Appeal in Kraft case inches forward

Getty Images

The solicitation of prostitution case against Patriots owner Robert Kraft has officially begun its migration through the Florida appeals courts.

Via the Palm Beach Daily News, the Florida 4th District Court of Appeal has agreed to consider the trial-court ruling that made inadmissible the video evidence obtained via a “sneak-and-peek” warrant. The judge determined that the evidence could not be used because the surveillance operation failed to take steps to minimize the intrusion upon persons clearly engaged in no possible wrongdoing, which resulted in private citizens who were simply getting massages being recorded before, during, and after those procedures.

Per the report, a decision is not expected “for months.” The party that loses the appeal surely will attempt to take the issue to the Florida Supreme Court, which would delay a resolution even longer.

Prosecutors have acknowledged that, without the video evidence, the case against Kraft will not be able to proceed.

The NFL has made it clear that no action would be considered against Kraft unless and until the legal case resolves. It could take, by the time all appeals are exhausted, multiple years for the validity of the exclusion of the video evidence is fully resolved.