted free agency in 2020, which means he could be pilfered by a team willing to give up only one first-round pick as compensation, if the Chiefs apply the highest possible RFA tender. That could prompt the Chiefs to choose to still use the franchise tag, which would put the compensation at a pair of first-round picks.

The bottom line for Jones is that, if he holds out, he’s not doing it to get to free agency but to get paid now, and the best way to get paid now is to withhold services — if you are a player that the team realizes it desperately needs.

13 responses to “No final decision on whether Chris Jones will hold out of training camp

  1. Chris Jones will be at camp.He will get slightly less money than Frank Clark
    The Chiefs train is about to take off. Get on board now

  2. Can’t afford everyone. Wait till Marino, I mean Mahomes contract comes up. Trade him to the Pats.

  3. Me personally I lost all respect for the Chiefs after the Tyrick Hill incident The right thing for the Chiefs to do is at least suspended him 2 Games to show the team and the fans we wont tolerate this kind of behavior. Now I hope they continue to have struggles Go Pats yuck I have to was my mouth now saying that

  4. It’s all about leverage and Jones doesn’t have much at this point. He would have to give the Chiefs a hometown discount for a deal. Free agency just around the corner and 15.5 sacks is worth a lot of money.

  5. What’s the standard “Coach Speak”? We can only deal with the people that are here.

    Hold out if you want. It won’t make any difference to anyone.
    I realize that’s your only leverage. Good luck with that.

  6. The Chiefs Offensive line ranking was 13th at the end of last season so if this Chris Jones was a key component say in protecting Mahomes blindside then by all means you find a way to resolve this, but lets face it Chris Jones play on the side of the ball that was just ATROCIOUS last season and so with that in mind how much leverage does he really have.

    The Chiefs can plug some walk on in his place and their Wins & losses will NOT be affected to say the least; since it most certainly didn’t help last season with a unit collectively finish Rank 31st.

  7. If the Chiefs wont pay him what he thinks he is worth, then play out the year and sign with another team next year. It’s not rocket science.

    If the Chiefs tag him, then he cant complain about not getting paid.

    God I wish someone that worked for PFT would withhold their currently contracted services for the purpose of getting a 5 year guaranteed salary whether they wrote any more articles or not.

  8. He can’t really hold out. If he doesn’t report to camp by the 6th, the Chiefs control the contract for another 2 years. He doesn’t gain anything towards FA.

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