Cowboys remain world’s most valuable sports franchise, valued at $5 billion

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The Cowboys haven’t reached the NFC Championship Game since winning their last Super Bowl in 1995. Yet, they remain America’s Team and the World’s Team for that matter.

Nine of the 50 highest-rated sports TV broadcasts in 2018 were regular-season games featuring the Cowboys, according to Forbes. The Patriots were the only other team with more than four games among the top 50.

No team knows how to make money better than the Cowboys.

The magazine estimates that AT&T Stadium generates $340 million in sponsorship and premium seating revenue, twice as much as any other team.

All of that to say, for the fourth consecutive year, Forbes has named the Cowboys the world’s most valuable sports franchise. It marks the 13th consecutive year the Cowboys have led the NFL in value.

The Cowboys have an estimated value of $5 billion, up 4 percent over last year. The Yankees ($4.6 billion), Real Madrid ($4.2 billion) and Barcelona ($4 billion) follow.

More than half of Forbes‘ top-50, though, are NFL teams, each of which received more than $260 million in media-rights deals last year.

Here are the other 25 NFL teams ranked in the top 50 by Forbes and their estimated value: 7. Patriots ($3.8 billion); 10. (tie) Giants ($3.3 billion); 12. (tie) Rams ($3.2 billion); 14. (tie) Redskins ($3.1 billion); 16. 49ers ($3.05 billion); 19. (tie) Bears ($2.9 billion); 21. Jets ($2.85 billion); 22. (tie) Texans ($2.8 billion); 24. Eagles ($2.75 billion); 26. Broncos ($2.65 billion); 27. Packers ($2.63 billion); 28. Falcons ($2.6 billion); 29. Ravens ($2.59 billion); 30. Steelers ($2.59 billion); 31. Seahawks ($2.58 billion); 33. Dolphins ($2.58 billion); 34. Raiders ($2.42 billion); 35. Vikings ($2.4 billion); 36. Colts ($2.38 billion); 38. (tie) Panthers ($2.3 billion); 41. Chargers ($2.28 billion); 46. Cardinals ($2.15 billion); 47. (tie) Chiefs ($2.1 billion); 49. Jaguars ($2.08 billion); 50. Saints ($2.08 billion).

52 responses to “Cowboys remain world’s most valuable sports franchise, valued at $5 billion

  1. Crazy that most people in LA don’t even care about the Rams yet they’re so high on the list.

  2. The ONLY time they were”America’s Team” was the Roger Staubach era.
    After that , the triplets were good,

  3. The fact that Shad Khan has turned the Jaguars into a Top 25 franchise is pretty impressive. Bought the team for $700 million just 8 years ago and worth $2.08 billion now? Unreal.

  4. It really puts the power of the NFL in perspective when you see the Packers as the 27th most valuable sports franchise in the entire world, based in a town of 105,000, the 146th-largest metro market in America.

    I can’t imagine too many non-NFL franchises on this list being based in cities of 1 million or less.

  5. The Cowboys aren’t worth a plug nickel. When is the last time they went to the super bowl? As long as Jerry Jones is the owner they will be a losing organization.

  6. Hope you are happy Dean Spanos, you when from 30th to 27th, but now with no loyal fans. LA does not want you.
    San diegan’s will never support you in LA.

  7. As a fan, I would still prefer to root for the team that has won six Super Bowl’s in the 21st-century, rather than the one that could be sold for the most money.

  8. Do these rankings reflect the Chargers playing in KroenkeWorld soon and the Raiders getting a new stadium in Vegas?

    If so.. the Chargers are probably more valuable with their own stadium in San Diego

  9. How on earth are the Houston Texans worth more than the Eagles? I don’t even believe that one for a second. Eagles fans are everywhere.

  10. maxamili says:
    July 22, 2019 at 10:48 pm
    Cue the haters in 1 ,2, 3
    Jealousy is something else


    We are talking about someone else’s money. Why would we be jealous of the cowboys?

  11. Yes. Jerry charging $80 for parking, $9 a beer, $20 a hamburger. He priced the real fans out a long time ago but there’s plenty of rich folks in Highland Park and Southlake who will keep paying it so he’ll keep printing money.

  12. Two thoughts:

    1. If every team (with exception of Packers) is private and doesn’t disclose its financials, how on earth can Forbes or anyone determine what it’s worth?
    2. Who cares?

  13. People can talk about beer prices. I’ve actually been there, and it’s not that bad. You can uber to the game, so parking is’t it. You can get a $29 party pass and watch the game in the stadium, so that isn’t it either.

    The value comes from Jerry Jones business savvy when he purchased the team. Jerry sued the league and secured the ability to negotiate endorsement deals, licensing agreements, and merchandising without sharing the revenue with the league. And genuinely as America’s Team, this has been a gold mine for the Jones’ and the Cowboys.

    Combine the luxury stadium, and now luxury practice facility that’s innundated with corporate sponsorship’s, Jones may not be the best GM in NFL history, having just 3 Super Bowls under his belt. But if anything, he is the ultimate businessman.

  14. The LA Chargers should be last. They have only a trickle of fans, they can’t be sold because Spanos still owes the league owners the better part of $650 million “re-location” fee and a new owner would have to move the team at another $650 million on top of the cost of the franchise. Spanos is trapped. He has “stepped away” from day-to-day football operations. This business move was one of the worst business decisions and should be a classic Harvard Business School study on what not to do in any business.

  15. “Crazy that most people in LA don’t even care about the Rams yet they’re so high on the list.”


    You’re confusing the Rams with the Chargers. No one wanted the Chargers, but Spanos just moved in.

  16. Worth in dollars does not translate to worth on the field in regards to the Cowboys. Being number one is good for one person and his family. As football fans the real worth of our chosen team to support comes in success on the field. Sure Dallas had their time, a real dynasty but 25 years is a long time without achieving the ultimate goal. As stated earlier I prefer my team win championships instead of having to console a quarter century of meh bragging that my franchise is worth the most. Indeed that would make me question that ownership as to why with all resources at his disposal how come they have failed consistently since the players Jimmy Johnson built into a dynasty left.

  17. “The fact that Shad Khan has turned the Jaguars into a Top 25 franchise is pretty impressive. Bought the team for $700 million just 8 years ago and worth $2.08 billion now”

    Khan didn’t do that, he’s a terrible owner. The NFL TV contracts did that.

  18. Crazy that most people in LA don’t even care about the Rams yet they’re so high on the list.
    The value of the Rams have nothing to do with fan support, its all about the dirt. Its the value of the land, the team and future events surrounding the organization like the 2028 Olympics. StanK…I mean Stan K. knew what he was doing when he sold the city of St. Louis short and ran to LA. LA is a city of football transplants and will only support a football team fully if they are in the SB year in and year out. Otherwise its all about the Lakers, USC, the Dodgers, and now probably the Clippers in that order. No one in LA cares about the Rams or the Chargers. And both are pretty good football teams.

  19. Most fan bases brag about wins while cowboys fans brag about the monetary value of the franchise…..and wins that occured 25-30 years ago.

  20. heapseater says:
    July 22, 2019 at 11:59 pm
    The fact that Shad Khan has turned the Jaguars into a Top 25 franchise is pretty impressive. Bought the team for $700 million just 8 years ago and worth $2.08 billion now? Unreal.

    36 2 Rate This

    Agreed. Steve Bisciotti has done pretty well too- he paid $600M for the Ravens in two installments of $300M, one in 2000 and one in 2004. Now the team is worth more than the Steelers? That’s got to have some heads scratching about the quality of the marketing efforts out of Western PA.

  21. Surf Bandits said: “the Bills didn’t make the list? No wonder they’re begging for a stadium!”

    Me: The bills are following the NFL script that the Chargers followed:
    (1) I want upgrades to my stadium or I will be unhappy (they get upgrades)
    (2) I want a new stadium or I will be unhappy
    (3) Then, I want a luxurious stadium that you cannot afford (while looking at Los Angeles the whole time)

  22. therealraider said: “Do these rankings reflect the Chargers playing in KroenkeWorld. If so.. the Chargers are probably more valuable with their own stadium in San Diego.”

    Me: I appreciate your logic, but the reality is the NFL will shoe horn the small market teams into cities with the most corporate headquarters.

  23. 27. Packers ($2.63 billion)

    How can the Packers be worth $2.63 billion?

    They can’t be sold, only dissolved. So the only “worth” is the value of the assets.

    Without the Packer team, what is the value of Lambeau Field in Green Bay? Will St. Norbert’s or UW Green Bay pay $2.63 billion for it?

    Donald J Schneider Stadium (St Norberts) just opened in 2010. The 2,454 seat facility is plenty big enough for the college’s football and soccer programs. UW Green Bay doesn’t have a football team.

    Lambeau Field is worthless in Green Bay without the Packers.

  24. The cowboys?? Those VHS Tapes of their Superbowl wins must have become collectors items. They will win again as soon as bell bottom jeans and silk shirts come back in style.

  25. Stucats is why Dallas keeps their ratings up. I love watching the Cowboys fail every year which is never in doubt. They are the team that most Americans love to hate, like me. Every now and again you hear a nobody free agent talk about how exciting it is to wear the star and I have to roll my eyes. Jerry Jones is not a good owner for his fans, but he’s very good for the NFL at large because of his ability to generate revenue, largely through notoriety. Cool. Who wins a bidding war on a free agent, Jeffrey Lurie or Jerry Jones? Include Dan Snyder. Who wins? It’s a trick question but it’s Lurie. When was the last time anyone noteworthy wanted to play for Dallas.. T.O? There’s a reason for that.

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