Le’Veon Bell unhappy with fans who say he’s not focused

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Jets running back Le'Veon Bell frequently posts on social media about the way he spends his free time, which includes making music and playing basketball. Like most celebrities, he gets a fair amount of criticism from trolls.

It appears that Bell takes that criticism personally.

Bell posted an Instagram video complaining about the fans who go after him for his personal life, saying that he’s entitled to doing what he wants in his free time.

“I’m tired of social media s–t, I’m tired everybody telling me, ‘Oh, Le’Veon, you not focused. You only wanna make music. You wanna play basketball. You do everything besides play football,'” Bell said. “Let me tell you all something. I know you’ve got a favorite person, a favorite athlete, your mom, your dad, whatever. Somebody works at Target. You think when they work from 9 to 5, they go home and all they’re worried about is putting f–king s–t on the shelves? You think Bron is waking up, and he ain’t have no Taco Tuesdays? Bron don’t have Taco Tuesdays, you think he’s hoopin’ all day? You think Beyoncé is waking up singing all day? She don’t go to work, she don’t act? She don’t do nothing else with her kids? She’s waking up singing?”

Bell has taken plenty of heat over the last year, when he decided not to play at all rather than spend one final year with the Steelers before hitting free agency. Fortunately for Bell, the season will start soon, the talk will become irrelevant and Bell can prove himself with his actions on the field.

26 responses to “Le’Veon Bell unhappy with fans who say he’s not focused

  1. So he proved people right by not focusing on football and commenting about social media.

  2. If he didn’t post it on social media, folks wouldn’t know it. If you can’t take the heat that social media brings maybe you should just stay off it.

  3. New York media and fans will have him rethinking the choice he made and why he didn’t stay in Pittsburgh if he’s already this touchy with them.

  4. SWFLPC.INC says:
    July 22, 2019 at 11:47 am
    Did he just compare himself to Lebron James?


    He also compared himself to a shelf stocker at Target. I don’t care about Bell one way or the other at this point, but not hard to get what he was saying.

  5. Just spitballing here but MAYBE if you hadn’t taken an entire year off from the game people wouldn’t be questioning your passion and commitment to it?

  6. Wait till he’s sulking on the sidelines like a petulant 5 year old by week 3 or 4. Then its going to get hilarious on his twitter

  7. Ditch the “social” media and have a good conversation with the person sitting next to you. I guarantee you will feel better. My comment is directed to, basically, everyone.

  8. Welcome to the Millennial Football League! This is the guy that complained they wanted him to work out instead of play video games. He’s got so much talent he’s probably going to be ok, but I’d be pissed if I was paying him millions and he’s not working to meet his full potential. I’m already seeing comments about how the Jets are working to figure out how to play him less.

  9. LeBron and Beyonce? They have both excelled and reached the highest pinnacles of their respective careers. They have earned their down time. Bell has never won anything and isn’t likely to.

  10. Talented guy no doubt, but probably first on the list when it comes to fools that are flat broke a few years after out of the league. And AP is a close second…

  11. Nobody expects you to think about football 24/7 but when you take a year off to water ski and leave 14.5 mill on the table then fail to show up for minicamp because your out “balling” people have a right to suspect football isn’t a high priority.

  12. And so the circus begins. The Jets are going to regret signing this guy. And the Steelers, after watchinghim implode this season, will be glad he’s no longer on their team.

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