James Holzhauer: Browns are the worst team to bet on to win the Super Bowl

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James Holzhauer, the man who dominated Jeopardy this year, also applies his brainpower to betting on sports. And he has a tip he’s willing to give away publicly heading into this football season: Don’t bet on the Browns to win the Super Bowl.

Holzhauer told Peter King for Football Morning in America that the Browns, whose odds have been listed in the 15-1 to 20-1 range, would be the worst team to bet on.

“I would say that the big thing to avoid is look away from the teams that have all the hype surrounding them. I can’t believe we live in a world where the Cleveland Browns are the most hyped team in the preseason. But I would say they’re probably the single worst bet to win the Super Bowl right now.”

To be clear, Holzhauer isn’t saying the Browns are the least-likely team to win the Super Bowl. He’s saying the Browns are the worst team to bet on, because their odds to win the Super Bowl have been produced by the hype surrounding the team during the offseason, and not by a rational look at their true chances of winning it all. If you place a wager on Cleveland, you are going against the advice of the smartest sports bettor in America.

9 responses to “James Holzhauer: Browns are the worst team to bet on to win the Super Bowl

  1. Looking at the Browns schedule they could easily start the season 0-4 with a new coach and offense in place. It is going to take a while for all of these new pieces to synch. If/when that happens that locker room is going to be a powderkeg.

  2. You really don’t have to be the smartest sports gambler in America to make that call.

    At this point, betting on any AFC team that’s not the Patriots is probably a waste of money.

  3. I would love it if the Browns won the Super Bowl. Not a Browns fan, but their fans living through years and years of Factory of Sadness deserve a Supe calibre team, and I can’t stand the Steelers, Ravens, or Bengals!

    But the Browns have proven nothing. And while OBJ is a class-A diva, Jarvis Landry is becoming one and so is Baker Mayfield, THE most hyped players in the NFL that have done nothing (Pat Mahomes deserves the hype BTW) but pad their stats page. So we are supposed to believe someone who has never head-coached a team is suddenly gonna take the Browns to the Super Bowl? Just how screwed up are these pundit “experts” (and keep on disrespecting the Dolphins…that always aids their cause!)

  4. I’m a Browns fan and I agree with him. Rookie coach, new coordinators, 2nd yr QB who only played what, 12(?) games his rookie year and a TON of new players. That kind of thing doesn’t just come together over night. I bet they don’t hit their stride until mid season. I just dearly hope that they stick together and shut out the haters long enough to pull it together. There’s a ton of pressure for not a lot of good reason for it except a good young QB and a few solid pieces. Any other teams any other year and they look like a decent playoff contender. But if they go 2-6 or 3-5 in their first 8 games, which there’s a very good chance of (look at their Sched) everyone will be howling. They’ve got to be prepared for that.

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