NFL suspends Seahawks’ Jarran Reed six games

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Seahawks defensive tackle Jarran Reed had a big season in 2018, but he’ll miss the start of 2019.

Reed has been suspended six games for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy, Ian Rapoport reports.

In April of 2017 a woman told police that Reed assaulted her. Reed was not arrested or charged, and given that it’s been more than two years, most league observers figured the incident would not lead to league discipline. But the NFL can suspend any player it wants, on its own timeline, and has apparently decided that there was merit to the woman’s allegation.

A 2016 second-round draft pick, Reed had his best season in 2018, starting all 16 games and recording 10.5 sacks. The Seahawks will miss him on the field, and off the field this incident is sure to affect contract negotiations, as Reed is heading into the final year of his rookie deal.

44 responses to “NFL suspends Seahawks’ Jarran Reed six games

  1. This makes no sense,2 yr old accusation 6 games.Hill verbally threatens GF and he walks into a multi year big buck extension. Messed up man,messed up

  2. I feel like every single offseason there is at least one Seattle player who gets suspended because of violating the personal conduct policy or due to PEDs. This team led the league in PED suspensions from 2010 to 2013. Perhaps, they are still leading now. Then, there were those practice violations.

  3. Wow. I can’t really understand what they are trying to accomplish. Tough one day, very forgiving the next. Makes zero sense.

  4. Goodell stuck his finger in the air and felt heat for the Tyreek Hill
    non suspension and did this. Tomorrow they dock the Patriots 2 first round picks for spite. That’s how the league office does business now.

  5. It’s as if Goodell was purposely waiting to announce this until the moment that would make the personal conduct policy look as inconsistent as possible. Well done Roger

  6. I’m glad my chiefs don’t have guys like that in our locker room.

  7. And this is what Tom Brady was fighting in the courts. Goodell’s ability to mete out discipline at will. Part of the up and coming Chiefs? Hill gets a pass for legit criminal threatening. But the Seahawks are over the hill… throw the book at the guy with nothing but an accusation to go on.

  8. Tyreek Hill didn’t get suspended because he didn’t do anything. He didn’t abuse his kid he didn’t assault his wife and by definition didn’t even threaten her. In the full context of the full audio if anything he’s pissed off and warning her because he knows what she did to the kid. This guy on the other hand actually did something so there was actual consequences.

  9. Or maybe there is just more unpublished evidence/facts that create an actual difference between the two situations that Goodell had access to??? Why is that so hard for some to believe….that you don’t have all of the information?

  10. Can’t have the all world talent of Mahomes hampered by a lack of weapons, right, Roger? Goodell’s inconsistency is sickening.

  11. Why is the NFL so obsessed with looking as incompetent as possible?

    They’re not a law enforcement agency. They cannot thoroughly investigate anything. Let law enforcement officers do their jobs.

    Issue suspensions AFTER players are CONVICTED. Not based on mere allegations or the shoddy investigative work of the NFL.

  12. This is what happens when a body is given power to administer law and order without the constraint of any absolutes and defined parameters. The inevitable result is cronyism, seemingly arbitrary verdicts and punishments, inconsistencies, and increasing disregard for even the appearance of propriety.

  13. Again no proof, No suspension…for any player. Let the law handle it, it’s their jurisdiction.

  14. The NFL should stop trying to level punishment for off the field issues. Leave that to law enforcement and the courts, and stick to meting out discipline for factors that actually affect the games on the field where has some expertise and knowledge…, Oh, wait.

  15. Don’t compare this to Tyreek – If he did it and they have proof then this suspension is correct. Im a big seahawk fan, but more importantly a supporter of consequences for this behavior. Tyreek should be out of the league – but clearly KC has no care for these things since they constantly bring in people with these problems. I mean the entire NFL does for that matter… Jerry Jones called Greg Hardy a “leader”…

  16. vikings1234 says:
    July 22, 2019 at 1:36 pm
    The only thing consistent about Roger Goodell is his inconsistency.


    Yeah but at least you guys are paying $84M for “Mr. Consistency” – 4-27 against teams with winning records….that’s about as consistent as it gets

  17. This is simple to understand. Reed doesn’t bring in the money/value that Hill provides to the NFL. Therefore it is easier to be tough on Reed. NFL is showing their colors all the time.

  18. So Seattle is not under the protection of Goodell so 6 games for no evidence, charges, several years old and no arrest. Tyreek Hill know women beater gets high fives and slap on the back and atta boy for actual evidence and quite threatening recording from Andy, fellow team mates and the Chiefs Organization…NFL becomes more of a joke everyday…

  19. I don’t know what happened. But…possibly… if she accepted a payment not to pursue charges, she followed suit. But that doesn’t preclude her from exacting revenge through the court of Goodell.

  20. Well if there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that the NFL is consistently inconsistent when it comes to player discipline.

  21. Now that they’ve dropped the hammer on him it frees them up to let the next guy off totally free. That’s how Goodell’s mind works.

  22. Seahawks fans all laughed at the Cowboys and Zeke, now they get to see first hand how ridiculous Goodell really is.

    Just a matter of time before he does it to your favorite franchise too, Jerry was right to fight his extension.

  23. The odd thing and really points to how corrupt Roger has become is they did Hill’s release as a Friday news dump usually when bad news is put out because most will forget by Monday, but Roger waited till today for Reed’s new release like it is good news and will be discussed all week; Roger must be expecting some pats on the back on how he is fighting domestic violence.

    So I am guessing this principle of random who cares rule application will also apply to the new PI review.

  24. Pete Carroll has always had bad guys around him in college and the pros. So this is no surprise to me.

  25. I think Roger let Hill skate because he’d already crucified Hunt, and because if he cost the Chiefs Hill as well, the Patriots would have too straight a shot at the Super Bowl. Now he shafts a Seahawk for reasons unknown to the public. Is it possible for a person to be that arbitrary, and that obvious, all at the same time? With the Clown, anything is possible.

  26. Character never is a priority with Cheatin Pete and Co.

    No surprise here. 🤦‍♂️

  27. The 12th can blame an early season losing streak on the league suspending him. LOL

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